Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 147

“Speaking of Thunder Nine Seals, it seems that there was an auction of this cultivation technique at Fuli Auction House some time ago. As for who took it away, I don’t know.”

“Even if we I know who the person who took off the cultivation technique is, but I don’t have much doubts. The opponent can cultivate it to a very proven level if he gets half a month, and looking at the injury, Thunder Nine Seals simply can’t play such a strong one. Hurt!”

“That’s right!”

“But now that we have an Elder dead, it’s obvious that someone is targeting us, and then we have to be very careful and carry out a major attack in the city. Investigate! I don’t want another accident!” Ouyang Qing opened the mouth and said.

“Well, so, I’ll sit in the city next, and you’ll be in the military camp outside the city, how about that?” Li Yuanyu said.


At home.

Qin Yi took out the portable item he found from Xiao Lei and looked at it.

More than 1,000 taels of silver notes, as well as some bottles and jars, there is nothing left.

“There is no cultivation technique, unfortunately!” Qin Yi squinted.

Will you be able to capture one alive next time?

However, if you want to capture an Innate Second Rank, you need enough time. If you act in the city, it is impossible to achieve.

Once there is too much noise, the Innate third rank will arrive, and he may die!

Through tonight’s battle, he knew that after Martial Artist broke through to Innate Second Rank, it was far more difficult to kill than the previous Martial Artist.

I have already trained a body of iron, and my muscles have also been strengthened.

Especially when using secret skills, the skin is extremely hard, it can be said that ordinary blades and swords find it difficult to cut!

Second day, the entire Yun Prefecture was under martial law, and a major search was carried out. Qin Yi led the Dragon-Tiger gang to cooperate with the investigation.

In the evening, Qin Yi returned home.

A subordinate sent him a letter.

It is anonymous, but he opened it and knew it was from He Hongjun!

Ten days ago, when the blockade of Yun Prefecture was not so strict, he sent Old He and Old Liu out of the city overnight and sent them back to Qing State.

Yun Prefecture is now a place of right and wrong, and it is dangerous for them to stay here.

The letter was written in Tibetan characters. He followed the order, as Old He wrote above. They have returned to Qing State safely and are looking for a deep mountain. They plan to build a place to live and store a batch of food. ,in case the emergency.

In today’s chaotic world, there are fires everywhere, Qin Yi specially asked them to go back and prepare, when the time comes there is also a way out!

At least you can let your family and friends around you have a safe place to stay!

The reason why this idea was born is that most recently, Yellow Turban Sect is in the city of Yun Prefecture, and even in the three counties below the state capital, they are frantically arresting Martial Artists whose cultivation bases are above the Seventh Stage.

After these Martial Artists were caught, they were all forced to take the poison-breaking pill! At present, these people are concentrated in the military camps.

Qin Yi also participated in several of these operations to capture the Martial Artist in the city.

He guessed that the reason why Yellow Turban Sect captured these Martial Artists, it is estimated that these Martial Artists will be sent to the battlefield soon! Even including him!

Give each of them a piece of heavy armor, and they will play a very important role on the battlefield! Especially the Ninth Stage Martial Artist and his Innate Martial Artist!

These people were forced to take the Baidu Broken Heart Pill. If they were disobedient, they would only die, go to the battlefield, or at least a glimmer of survival! No one wants to die if they can live one more day.

Old He and Old Liu were sent out of town by Qin Yi overnight ten days ago!

“Wait a few more days, if you can’t find any good opportunities, just leave Yun Prefecture.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

Since he ‘takes’ Baidu Broken Heart Pill in front of the Yellow Turban Sect Innate, their vigilance towards Qin Yi has dropped a lot.

Actually, they simply don’t know Qin Yi simply not take Baidu Broken Heart Pill!


Outside Yun Prefecture, in the barracks of the Yellow Turban Sect.

Handsome account.

Li Yuanxu, Ouyang Qing, Huang Fei, Mo Xiu and Shen Quan are all present.

“A letter from the teaching, the Northern Origin army is coming, a large army has moved towards our Yun Prefecture and the next door Luozhou and Weizhou! The teaching let us Yun Prefecture in eight days , Assemble the army, bring all the food and grass, and go to Baiguguan to join the army of the other two states to resist this Northern Origin army!” Li Yuanxu said solemnly.

Among them, Luozhou is currently under the control of their Yellow Turban Sect, and Weizhou is currently under the control of the Red Sect, so when the time comes the two armies unite to resist the Northern Origin army, who will I don’t know how the battle will end!

β€œWhen the time comes, should we leave people to sit in the city of Yun Prefecture?” Huang Fei asked.

Because at present in the entire Yun Prefecture city, all the economic money and grains are gathered in the Yun Prefecture city from the three counties, such as money and grain collected from various places, various taxes, etc., even Dragon-Tiger The protection fees and so on collected for this kind of thing have to be collected into the hands of their Yellow Turban Sect.

This is continuously money!

If there is no one to guard, no one knows whether the people in the rear will be so obedient after their army goes to the front!

“If you must!” Ouyang Qing said.

“Xiao Lei was killed last night. This Yun Prefecture city may have hidden Innate Second Rank enemies, so when the time comes, we must leave an Innate third rank expert to sit in town!” Li Yuanxu thought thought.

As for asking for an expert from the faculty?


Nowadays, most of the Yellow Turban Sect’s experts are gathered in the front line to fight with the Northern Origin army and the Azure Lotus Sect. It is estimated that it is difficult for them to send too many experts here.

Actually, the Martial Artist at Ninth Stage didn’t play a very big role on the battlefield, but once he entered Innate, it played a big role.

Especially the Martial Artist of Innate Fifth Rank, astral qi has been spawned in the body, and the astral qi is turned into a sword qi blade, and no one can stop it!

Not to mention those old farts above Innate, a blocker is not a blow!

If it wasn’t for the life essence of Great Yong’s Sima Yong, there would be no more Peak, and Northern Origin would not dare to invade Great Yong rashly!

They Yellow Turban Sect and Red Sect don’t dare to do things in Great Yong in front of one’s eyes!

After all, Sima Yong was the first under the heavens!

Megatron is alive!

It’s a pity that the hegemon of a generation has ended up like this, which is sad and ridiculous.

Even Sima Yong’s decent descendants were beaten to death!

“Well, well said, when the time comes who will stay, let’s talk about it.” Ouyang Qing said, nothing more than between him and Li Yuanxu, leaving one.

“By the way, how much of our food and grass has not been collected in Yun Prefecture?” Ouyang Qing asked.

“Except for the grain and grass collected from the more than 20 counties farthest from our Yun Prefecture city, due to the long and remote road, it is estimated that it will take more than ten days to arrive at the earliest! The search of the other counties will come up. Most of the food and grass have been shipped, and a small part of the food that has not arrived is on the way, and it is estimated that it will be shipped within three or four days.” Mo Xiu thought for a while.

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