Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 144

“I have to say that the cultivation method of Innate Second Rank is quite different from the previous Innate First Rank and the previous Ninth Stage!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart .

And it’s a pity that his Innate Merit method can only cultivate to Innate Second Rank. If it is a cultivation technique that can cultivate to Innate Fifth Rank, it would be great.

However, the cultivation technique of this level will definitely be robbed, and it is estimated that the auction of Longevity Society will not be auctioned!

“Fortunately, I have a plug-in, and I can choose to integrate cultivation techniques in the future, so I don’t worry about the conflict between cultivation techniques.”

“Now I only need to put “Thunder Nine Seals” cultivation After getting started, I can use the system to upgrade to Innate Second Rank in one go!”

It is different from the previous Ninth Stage breakthrough to Innate First Rank.

Ninth Stage martial arts can only be cultivated to Ninth Stage.

Breakthrough to Innate First Rank is a breakthrough obtained by using a secret technique to overwork the body.

Now, the breakthrough Innate Second Rank is achieved by restraining the qi into the bones, and another is that this “Thunder Nine Seals” cultivation arrives at perfection can already break through to the Innate Second Rank.

So, as long as you take this Cultivation Technique to the entry level, you can upgrade it to Perfection in one breath, so that the bones of the whole body can be strengthened by restraining Qi and entering the bones, and then use the bones to nourish the meat, so as to obtain the breakthrough to Innate Second Rank. .

“The notes in the cultivation technique say, breakthrough Innate Second Rank, it is best to reach the Golden Core Realm, but I have now broken through to the out-of-body realm, and there are two more great realm, presumably there is no problem !” Qin Yi analyzed.

Qin Yi spent the next night studying the Thunder Nine Seals.

Second day early in the morning, Qin Yi, who was still in great spirits, began to cultivate the “Thunder Nine Seals” moves and the matching Breathing Technique in the yard.

In the evening, he planned to cultivation “thunder: Breathing Qi into the Bone” for the first time!

In a flash, eight days have passed.

“Finally get started!”


Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Perfection (Out of Body) ([Special Effects: Healing, Heavenly Eye])

Thunder Nine Seals: Getting Started+

Energy: 46689



The next second, Qin Yi felt that a silhouette appeared in his mind.

He frantically practices Thunder Nine Seals during the day, and at night, he urges the ‘Qi’ in his body to collect Qi into his bones.

One year.

Two years.

Three years…

With the day after day, there are more and more places in the body where bones are forged with secret methods!

Ten years

Twenty years

Thirty years…

Finally, one day, all the bones of this one silhouette It was successfully forged, and a whole body of iron was cast!

And this iron body also has a part of ‘Qi’ special effects, starting to nourish flesh with bones, constantly tempering the tendons and muscles on the body.

Finally, when all the muscles in the body were tempered, the physique of the one silhouette in my mind naturally broke the limit…

silhouette crazily rehearsed “The Limit” Thunder Nine Seals”, with the breaking of the physique, the moves it practiced became more and more difficult. Suddenly, one day, it reached the peak of the Extreme Realm. Suddenly, one day, it was practicing, and suddenly comprehended a powerful move. move.


The screen is broken.

At the same time, Qin Yi’s body is constantly tempering his whole body by a powerful energy, especially his bones and muscles!

In a flash, an hour has passed!

When the heat flow in the body disappears, Qin Yi is finally relaxed.


Qin Yi found that his height has reached two meters, and his muscles are very tight and well-organized, as if poured with steel!

Clenched his fist.

“My strength, I feel more than five times stronger than before! This is without using secret skills!”

Thunder Nine Seals: Perfection (heavenly punishment Divine Seal Β·Instant Flash)

“Is this the secret technique of the Innate Merit method?” Qin Yi took a breath, still three secret techniques! Two attack tricks, one movement method trick!

Now, he has successfully entered the realm of Innate Second Rank!

“Try how strong my strength is!” Qin Yi silhouette flashed and disappeared in place.


Outside the city.

In a stone forest.

“Instant Flash!”


Qin Yi turned into a bolt of lightning, crossing a distance of fifty meters at once, appearing out of thin air in front of a boulder that the two of them embraced.

“heavenly punishment!”

Qin Yi loudly shouts, the whole person’s body becomes inflated like a balloon!

He could feel his skin turning hard like a stone!

A palm print on the boulder!


The boulder hugged by the three people all split up and in pieces suddenly, and the smoke billowed!

Lifting to the side, Qin Yi’s eyes showed a look of astonishment.

“I didn’t expect that after breaking through Innate Second Rank, under the state of using the secret skill, the skin on the body can become as hard as a stone, doesn’t it mean that the ability to resist attacks has become stronger!”

Also, when he used a secret technique to hit this huge stone just now, the destructive power was simply terrifying!

If this move hits people…

tsk tsk!

“It stands to reason that human bones are stronger than a stone. Under the action of force, I output such a large force. There should be broken bones or broken arms. But this time, I don’t feel like my bones are hurt at all! It’s just that my palms are red and numb.”

That is to say , he broke through the Innate Second Rank this time, and the bones and muscles of the whole body have been strengthened, which makes his physique not only support more powerful secret skill output, but also have more powerful defensive power and withstand shocks. The power of harm!

“The physique of Innate Second Rank has actually gradually started to leave the naked eye mortal, moved towards another species and began to evolve!”

“Even if I don’t use secret skills, I’m 5x stronger now than before, and breaking gold and gravel is simply easy! If I wear heavy armor on the battlefield, tsk tsk, it’s just a random killing!”

“With my current My stamina, the number of times I can use the secret skills to break through more than 100 times, will make me exhausted! Too terrifying! And the speed of recovering stamina is also very fast. No wonder some seniors of this cultivation technique wrote in the notes, Innate Second Rank is Innate Martial Artist’s first dividing line!”

“I can still be stronger in Innate Second Rank this realm!” Qin Yi suddenly remembered the Ninth Stage speed flow martial arts Touring Falcon Art given by Li Yayuan earlier There is also the same Ninth Stage speed flow martial arts “Windshadow Art” that I have not learned yet.

He plans to learn these two, plus the original Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art, plus the Innate Merit method “thunder is printed” to integrate together, let’s see how much strength he will get promote!

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