Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 149

“I mean, I have endured you for a long time!” Qin Yi leaped on the horse, like the Great Roc Spreading Wings, and rushed towards Huang Fei.

“You are courting death!” Huang Fei was furious.

Qin Yi smashed Huang Fei directly from top to bottom.


The horse that Huang Fei sat on suddenly broke all four legs, and finally could not bear the huge force, the flesh and blood all split up and in pieces, and the blood moved towards all around and shot.

“How is that possible!” Huang Fei watched his feet sink deep into the mud, and the arm he raised to block was so painful that he almost lost consciousness, causing his face to change suddenly!

This power, simply is not what Innate First Rank can have!

“You play the pig to eat the tiger!”

“Forbidden skill: Seven Stars Heavenly Punishment!”

Qin Yi’s body swelled up immediately, The skin is red all over, like a rare beast!

β€œ2nd layer Β· Jailbreak!”

Both collide.


Huang Fei spurted out a mouthful of blood, and people flew out like a broken kite.

His arms are bent and broken, useless!


He broke five or six trees before he stopped and fell to the ground.

“cough cough…” Huang Fei looked at Qin Yi who was walking slowly in the distance, his eyes were full of disbelief and fear!

One move, one move, he was abolished!

He thought that the other party was playing the pig to eat the tiger, but he didn’t expect to be able to pretend to this extent!

Actually, when Qin Yi used the forbidden skill just now, he only used 60% of his skill. He was afraid that with 100% of his skill, he would kill the opponent at once. He still had a lot of things to ask Huang. fly!

“You, don’t kill me, you ate our Baidu Broken Heart Pill before, if you kill me, you will also die! Also, the real antidote is in those two You’d better take me back on the body of the guardian elder, I can pretend that this did not happen!” Huang Fei saw the other party approaching step by step, which made him very frightened in his heart, afraid that the other party would slap him with a slap died!

But when he thought that the other party had eaten Baidu Brokenheart Pill before, he felt that he still had a glimmer of survival!

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.” Qin Yi showed a sly smile.

If you want to kill, you have to ask questions!

“Then, then, what do you want?” A smile appeared on Huang Fei’s pale face.



Qin Yi walked to the front of the opponent and directly broke the opponent’s legs.

“Ah…” Huang Fei screamed.

“I ask a question, you answer it, don’t force me to do it, understand?” Qin Yi said.

“Understand, understand.” Huang Fei quickly nodded.

β€œWhat Innate Merit method is your cultivation technique, can you break through to Innate Fifth Rank?”

β€œMy cultivation technique is “Earth Demon Suppressing Prison Fist”, this cultivation technique can cultivation to the Innate Fifth Rank, but now I just got the cultivation technique that can reach the Innate third rank, the follow-up cultivation technique, I need the contribution point to redeem the follow-up cultivation technique in the teaching, I still don’t have enough contribution point to go to. Redeem it!” Huang Fei said hurriedly.

“Only cultivation to Innate third rank?” Qin Yi squinted. To be honest, this harvest made him very big! Although it failed to reach the Innate Fifth Rank, the Innate third rank is also an unexpected harvest.

“Yes, the cultivation technique I have at present can only be cultivated to the Innate third rank…” He was afraid that the other party would be unreasonable, and it would be hard to torture him again.

“Find a place and write it out for me! Tell you, don’t write it to me, or I’ll make your life worse than death, you know?” Qin Yi said coldly.

“Yes yes yes…”

Soon, Qin Yi found the nearest town, then found an Inn and asked the other party to write it down.

After dictating, Qin Yi squinted and said, “Then how does Innate Second Rank break through to Innate third rank, and what is the difference?”


Huang Fei was taken aback, secretly said in one’s heart you all of them are stronger than mine, how could you not know the advanced knowledge of Innate?

Almost most of Innate know it!

Unless it’s from unorthodox!

“Say it!”

“Yes yes yes! Innate Second Rank breakthrough to Innate third rank, the most important thing is to bleed air and practice dirty! That is, tempering internal organs! Of course, how? Tempering, it depends on the different tempering methods of each cultivation technique.” Huang Fei said.

β€œQi-inducing and practicing dirty?” Qin Yi touched the chin .

But think about it, if the body is compared to a car, then the body shell is the car’s site, shell and gearbox. And the engine is indeed the internal organs of the human being!

Without a powerful engine, how can a car go fast?

And when using secret skills, it also puts a heavy load on the internal organs. Only more powerful internal organs can make you stronger!

The most important thing is that internal organs are very fragile organs of the human body. If the internal organs are not strong, then your fatal shortcomings will undoubtedly be magnified countless times!

“What about Innate’s fourth rank?” Qin Yi asked again.

“Innate fourth rank, it’s entraining Qi to melt blood!”

“Blood entraining?” Qin Yi felt more and more shocked after hearing it.

He is very clear about the characteristics of the Qi produced by Literary Art cultivation.

If this characteristic pours into the blood, doesn’t it mean that the Martial Artist of the fourth rank of Innate, the life force is very powerful? The ability to heal may reach a very high level?

Blood can flow all over the body!

Of course, this is just his guess. No one knows how many qualities Qi can retain after being integrated into the blood.

“What about Innate Fifth Rank?” Qin Yi said.

“Innate Fifth Rank…” Huang Fei’s eyes showed a hint of yearning.

“Innate Fifth Rank, it is rumored that the whole body has been smelted, and astral qi can be spawned in the body, not only can astral qi be released outside, blades and swords find it difficult to cut, but also can be turned into sword qi for long distances Killing! It is no longer comparable to a common martial artist!” Huang Fei said.

“Can the body produce astral qi?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised.

This astral qi is definitely not the ‘Qi’ of Literary Art in the body, and the ‘Qi’ of Literary Art is not offensive. And this one called astral qi sounds very aggressive!

“What about Innate Fifth Rank? Is there a stronger Martial Artist?”

“Of course! Above Innate Fifth Rank, that’s Grandmaster! Grandmaster powerhouse, horror So, which one is not like a giant who name shakes the whole world?” Huang Fei said.

“Then what is your Sect Lord of the Yellow Turban Sect?” Qin Yi squinted.

“I don’t know exactly what kind of strength he has. Even if there are not many people in our teaching who have seen him use force, at least he started as a Grandmaster!” Huang Fei said proudly.

“You mean there is something stronger than Grandmaster?”

“I don’t know about that.” Huang Fei answered honestly.


“You said, which way did the food and forage go? You said earlier that the enemy who killed Xiao Lei last night didn’t target you. How many other people are there?” Qin Yi said solemnly.

“There are, there are, and there are two other routes. They are led by Mo Xiu and Shen Quan. The route they go is…” Huang Fei made it clear without omission and in detail.

Qin Yi squinted and didn’t speak, hehe, this guy took the initiative to say that the other two teams were led by Mo Xiu and Shen Quan, there are some problems with how to listen, in case one team is led by one What about Innate third rank?

No matter if there is any fraud, he is too lazy to go!

He only needs to put the food and grass that Huang Fei is responsible for in his pocket!

People, don’t be too greedy!


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