Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 135

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One shot to the point!

He Chijiu felt a pain in his right rib, he lost his balance, moved towards a wall and smashed it.


The wall shattered, and He Chijiu fell into the house like a dead dog.

He got up in horror, ready to continue to run away.


Definitely Innate!

He is very confident in his speed. He believes that in the Ninth Stage, as long as he wants to run, he can definitely run.

But now that person is too terrifying!

He was abused like a chick!


He endured the severe pain of several broken ribs, moved towards the other side and broke through the window.

Just charging ahead, he saw that one silhouette was already waiting for him outside!


He turned his head and moved towards the other side and ran away.

But he just ran out a few steps.


He felt a pain in the back of his neck, and then he fell into a coma.

In the other courtyard, Li Yayuan rushed over as soon as he heard the movement.

When she came to Qin Yi’s side, she saw that He Chijiu was already lying on the ground, not knowing whether she was alive or dead!

The rest of the Azure Lotus Sect people also heard the news. When they saw that the thief had been dealt with, they were all stunned and shocked.

“You solved it so quickly?” Li Yayuan looked at He Chijiu on the ground, his beautiful eyes widened.

This Qin Yi, is it Innate?

Otherwise, how did you solve this thief in two or three times?

“He just landed where I was lurking. I sneak attacked him by surprise, so I subdued him! In fact, I want to tell you that my speed is also extremely fast.” Qin Yi said.

Li Yayuan looked at Qin Yi strangely, not knowing whether the other party was telling the truth or a lie.

The last time she met Qin Yi, he was indeed faster than her.

Did you hide it?

After all, Qin Yi, a miscellaneous Ninth Stage expert, has an impossible breakthrough to Innate!

“I’m going to press this person a little bit, and when I’m done, I’ll get rid of him.” Qin Yi said to Li Yayuan.

“Yes!” Li Yayuan had no objection.

As long as this flower picker dies at last!

“This time, thank you very much. I will find the speed-type Ninth Stage martial arts for you as soon as possible. You live in Julu County, right?”

“I currently live in Yun Prefecture city temporarily. After you find the martial arts cheats, you can go to a Bafang Inn in Yun Prefecture city, and tell the shopkeeper to find Qin Boss. When the time comes, someone will come to inform me. Yes.” Qin Yi thought for a while.

Bafang Inn is one of the properties of the Dragon-Tiger gang.


“By the way, what I told you last time, do you still want to join Azure Lotus Sect? After thinking about it for so long, you should think about it. Right?” Li Yayuan asked coquettishly.

She values Qin Yi very much, this person has extremely strong martial power! Even stronger than her, if you can be his left arm, that’s great!

Although Qin Yi is better than her now, she will definitely be promoted to Innate in the future.

“I’ll think about it again. Actually, I don’t really want to be restrained.” Qin Yi half true half false said, and did not refuse.

“Qin Feng, you have learned a lot of Second Rate martial arts, your physical condition is very bad, you just need to join our Azure Lotus Sect, I can get you a lot of medicine pills To ease your current situation! In addition, Great Yong is definitely going to be defeated now, when the time comes a group of heroes, with the support of Great Influence behind it, will have a lot of confidence in doing anything.” Li Yayuan persuaded.

“I understand, I’ll think about it for a while, when the time comes and want to join, I’ll naturally come to you!” Qin Yi temporarily declined politely.

“Okay.” Li Yayuan saw that Qin Yi did not want to join for the time being, and she did not continue to persuade her.

“Borrow a room to use?”

“Of course you can! Just please~”

Soon, Qin Yi brought He Chijiu in. in a room.

He groped for a while on the other side.

Didn’t find any cultivation technique cheats!

I found quite a few bottles and jars.

Qin Yi picked it up and read it one after another.

“Fuyang Pills”, “Yin and Yang”…

Seeing that he couldn’t find what he only wanted, Qin Yi interrupted the opponent’s limbs.


He Chijiu, who was in a daze, woke up in pain instantly!

“What Ninth Stage martial arts did you learn? Write it down for me! Otherwise, I’ll give you a little bit of time.” Qin Yi took out two bright daggers.

He Chijiu felt that his limbs had been abolished at this time. He was ashen-faced, and he knew that he could not escape.

“I write, I write! But can you spare my life?” He Chijiu begged.

“Yes!” Qin Yi nodded.

“Okay, okay, I’ll write it right away, I’ll write it right away.”

“You recite, I’ll write it.” Qin Yi said.

“Good, good.”

Qin Yi quickly went out and brought the Four Treasures of the Study.

He Chijiu recited the Ninth Stage martial arts “Kun Shadow Art” he had learned in a short while.

After Qin Yi finished writing the last word, he looked towards He Chijiu, who was lying on the ground, and coldly said: “Recite it again!”

“What?” He Chi Jiu’s face turned pale.

Because he just changed a part of it!

“You don’t understand me, do you?” Qin Yi raised the dagger in his hand.

“I recite, I recite!” He Chijiu hurriedly recited.

But this time his speed is much slower than before, because he has to remember what he changed and what he said just now!

In a minute.

Qin Yi stabbed He Chijiu directly on the third leg.

The bugs are flying!


He Chijiu’s screams resounded throughout the entire garden!

“You, you, you, you dare to treat me like this!” He Chijiu saw that his third leg was gone, his face was full of grief and anger, and he almost fainted in pain!

Without this thing, what’s the point of his life in the future?

“Sure enough, there really is something wrong with the “Kun Shadow Art” you recited just now, I hope what you recite next is true, otherwise, next time I really have to give you some consideration for Ling Chi! “Qin Yi said with an expressionless face.

“I, I, I don’t dare any more!” He Chijiu had a horrified expression on his face, but his heart was full of resentment!

After a while, He Chijiu recited it again.

After Qin Yi copied it down, he stared at it for a quarter of an hour before letting the other party continue to recite it.

After reciting it three times in a row, Qin Yi found that the other party’s recitation was correct. It seems that nine out of ten it should be true.

“Brother, can you let me go?” Seeing Qin Yi’s satisfied expression, He Chijiu asked pitifully.

“Well, you can be my dog in the future, and I’ll take you back first!” Qin Yi mentioned He Chijiu and went to his residence.

Why did he keep He Chijiu’s life? Of course, he didn’t want him to be a dog. This kind of dog is unfamiliar!

Leaving the other party’s life, is to plan him to use 5-6 days to get started with this martial arts, and see if he can enter the system panel. If he can’t enter it, it is a fake!

When the time comes, also concoct each other!


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