Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 140

“What? All have to be turned over?”

Immediately, the expressions of these patriarchs changed suddenly!

“Why, not willing?” Li Yuanxu glanced at the patriarchs.

At this time, these patriarchs had ugly expressions on their faces, but they all agreed with pale faces when they thought that the body of Lord Changshi was still cold.

“Yes, we do!”

“Yes yes yes.”

“Very well, a wise man submits to circumstances.”

“As for you Yun Prefecture parents, please cooperate with us and comfort the people when the time comes.” Li Yuanxu continued.

“Yes yes yes!”

Everyone is nodded one after another, daring not to resist at all.

Immediately afterwards, Li Yuanxu’s eyes looked towards Qin Yi in the corner.

“Qin Sheng, your task is to wait until tomorrow when I teach the army to siege the city, you lead your Dragon-Tiger gang, and start looting all those large and small families, as well as those of the merchants. Money, when the time comes for me to teach the army salaries, I hope you must do well in this matter, otherwise, hmph!” Li Yuanxu stared at Qin Yi, said solemnly.

Qin Yi’s heart sank after hearing this, but he still lowered his head and said, “Yes!”

“After the Dragon-Tiger gang has all been robbed, Ma Shaopeng, you can do it again. Send someone to capture the Dragon-Tiger gang symbolically.”


This Yellow Turban Sect is very smart, and the bad thing he does with the Dragon-Tiger gang, when the time comes Yellow Turban Sect You don’t have to do anything when you go to town, but you have everything! Nor will it provoke public resentment!

And his Dragon-Tiger gang to help them snatch money, is what the people hate!

In the end, they might even kill a group of Dragon-Tiger gang members to vent their anger!

But now the hard power is not as strong as others for the time being, and there is only one wave left.

“Very good!” Li Yuanxu nodded.

“You are all very obedient, but I’m still not at ease.” Li Yuanxu said while taking out a porcelain bottle, and continued: “This porcelain bottle in my hand contains a hundred poisons. Broken Heart Pill, it is made from hundreds of highly poisonous medicine ingredients, and it is extremely poisonous!”

“After eating it, you will not be poisoned to death immediately, as long as you have every other Come to me to get a relief antidote and take it, it will save your life, otherwise, if you don’t take the antidote, your internal organs will fester and die!”

As soon as these words came out, Everyone is complexion changed!

“Don’t think about hiring a famous doctor to detoxify. This Hundred Poisons Heartbroken Pill is an original creation of my teaching, and only we can detoxify it!” Li Yuanxu said with narrowed eyes. After taking this Baidu Brokenheart Pill, you need to take the antidote once a month to relieve it, otherwise you will die, and after half a year, if you don’t take the real antidote to completely remove the poison in the body, when the time comes If you eat the antidote for relief, you will fall short of your budget, and you will all be poisoned to death!

Qin Yi’s face was gloomy.

In this case, who would dare to be disobedient?

“Do you want to fight once and try to escape?” Qin Yi began to hesitate in his heart.

If you eat this Poison Pill, then his life will be pinched in the opponent’s hands!

But if you try to escape now, you may end up dying!

In an instant, Qin Yi struggled countless times in his heart.

He doesn’t know how big the gap between Innate First Rank and Innate Second Rank is.

But there are two Innate third rank present!

“Otherwise, bet once, if not, you can only break through and escape!” Qin Yi finally made a decision.

Li Yuanxu poured out the Poison Pill of one after another, then distributed it to a person and watched them take it with his own eyes.

Soon, it was Qin Yi’s turn.

“Take it, take it.” Li Yuanxu took out a hundred poison and heartbroken pill and handed it to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi took it, quickly put it in his mouth, and shut up.

Qin Yi in his heart immediately recited: “Recharge!”

That’s right!

Qin is still betting on whether this Poison Pill can be recharged and become an energy point.

He bet that among the hundreds of Poison Pills refined with highly toxic medicine ingredients, is there a medicine ingredient with the properties of nourishing blood and nourishing medicine?

He knows that there are some toxic medicine ingredients, not necessarily only toxic, but may also have other medicine efficacy, so some toxic medicine ingredients may have medicine efficacy of nourishing blood or qi.

If there is a medicine ingredient with such medicinal properties, then he firmly believes that this Poison Pill will definitely be recharged by the system!

Because when he recharged live pigs or mice, they were all recharged by the system, including their excrement and urine.

These things are not meat, are they?

But it is still recharged by the system. Although the excrement and urine recharge will not be converted into energy points, it gives Qin Yi a reminder, that is, as long as the recharged things are connected together, even if It contains some useless things, and the system will still recharge to make it disappear with the useful ones!

Therefore, this Poison Pill is made from 100 kinds of medicine ingredients, and the medicine efficacy in it is mixed together.

As long as one of the medicine ingredients is recharged by the system, the entire medicine pill will also be recharged and disappear!

“If it doesn’t work…” Qin Yi was apprehensive.

“Ding…the recharge is successful!”

The next second, he felt that the Poison Pill on his tongue suddenly disappeared, and the saliva on his tongue soaked the Poison Pill that fell off. Those medicinal liquids all disappear together.

All gone!

Since the system upgrade, Qin Yi’s recharge method has been improved. Not only can you use your hands, but you can recharge anything that can be recharged with your entire body.

So, so can his tongue!

Gu lu!

Qin Yi made a swallow, and sure enough, he bet right, there must be more than one kind of medicinal ingredients that have the properties of nourishing blood or qi!

Li Yuanxu stared at Qin Yi and said indifferently: “Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and let me see!”

Qin Yi opened his mouth and stuck out your tongue.

“Well, I didn’t hide it or swallow it, it’s very obedient. Qin Sheng, you have Innate First Rank at a young age, which is very good. If you perform well, I don’t mind recommending you to join our Yellow. Turban Sect, if you get credit, it’s not a problem to give you a deacon! By the way, when you go to snatch something tomorrow, the magnificent Auction House of the Longevity Society will not move.” Li Yuanxu said.

“Yes, thanks Senior, I will definitely perform well.” Qin Yi cup one fist in the other hand. He didn’t expect that Yellow Turban Sect was afraid of Longevity Society?

“Okay, good!”

After one hour.

Qin Yi left Bieyuan, and on the carriage, his face was so gloomy that water could drip.

This time, I almost turned to the gutter.

Fortunately, he has a plug-in!

Otherwise, like several other people, they will all be controlled to death!

“Yellow Turban Sect!” Qin Yi turned his head and looked towards the direction of Bieyuan, and suddenly there were countless plans in his heart…

“Wait for half a month, wait for me to take it After the Innate Merit Act…”

Now, let’s go dormant for a while!

Actually, he can leave Yun Prefecture city now, because he didn’t take that Poison Pill, he can leave if he wants.

However, thinking of the auction after half a month, it is also just a good time to find out the situation of Yellow Turban Sect. At this time, his life was almost pinched in the hands of the other party. He was unhappy if he didn’t get his revenge!


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