Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 136

Latest URL: After experiencing this kind of thing before, he must be cautious now, or he will work in vain.

Three days passed quietly.

Qin Yi alone came to Mei Wenjie’s house again, as for Old He, he stayed in the Inn to guard that He Chijiu!

“Mei Juren, how is it, has it been translated yet?” Qin Yi looked at Mei Wenjie expectantly.

Mei Wenjie’s mental state is not very good at this time, his eyes are red, and it seems that he has not stayed up late in the past few days.

“As expected by Young Master Qin, I finally translated it, take a look.” After speaking, Mei Wenjie took out the piece of paper.

Below the hundreds of fonts of the Xuanhan Dynasty above, there are the characters of the Great Yong Dynasty today.

Qin Yi picked it up and read it carefully. Well, he can understand it!

“many thanks Mei Juren’s translation in the past few days, this is the balance, please accept it.” Qin Yi took out three hundred taels and handed it to the other party.

“No thanks, no effort at all.” Mei Wenjie didn’t hesitate, and smiled and said after taking the silver ticket.

After returning to the Inn, Qin Yi hurriedly checked the translated text and reordered them.

“Supreme Bright Cycle Art – Nascent Soul Out of Body Arc?” Qin Yi thought.

Sure enough!

It is the same Literary Art as the Supreme Bright Cycle Art that he had previously fused all the Literary Art of the Nine Veins of Daomen!

This is the follow-up cultivation technique for his current Literary Art!

“It’s a pity that there are only Nascent Soul and OBO, too few!” Qin Yi brows tightly frowns.

As Hui Jing said before Little Monk, Literary Art is divided into Twelfth Layers, namely: Consecration, Spiritual Void, Heartbeat, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Out of Body, Distraction, Quietness , Fit, Transcending Tribulation, Great Ascension.

It means that if he has upgraded the Nascent Soul Out of the Body, then he will have no Literary Art but Cultivation! Because the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the main vein of Daomen, is gone, where does he go to find the follow-up cultivation technique?

But now he can only take one step at a time.

He spent the middle of the night carefully studying these hundreds of words many times, and then started his first meditation retreat!

“Ding… Discover the follow-up cultivation technique of Supreme Bright Cycle Art, and the system automatically supplements the host…”


“system! ”

Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Golden Core + ([Special Effect: Healing])

Energy: 51819

Qin Yi was taken aback for a moment, as if after the system was upgraded, some new features he did not touch ask for.

β€œUpgrade!” Qin Yi silently raised Supreme Bright Cycle Art.

Brush, directly deduct one thousand energy points.

“en? What’s the matter, why is it deducted so much?” Qin Yi saw that one thousand energy points were deducted, slightly frowned.

Because previously Literary Art improvement only cost dozens of points, at most hundreds of points, how can I deduct thousands of points this time?

At this moment, Qin Yi felt that the azure ‘Qi’ in the dantian in his body suddenly swelled!

The amount of gas is increasing, increasing!

Suddenly, the whole dantian is filled with ‘Qi’ of this azure!

When it grows to the point where the dantian feels a little tingling, suddenly it begins to feel a little qualitative and sublimated.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Yi saw a change that shocked him, that is, the mass of air in the dantian was slowly condensing, condensing, and condensing again…

When When it was condensed to the size of a quail egg, the azure egg-like ‘Qi’ shattered and a baby appeared inside!

Its face looks similar to Qin Yi’s, just chubby and very cute!

“Could it be that this is Nascent Soul?”

What surprised Qin Yi next was that the baby started to sit up cross-legged, floating in the middle of the dantian, in a meditation posture , seems to be meditating.

A circle of azure energy radiates around its body, radiating the whole body.

Qin Yi felt a cool feeling all over his body.

He could feel his whole body under the radiation of this circle, quietly changing…

After half an hour.

Upgrade completed.

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Nascent Soul + ([Special Effect: Healing])

“There is nothing new on the system, but I can feel the life force in my body is very Vigorous, as if living a 170 or 80 year old casually!”

Not only that, he could feel that with his body, it would be difficult for him to get sick in the future!

And the healing effect should also be enhanced!

“Continue to improve Supreme Bright Cycle Art!”

Dantian’s Nascent Soul in the body begins to expand rapidly, and the radiation to the body is also more intense…

When it grows from the size of a quail egg to the size of an egg.

Qin Yi suddenly had a strange feeling, as if his consciousness had penetrated into that Nascent Soul, and then he found that he felt as if he was freed from the shackles of the five senses, all around the dust No earth can escape his eyes, no sound from all around can escape his ears!

He seems to be able to appear in the sky through his body, looking down at anything in a radius of a few miles with this residence as the center from the perspective of God!


Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Perfection (Out of Body) ([Special Effect: Healing, Heavenly Eye] )

Energy: 47819

“One more special effect – Heavenly Eye!”

Was that Heavenly Eye just now?

Qin Yi looked back at the display on the system and came back to his senses.

That feeling is really amazing!

And he feels that this Heavenly Eye is not just for peeping, eh, it’s not as simple as he just felt, there must be other uses!

“No wonder the energy points deducted from the promotion to Nascent Soul and OBO suddenly increased so much. It turns out that Nascent Soul and OBO are not simpler than before!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

He suddenly remembered what Hui Jing Little Monk said before, that only those super Great Sects have Literary Art that can cultivate to Twelfth Layer. Literary Art of many other forces can only cultivate to the fifth layer Golden Core at most!

To be honest, before Golden Core, Literary Art was very mediocre. There was only one saying that it could live longer, but it was very vague. According to Qin Yi’s guess now, he would almost die if he reached the age of 100.

Now, this Literary Art gives Qin Yi a feeling, and the more you go, the more magical it may be! Qin Yi felt that he was out of his body and lived to be more than two hundred years old, so it shouldn’t be a problem! The healing effect is also more than doubled than before!

This explains why only those super Great Sects have Literary Art that can be cultivated to the Twelfth Layer!

This Literary Art, the further you go, the more miraculous it is than the martial arts!


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