Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 133

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Second day evening.

Qin Yi and He Hongjun came to the door of Mei Wenjie’s house.

Old He walked to the door and knocked on it.

“Is Mei Juren at home?”

After a while, footsteps were heard in the courtyard.

The door was opened by a boy of about ten years old.

“Do you have anything to do with my father?”

“We came to visit your father specially, can you go and talk to your father?” Qin Yi said with a slight smile.

“Dad, there are two uncles looking for you outside!”

“…” Qin Yi is speechless, brother is at worst than you.

“Who is it!”

Soon, a middle-aged scholar who was clean and white came out.

Seeing the two Qin Yi, he didn’t seem to know each other, so he could not help surprisedly said: “You two are looking for me?”

“Yes, my name is Qin Sheng, his name is Old He, we are here to trouble Mei Juren to help us, that is, to help us translate an article, which is written in the Xuanhan Dynasty, we will pay you a lot of money, I wonder if Mei Juren can help?” Qin Yi explained his intention.

“Translating the text of the Xuanhan Dynasty?” Mei Wenjie suddenly became interested.

“Yes, we have been inquiring for a long time in Yun Prefecture, only to know that Mei Juren understands the characters of the Xuanhan Dynasty, so I came here to ask for advice.”

“so that’s how it is, The two of you, please, let’s go in and talk!” Mei Wenjie made a gesture of invitation.

“many thanks!”

Soon, everyone entered the house.

Mei Wenjie’s home is a two-story small courtyard, but the furniture is relatively ordinary, even the living room has a large bookshelf full of books.

In the kitchen, Qin Yi heard someone cooking, it should be the other party’s wife.

“Can you show me what the article is?” Mei Wenjie asked Qin Yi.

“Of course!” Qin Yi took out a piece of paper and spread it out.

Hundreds of words are written on it.

All the fonts recorded on the dao chart!

Qin Yi carefully copied several geniuses, all of which are exactly the same.

And these words were deliberately shuffled by Qin Yi, so that when people translate, they don’t have to worry about the leakage of the cultivation technique.

Mei Wenjie took a look and said, “This is indeed the text of the Xuanhan Dynasty!”

“I’ll take a closer look!”

“Huh? Tai Zhou cremation swallow?”

“Why does the name of this article sound so out of place!” Mei Wenjie was taken aback.

The expression on Qin Yi’s face remained the same, but he felt a little embarrassed because he had messed up the order of the text, switching up and down, left and right.

That’s why this happens!

“Cough…Mei Juren, you just need to translate. When the time comes to help me translate it, I will take out five hundred taels of silver notes as a reward. I hope Mei Juren can help me translate it seriously.” Qin Yi said.

Five hundred taels…

Mei Wenjie had a smile on his face after hearing this.

He is a person, and although he is subsidized by the Imperial Court every month, he also has income from teaching. In addition to his status, many people usually ask him to write poems and write poems. Is it a big meal?

But their family’s life is now more difficult than before.

Due to Great Yong’s internal trouble and outside aggression, he couldn’t get his subsidy more than six months ago.

In addition to the fact that prices have been rising all the time, his teaching salary, which is no more or no less, is indeed a bit beyond his means.

“Don’t worry, you two, I will definitely help you translate!” Mei Wenjie said with confidence.

After he finished speaking, he began to look carefully again, looking at him, he frowned!

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yi became a little nervous.

“There are some rare words in it that I don’t understand very well. I need to translate them immediately to estimate that they are impossible. I don’t understand these rare words. It is estimated that I need to consult some materials and ancient books!” Mei Wenjie explained.

โ€œHow long will it take?โ€ Qin Yi asked again.

“One or two days if it’s fast, or three or five days if it’s slow.” Mei Wenjie said.

“Okay! Then I’ll pay a deposit of 200 taels first. After the translation is completed, I will pay another 300 taels.” Qin Yi gave Old He a wink.

Old He immediately took out a two-hundred tael bill and handed it to Mei Wenjie.

This made Mei Wenjie a little sorry: “That…you can give it after I have translated it.”

“My family help…cough, my Young Master If you want to take it, take it and translate it well, you know?” Old He said.

“For sure, sure!”

The two sides chatted for a while, and Qin Yi decided to leave. This Mei Wenjie was also very enthusiastic, and he wanted to stay with Qin Yi for dinner. But Qin Yi politely declined.

On the way back, it was already night.

But there are still pedestrians on the street.

Julu County has no curfew until ten o’clock at night, so it’s quite lively at night.

“It’s quite lively here! I don’t know what’s going on in our Xiangzhou side?” Old He said with a rare emotion.

How did the rebels over there treat the people?

Is there a curfew at night?

How are those relatives and friends doing now?

“Gang Lord, what should we do if there are rebels when the time comes Yun Prefecture?”

“Two options, first, run away. Second, join .” Qin Yi said sternly.

“Gang Lord makes sense.” Old He nods.

In fact, since he met Qin Yi, he has understood a truth, the forces under his command can be established at any time as long as the strength is still there.

Faced with the crisis of uncertain factors, it is best to run away!

“Young Master Qin?”

Suddenly, a crisp voice came from behind.

Qin Yi and Old He both turned their heads and saw a young woman in a green dress.

This woman, Qin Yi, has the impression that she is Li Yayuan’s personal maid!

Qin Yi never thought that he would meet her here, she is here, maybe Li Yayuan is also in this Julu County!

“It turned out to be Miss Qingying, long time no see!” Qin Yi smiled slightly.

“Young Master Qin, it’s really you! I thought I had mistaken the person just now.” Qing Ying blinked her eyes and said happily.

“Your young lady is also in Julu County?”

“Yes, the young lady has just arrived in Julu County.”

“I don’t know Young Master Can Qin do me a favor?” Qing Ying couldn’t help asking when she thought of the troublesome things her young lady had encountered. She knows Qin Yi’s strength!

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yi frowned.

“This is a long story, why don’t Young Master Qin go to my lady’s place to talk first?” Qing Ying said.

“Yes!” Qin Yi’s impression of Li Yayuan was not bad. Not as overbearing as some of the Great Sect kind.

After a quarter of an hour.

Qin Yi came to a different garden.

There are some women in azure skirts guarding here and there. There are dozens of people. It must be a member of Azure Lotus Sect.

“Miss, see who I brought!” As soon as Qingying entered, she shouted to the inside.

“Who brought you?”

A shadowy figure came out of the house.

When she saw Qin Yi, she was slightly surprised: “Qin Feng!”

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