Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 146

“Shrinking the Earth into an Inch!”

Qin Yi’s silhouette disappeared in front of Xiao Lei, making him alarm!

A giant hand covered with bulging veins grabbed Xiao Lei’s back, and the strong sense of crisis made him turn around and slam it out.

Shoot in the air!


Blood splatters from shoulders.

“Damn!” Xiao Lei’s face was gloomy, the opponent’s speed exceeded his expectations! Definitely practiced the speed-type Innate Merit method!

Yes, how could the opponent’s strength be so strong?

Each cultivation technique has its own area of expertise, and it is rare to be strong in multiple aspects.

Although there are some Innate Merit methods that are more balanced, there are no areas that stand out.

And this person in front of him, not to mention his speed, is stronger than him!

Boom boom boom…

Walls shattered and houses collapsed.

The scope of the two-person fight has been expanded to half a street!


The afterimage of Qin Yi disappeared from Xiao Lei’s sight again.

Xiao Lei closed his eyes, Motionless As Mountains.


“I found you!” Xiao Lei suddenly opened his eyes and stepped out.

“The 2nd layer pushes the mountain!”

The powerful palm of Deku Laqiao moved towards Qin Yi’s position.

“2nd layer Β·Dragon Elephant Divine Seal!”

Qin Yi’s arms swelled by three points again, the blood all over his body was hot to a terrifying point, and his arms were wrapped around The blood vessels are tangled like chains to clean up.


There was a thunderclap on the ground.

A sour voice broke out.

Xiao Lei’s palms were covered with cracks, blood overflowed from the cracks, and the whole person was ploughed backwards by the shock of the huge force!

The slate on the ground shattered, the soil flew, and his feet forcibly ploughed a ravine five meters long and twenty centimeters deep.

Qin Yi was also repulsed by the opponent’s strength and took seven or eight steps backwards, each step broke the slate under his feet, and his feet were deeply immersed in the soil.

His tiger mouth cracked slightly, and his palms were numb!

Originally, Qin Yi thought that he had a certain advantage in speed and strength, and could solve this Xiao Lei in a short period of time. The Second Layer secret technique broke out just now, and he did not kill the opponent!

“Innate Second Rank, with its qi into the bones, has forged a body of iron bones and strong muscles, and its fighting ability is not comparable to the previous Martial Artist! Even after being injured, the speed of healing is extremely fast.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“Who the hell are you!” Xiao Lei stared at Qin Yi.

The strength of the other party exceeded his expectations!

At first, he was suppressed by the opponent and has always been at a disadvantage. Now that he has exhausted his means, he is still at a disadvantage!

If he continues like this, he will be consumed by the opponent sooner or later!

You have to shake people!

Xiao Lei let out a long whistle!

“Huang Fei, save me!”

The voice was so loud that it seemed to spread across half the city!

However, it’s not too far from the prefecture’s yamen, so it should be possible to reach it!

next moment, Xiao Lei turned his head and left!

“Not good!” Qin Yi complexion sank, chasing after him.

If another Innate Second Rank comes, and even brings in the two Innate Third Ranks outside the city, then the action will almost fail tonight, and even oneself will be in deep danger!

Must do it quickly!

Qin Yi was faster than the opponent, and in a short while, Xiao Lei was caught up.

Winter Winter!

The two fought one after another again!

Although Qin Yi’s speed and strength are stronger, can Xiao Lei be injured, but it is not fatal!

“Hehe, you can’t kill me in a short period of time! When my companion comes, it will be your death!” After Xiao Lei blocked Qin Yi’s move, a smug smile appeared on his face Come.

He has completely abandoned offense now and is all-out defense, he just wants to drag it until Huang Fei arrives!

“That makes sense!”

“Unless your companions can get there in a second!”

“What do you mean?” Xiao Lei Tong Kong shrank, did the other party also have accomplices?

“Forbidden Skill: Seven Stars Heavenly Punishment!”

Qin Yi took a deep breath, the blood in the body was hot and went to another height!

The muscles and blood vessels were blocked all over and became more ferocious. The height was raised by three centimeters again, and the body size was also increased again.

The already tight clothes suddenly showed cracks!

He was like a rare beast incarnated as a sinister, the skin all over his body instantly turned red, and due to the rapid heat, a cloud of mist shrouded him all around him.

Step out.

In an instant!

Xiao Lei’s face changed suddenly, hair stands on end.

With such a fast speed, he simply couldn’t react!

Can only be forced to block!

β€œ2nd layer pushes the mountain!”


Like a fire star hitting Earth!

A violent crash resounded throughout the street.

Xiao Lei flew backwards like a kite with a broken string.

In the air, a large amount of blood spilled out of his mouth, and his arms no longer knew where they went, only two broken and exposed bones were left.

His chest slumped deeply, and a palm print almost penetrated his back!

“Cough…this, this is…a forbidden skill!” Xiao Lei’s eyes widened, his face full of disbelief. Is the other party’s cultivation is the top Innate Merit method that can cultivate to Innate Fifth Rank? Because only the top-level Innate Merit method can use this kind of forbidden skill with leapfrog output!

However, the next second he fell into eternal darkness!

Qin Yi swept over, groped for a while on the opponent’s body, and cautiously twisted the opponent’s head 360 degrees before leaving the scene quickly!

Shortly after Qin Yi left.

Huang Fei rushed to this street.

When he saw the silhouette smashed into the center of the street, he immediately felt like a formidable enemy!

“Who!” He set off fireworks for help while alerting all around!

He is afraid that the enemy has not left yet!


In the residence.

Qin Yi put on new clothes and took a quick shower.

“This new banned skill “Seven Stars Heavenly Punishment” is still too terrifying! With my current physical strength, I can use it up to ten times a day!”

And those who use this banned skill are too terrifying! At that time, the load on the body was also too great, and he faintly felt that there was a trace of internal injury.

However, his healing ability is very strong now, and it is estimated that he will be fine tomorrow morning!

In front of Xiao Lei’s body, there were more than a dozen people standing, led by Li Yuanxu and Ouyang Qing, the two Innate third rank.

“Elder Huang, you just said you didn’t see any enemy when you arrived?” Li Yuanxu asked with a sullen face.

“Yes, Elder Li, when I arrived, Elder Xiao was already dead.”

“Who did it?”

” Azure Lotus Sect or the remnant of Colored Glass Sect?”

“Just now I carefully looked at the battle traces of all around, the one who killed Xiao Lei should not be the Innate third rank, but this last fatal blow looks like It looks a bit like a palm technique called “Thunder Nine Seals” by Colored Glass Sect, but it doesn’t look like it when you look closely! Thunder Nine Seals simply don’t have this formidable power, and the force penetration caused by it is a bit like five A hundred years ago, Buddhism did not have the lost Dragon Elephant Great Hand Seal!” Ouyang Qing frowned.

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