Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 145

In a flash, another few days passed.

Outside a room in the prefectural yamen.

“Qin Sheng asks to see you!”

Xiao Lei, who was busy in the room, put down his work and said in a daze, “Come in!”

Qin Yi walked in and said to Xiao Lei cupped the hands: “I have seen Senior Xiao, this subordinate is here to receive the relief medicine of the Baidu Broken Heart Pill. Please also give it to Senior Xiao!”

Xiao Lei looked at Qin Yi and said with a smile: “Forget it, it’s almost a month. Well, you and your Dragon-Tiger gang have done a lot of things for me recently. This medicine I won’t give you the pill.”

“But then you have to behave well, this relief medicine is only a temporary solution, not the root cause. If you want to really solve the poison in your body, you must teach me You’ve made great achievements, you know?” Xiao Lei took out a porcelain bottle from his arms, poured out a green medicine pill, and threw it to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi took it, bowed his head and said, “I know!”

“Very well, let’s go back.”

“Yes.” Qin Yi cupped the hands , backed out.

After leaving the prefecture’s yamen, Qin Yi sneered in his heart, he plans to act in the next two days!

The current Yellow Turban Sect’s army and the former Yun Prefecture state capital army combined, a total of 100,000 troops, are currently stationed outside the city. There are two Innate third rank Li Yuanxu, Ouyang Qing, and two other Innate Second Rank Mo Xiu and Shen Quan.

In the city, there are two Innate Second Rank Xiao Lei and Huang Fei.

“During the daytime, Xiao Lei and Huang Fei in the city are almost all sitting in the prefecture’s yamen. If I were a pair of two, I wouldn’t have a chance!” Qin Yi secretly analyzed in his heart.

However, in the past few days, he was stepping on the spot at night. At night, Huang Fei was almost sitting in the prefecture’s yamen. As for that Xiao Lei, it was the reincarnation of Ditai, and he went to the city for four of the five nights. The biggest hook bar run!

So, either sneak attack on the other side on the road, or do it in the hook bar!

It’s also a pity that Yellow Turban Sect had looted so much money and food before, and it was stored in the military camp outside the city. He was going to do something, and the risk was not small!

After all, there are two Innate third rank in the barracks!

Return to the residence.


Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Power, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Star Gathering])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Perfection (Out of Body) ([Special Effect: Healing, Heavenly Eye] )

Thunder Nine Seals: Perfection (heavenly punishment Β·Divine Seal Β·Flash)

Touring Falcon Art: Perfection (falcon step)

Windshadow Art: Perfection (Phantom Nine Spins)

Energy: 45689

“Integration of the four cultivation techniques!” Qin Yi said silently in his heart.

“Ding…deduct 12,000 energy points and start fusion!”

“Other cultivation techniques need 10,000 points to merge with the Innate Merit method?” Qin Yi said secretly.

According to the previous words, three thousand energy points should be enough for the integration of four cultivation techniques.

But Qin Yi doesn’t matter, he has a lot of energy points now!

In my mind, there are four silhouettes, and each silhouette is practicing one of the Martial Cultivation Art!

Suddenly, the four silhouettes became one…

Ten years.

Thirty years.

Sixty years…

one hour later.

“Phew… it’s done!”


Qin Yi:

Golden Snake Thorn: Perfection (Swallowing Whale)

Seven Stars Thunder Art: Perfection (Secret Skill: Dragon Elephant Divine Seal, 2nd layer Dragon Elephant Divine Seal, Shrinking the Earth into an Inch. [Forbidden Skill: Seven Stars Heavenly Punishment])

Supreme Bright Cycle Art: Perfection (Out of Body) ([Special Effects: Healing, Heavenly Eye])

Energy: 33589

“After the fusion of the four cultivation techniques, Except the name of the speed movement method secret technique has not changed, everything else has changed!” However, Qin Yi believes that although the name of Shrinking the Earth into an Inch has not changed, it is four movement method secret techniques fuse together, and it is no longer the original Shrinking the Earth. into an Inch!

β€œAfter integrating so many cultivation techniques, the formidable power of my secret and forbidden skills will definitely be stronger than before. Find a place to try it!”

Outside the city, It is still in that stone forest.


A gust of wind blew past.

Qin Yi did not know when to appear on a boulder.

“My speed is 30% faster than before the four-door cultivation technique!”


But think about it, it’s right to think about it. Recently, three speed-type Ninth Stage martial arts have been combined, plus the speed of the original Seven Star Dragon Elephant Art, plus the speed of Thunder Nine Seals. If the improvement is obvious, he will feel abnormal.

“Dragon Elephant Divine Seal!”

bang! It was shattered one after another, and the gravel filled the sky.

The night is dark.

After Xiao Lei finished dealing with the matter at hand, he changed his clothes, then went out, sat on the carriage and moved towards the largest hook bar in the east of the city – Fengming Pavilion.

If the two guardian elders were in the city, he wouldn’t dare to go to Fengming Pavilion like this.

most important In the past month, Yun Prefecture has been calm and tranquil, so there is no problem in the city, presumably the two apologetic elders won’t say anything to him.

da da da  …

carriage was moving at a moderate pace down the street.

In the shadows in an alley.

Qin Yi looked at the carriage slowly approaching in the distance.

“Heavenly Eye!” Qin Yi closed his eyes tightly, activating the Nascent Soul in his body!

The next second, his consciousness seemed to sink into Nascent Soul.

Nascent Soul is like coming out of the body right away.

With the carriage as the center, everything is in sight.

“No one else!” Qin Yi opened his eyes.

Since you have to do it, it is best to be foolproof!

Just when the carriage passed the street at the small alley.

Without the slightest hesitation, go straight.

The floor under his feet shattered, and even the soil under the floor splashed.

Qin Yi moved towards the carriage like a cannonball and hit it.


carriage shattered.

“So brave, dare to sneak attack me!”


The two arms crossed and collided, making a metal symphony sound!

The enormous force caused Xiao Lei’s body to lose his balance slightly and tilted, but fortunately he twisted his body abruptly, and his legs plunged down like a jack, which made him successfully stabilize Body shape!

“Innate Second Rank!” Xiao Lei was shocked, his strength was on the same level as him!

And the opponent’s strength seems to be bigger than him!

Without the slightest hesitation, Xiao Lei immediately used his secret technique!

“Pushing the mountain, splitting the ground!”

Xiao Leimeng took a breath, and in an instant, his whole body swelled up, his whole body grew a whole circle, and his muscles were like steel !

“Dragon Elephant Divine Seal!”

Qin Yi also swelled up, from two meters tall to two meters two.

The large palm shadows stagger, overlap, and disappear.

Winter Winter!

Every time the palm prints of the two sides overlapped, a deafening metallic symphony sounded. It seems that the two sides are not smashing with their palms, but the palms of both sides are made of iron!

The two are banging frantically.

However, after each confrontation, Xiao Lei’s face became solemn!

The opponent’s strength is slightly stronger than his!

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