Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 137

“Now that I have this Heavenly Eye, those who want to sneak attack me, or stalk me, will have nowhere to hide!”

“The only flaw is this Heavenly Eye has a flaw, that is, it cannot be opened all the time, opening Heavenly Eye requires consuming ‘Qi’ in the body!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

At present, his out-of-body realm, if it continues to open, can open one hour! That is two hours.

“Maybe with the higher realm in the future, it can be turned on all the time?”

This is the case for Literary Art for the time being.

For the next two days, Qin Yi lived in Julu County and did not rush back to Yun Prefecture immediately.


The door was kicked open, and Qin Yi walked into the room where He Chiju was imprisoned with a gloomy face.

“Gang Lord, what’s wrong?” Old He asked hurriedly when he saw Qin Yi come in.

“He Chijiu, you are very good, lie to me, there is something wrong with the cultivation technique you provided me!” Qin Yi gloomy face.

After five days, he found that the martial arts provided by the other party could not get started with cultivation, so there must be something wrong with this cultivation technique!

He Chijiu’s heart trembled at this time, secretly said in one’s heart has been exposed!

He originally thought that after providing the cultivation technique, the other party asked him to be the other party’s dog, and he would find a chance to escape, but the other party did not do so…

“Boss, Boss, listen to my explanation, it is difficult for me to get started with this martial arts, he, he needs at least half a month, really! You have to believe me, I am already like this, how dare I lie to you?” He Chiyu With a sincere face.

“Hehe, then talk to my dagger! Old He, gag his mouth!” Qin Yi squinted.

“Yes, Gang Lord.”

After one hour.

He Chijiu finally couldn’t hold it any longer, and finally arched out the real Martial Cultivation Art.

Five days later, Qin Yi looked at the system panel and finally got started.

After getting rid of He Chijiu, Qin Yi chose to directly upgrade this “Kun Shadow Art”.

In one breath, it was promoted to the Perfection stage.

Kun Shadow Art: Perfection (้ฒฒ่กŒ)โ€”Can Be Fused and Deducted.

“Combined with Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art!”

This one silhouette reappeared in Qin Yi’s mind, and it began to try to fuse the two martial arts…

Ten yearsโ€ฆ

Thirty yearsโ€ฆ

Sixty yearsโ€ฆ

Successful integration!

After another half an hour, all the upgrades were completed after the fusion!

“The name of en? martial arts hasn’t changed?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised.

Maybe a Kun Shadow Art just merged into the stronger Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art, so the name of the martial arts has not changed?


Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Perfection (Out of Body) ([Special Effect: Healing, Heavenly Eye] )

Energy: 46689

“Try to see if my speed has improved!” Qin Yi walked out.

โ€œShrinking the Earth into an Inch!โ€

Qin Yi suddenly turned into a light and shadow and disappeared in place…

After ten minutes.

“If I use the secret skills, the speed is really half faster than before! If I learn a few more Ninth Stage speed-based martial arts, then my speed in the Innate First Rank should also be very Peak. !” Qin Yi had a bold idea in his heart.

On the second day, Qin Yi and Old He moved towards Yun Prefecture.

Two days later, the two finally returned to the city of Yun Prefecture.

In the Dragon-Tiger gang.

Qin Yi took out Hidden Dragon Art and Kun Shadow Art and threw them in front of He Hongjun and Liu Chongjie: “These two are Ninth Stage martial arts, you can all learn!”

“Nine, Ninth Stage martial arts…”

“Gang Lord, isn’t this too expensive? You have given us a Ninth Stage martial arts before.” He Hongjun was flattered the way.

“Yeah, Gang Lord.” Liu Chongjie said in a daze.

Ninth Stage martial arts, how many Martial Artist yearn for something even in dreams?

Now the Gang Lord tells them to give it to them, just like throwing cabbage.

Both of them are moved!

“Just take it for you. If you don’t learn it, you can leave it to your descendants.” Qin Yi said indifferently.

Although Ninth Stage martial arts is very precious in the eyes of others, it is not very important in his eyes at present.

Unless it’s Innate martial arts!


He Hongjun knelt down directly to Qin Yi: “Gang Lord, great kindness and virtue, Old He I will remember forever, in the future you will kill me, I will not frown!”

“Me too!” Liu Chongjie also knelt down, tears welling up.

To be honest, the two of them now feel that they were with the right person in the first place. You see, the Gang Lord of his own family is so generous!

“Alright, alright, all get up. If you want to follow me in the future, practice martial arts well and strive to break through the Ninth Stage as soon as possible.” Qin Yi said.

Because the two of them have already learned other martial arts, they must not think about breaking through Innate, and try their best to move towards Ninth Stage. There is still a chance.

“Yes yes yes!” Both of them were nodded like chickens pecking at rice.

“Last time I asked you to observe the Dragon’s Might caravan, how is it now?” Qin Yi asked.

He made Golden Alliance like this, he didn’t believe that the other party would not send people over!

“Hehe, Lord Gang, I visit every day in person, and I see it from a teahouse halfway across the street. It seems that four or five days ago, this Dragon’s Might caravan was reopened. It’s open.” Liu Chongjie said.

“Well, then you don’t have to stare anymore.” Qin Yi opened the mouth and said.

Don’t think about it, Golden Alliance must have sent someone here.

Last time, he was secretive and high-level, as long as he didn’t show his face, the other party would definitely not be able to find him!

Now all he has to do is wait quietly for the Longevity Society to have the Innate Merit auction, and wait for that Li Yayuan to send him Ninth Stage martial arts. For the time being, he doesn’t think about anything else. go do it!


“Now you have another thing to do, which is to send someone to collect some news and books about Supreme Clear Dao Palace.” Qin Yi road.

“Yes, Gang Lord!”


In Yun Prefecture city, in a stronghold of the Golden Alliance.

Ge Tianba listened to the reports of several of his subordinates, and his face was neither sad nor happy.

“My subordinates are guilty, and I haven’t found any useful clues yet.” Wang Guang one-knee kneels wrote, Brace oneself said.

The Elder in front of him was sent by the headquarters of the Golden Alliance. It is said that he is the Innate Second Rank cultivation base!

“That person killed your Hall Master, burned our warehouse and left, still wearing night clothes and covering his face, it is not easy for you to investigate. Maybe he has already left Yun Prefecture is over, okay, you continue to investigate, letโ€™s go.โ€ Ge Tianba waved his hand.

In fact, the headquarters sent him here, just to be stationed at the stronghold in Yun Prefecture City for a period of time. It is almost difficult to find the murderer before, unless the other party brings it to the door!

On the contrary, the Yellow Turban Sect has more hatred than them. An Innate expert died, and the loss was much worse than them.

It is not easy to develop an Innate expert!

Wang Guang heard that the Elder did not punish him, which made him relax immediately. 18850/10572288

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