Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 138

One month has passed quietly!

In the backyard of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s main hall, Qin Yi is wearing a training suit and practicing martial arts.

Half a month ago, he went back to the Divine Firmament Road in Qing State to see his father, everything was fine, but he was a little bored, and in front of Qin Yi he talked about Third Brother again .

Also urged Qin Yi to get married and have children quickly, and he could only cope with his father’s talk.

After staying for a few days, he left one thousand taels of silver notes and donated five hundred taels of sesame oil, and then he returned to Yun Prefecture.

“Lord Gang, the auction you’ve been waiting for is finally here!”

He Hongjun’s voice sounded outside the door, and he was holding a piece of paper, eagerly ran in.

“oh?” Qin Yi finished his work and came up.

“Gang Lord, after half a month, Fuli auction will hold a grand auction, this time auction, a total of two Innate Merit methods will be auctioned! This is the auction will be held after half a month Please take a look at the auction list.” He Hongjun handed the list to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi took it and looked at it.

Sure enough, among the hundreds of things above, there are two Innate Merit methods!

In addition to the Innate Merit method, there are also the precious Ninth Stage Limitbreak Pill and more than a dozen Ninth Stage martial arts!

But Qin Yi looked it over, he didn’t find Innate Limitbreak Pill.

It seems that the Innate Limitbreak Pill is more precious than the Innate Merit method!

“Alright, good, half a month!” Qin Yi’s face showed a long-lost smile.

Innate Merit, this time he must get one!


Great Yong, Imperial Capital.


One gold, one black, and one green three rays of light collided and collided fiercely in the air, and the huge collision sound resounded throughout the Imperial Capital!

Suddenly, a group of three-color light suddenly lit up and exploded, like a scorching sun, making those inside and outside the city watching the collision of the three beams in the sky unable to open their eyes.

The light group lasted for more than ten seconds before slowly dissipating.

In the void, three silhouettes stand in three directions.

Among them, Sima Yong, who was wearing the golden Kowloon golden robe, was covered in blood, and the Mian on his head had fallen there, revealing his long silver white hair and his full face. wrinkled face.

“Sima Yong, you have run out of oil, today is your death!” A gray-haired old man in a black-patterned robe said with a sneer.

The other middle-aged woman in an azure skirt also sneered: “Sima Yong, when you killed my elder sister, after more than 500 years, I can finally avenge this revenge. Kill you, but also slaughter all your clansman!”

Sima Yong’s gloomy old face is neither happy nor sad, when he knew that he had no hope of breaking through the Great Ascension Realm fifty years ago , Today’s end is already not far, the years have made him Peak no longer, and time has made his ambition cool.


It beats everything!

“Starting at the end of the day, rising to dominance, traversing the rivers and lakes for five hundred years, defeating 30 million enemies, and conquering the world, I am the craziest!” Sima Yong sang while rushing towards the two opposite.

That imposing manner is indescribably domineering!

“hmph! You are the craziest one to beat the world! Unfortunately, you are no longer Peak!”

“Don’t brag about your past as a dying person!”


The three streams of light collide again!

“Peak of people, you can’t get old but futile! Woohoo, time is not waiting for me, time is not waiting for me!”

A sigh came from Sima Yong’s mouth.

Over the Imperial Capital, the collision of light clusters became more intense.



“The founding emperor of Great Yong, Sima Yong is dead! Kill me! Slaughter the city!”

A voice spread from the sky throughout the entire Imperial Capital city!


Suddenly, outside the city, the Northern Origin army began to frantically attack the city!

In the city, mourning is everywhere…

The second day.

The news that the Great Yong Imperial Capital was breached immediately spread all over the world!

The world is shocked!

In Yun Prefecture.

In a teahouse.

Qin Yi and Old He and Old Li were drinking tea by the window on the second floor.

“Have you heard that, yesterday, Imperial Capital was breached by the Northern Origin army, and Great Yong was over! It is said that even the founding emperor Sima Yong died in battle!”

“Gah? Are you kidding me? Come on! The founding emperor of Great Yong was more than 500 years ago, so how could he be alive now? I heard that Emperor Ruihe did not seem to have left Imperial Capital. With the fall of Imperial Capital, he must have been killed.”

“Hehe, it is said that the Northern Origin Emperor and the Azure Lotus Sect Sect Lord and the Great Yong Shi Huang fought for 300 rounds over the Imperial Capital yesterday, and they were finally killed! That voice spread throughout the Imperial Capital! Fake?”

“Are you sure you’re not making up a novel? How can a person live to be hundreds of years old? What are you talking about!”

“Fuck , why did I just talk nonsense, it’s all crazy, if you don’t believe it, you can go to Imperial Capital to verify it!”


” Aiya, what the fuck is going on, now that the Imperial Capital has been breached, the Northern Origin army will definitely go south, and when the time comes Yun Prefecture, it probably won’t be a long stay, so let’s think about where to go next.”

“Hey~ It’s not just a change of emperor, how should we live or how, do you still want to hide on the mountain?”

“That makes sense!”


β€œSima Yong?” Qin Yi listened to the gossip of these people, brows tightly frowns.

The surname of the Great Yong Imperial Family is indeed surnamed Sima, and Sima Yong is indeed the founding emperor of Great Yong.

The Emperor Ruihe is the current emperor of Great Yong.

He heard Hui Jing Little Monk say before, Great Yong had an old monster that lived for hundreds of years, Transcending Tribulation Realm, should it be Sima Yong without a doubt?

“Emperor Northern Origin, Azure Lotus Sect Sect Lord?” Qin Yi touched the chin.

Most of the Azure Lotus Sect activities are in Northern Origin, and it makes sense to be in the same camp as the Northern Origin Emperor.

β€œLord Gang, it looks like Great Yong is going to die, what do you think?” Old He asked Qin Yi, looking at him.

To be honest, no one can guarantee when the chaos will occur in Yun Prefecture, when the Northern Origin army will arrive, and if there will be anything dangerous.

No one can guarantee this.

In fact, the best way is to find a place to hide in the mountains, and then come out after the change of dynasty is the best.

“There is no rush for the time being. At present, there is no Northern Origin army in Yun Prefecture, and no rebels are seen. When these appear in Yun Prefecture, it will not be too late for us to run away.” Qin Yi thought thought.

He has to wait at least half a month, wait for the auction of Longevity Society to start, and get the Innate Merit method.

With his current strength, it would be very easy to leave the city with the two of them.

As for the Dragon-Tiger gang, he didn’t set up the gang in the first place, and he didn’t have any feelings.

“This is true!” Liu Chongjie nodded.

Yun Prefecture is so big that Northern Origin troops reach Yun Prefecture, and there are days when they leave calmly, which is indeed unhurried for a while. 18850/10572289

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