Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 21

“Should not!”

Azure Void Art has a total of fifth layers, which are divided into: Shouyi, Guiding, Fetal Breath, Cunning, inner core.

It stands to reason that if the energy point is enough, you can continue to break through, but why does the system show that it cannot continue to break through?

“It seems that I have to find a time to ask the master, or the Palace Lord?” Qin Yi could only put this matter down temporarily.


The night is getting darker.

Outside the row of houses of the second grain transportation team, more than 20 black clothed persons suddenly appeared.

A man in gray stood on a roof, and he waved his hand lightly.

The twenty black clothed persons moved towards the row of houses quickly approached.

The first to suffer were the Iron Wolf Gang, followed by the monks…

I just fell asleep. After a long time, Qin Yi suddenly heard the snoring of the monks next door suddenly disappear.


Qin Yi quickly got up and moved towards the door.


The black clothed person who had just pried open the door didn’t react yet, and flew out and fell to the ground.

As soon as Qin Yi came out, he saw that there were several black clothed persons outside his door, and he also heard movement in the room not far away!


“Exposed, do it!” The three black clothed persons were stunned for a moment, then moved towards Qin Yi and rushed over.

“You guys are too slow!”

Qin Yi is like a black line, approaching in a blink of an eye.




Three punches in a row, and three black clothed persons were knocked to the ground.

“Sir, it’s him, it must be him!” Chen Chengquan looked towards the man in gray on the roof, eh? What about his old family?


Qin Yi felt the sound of breaking air on the left side suddenly, in a flash, raised his arm to block.


The huge force pushed Qin Yi four or five steps away, barely stabilizing his body.

More aggressive air-splitting sound!


β€œFive Piles Vigor!” Qin Yi clenched his teeth and suddenly handed out his right fist.


Two people are just a touch away.

“Secret skills?!” A hoarse voice came.

At this moment, Qin Yi could see clearly that there was a man in gray in his forties, with a tattoo of ‘slave’ on his right face!

“You have cultivated secret skills at such a young age, not simple. No wonder the five elite squads were all folded in your hands!” The man in gray was clicking one’s tongue in wonder. He practiced martial arts for thirty years. Although cultivation’s martial arts limit is Sixth Stage, he has not yet been able to realize the secret skills, which shows how difficult it is to realize the secret skills!

In the fight just now, the opponent’s strength is indeed much stronger than the ordinary Fifth Stage, and with the secret skills, it can be comparable to his full power attack, and even the speed is even faster than the ordinary Sixth Stage!

But the people in gray still have the chance to win! A secret skill that cannot rewrite the ending! The pseudo Sixth Stage is not the Sixth Stage after all!

“Go!” Qin Yi turned around and ran without the slightest hesitation!

Just now, he fought two moves. The strength of the enemy is something he has only seen in his life, and his speed is not much worse than him. He is definitely an expert above the Sixth Stage!

Mainly because his left arm blocked it just now, and he felt that the bones had been cracked. The entire left arm is still paralyzed, and it should not be able to use force in a short time!

“hmph, if you want to run away, chase after me!” The man in gray was sneered, chasing after him like a ghost.

The two are not far apart, and they are speed birds of a feather.

As soon as they chased and fled, they disappeared here in a blink of an eye. Chen Chengquan and the others behind them could only move towards the direction they disappeared.

peng peng peng!

The two fought while fleeing.

β€œFive Piles Vigor!” Qin Yi turned around and punched again.


The two banged each other, causing the man in gray to slow down, but Qin Yi took advantage of the strength to open up a little distance again.

“Hehe, you’ve already used your secret skills three times. I guess you can use it once or twice at most, right? When the time comes when you run out of secret skills, what are you going to do with me!” The man in grey patiently continued to chase at full speed.

Qin Yi’s face darkened, and he continued to run away.

In fact, he can use it five times!

He knows very well that only by using his secret skills can he be on par with the opponent in terms of strength, so the remaining five punches must be used well!

The man in gray is very close, not giving Qin Yi a chance to distance himself.


The two punched each other again!

“Haha…you must have almost used up your secret skills, right? Your speed is starting to slow down!” A cruel smile appeared on the face of the man in gray.

β€œdie for me!”

The palm wind is fierce, and it comes in an instant.

“Soaring Shift!”

“en?” The man in gray felt that his palm was empty and he didn’t hit anyone. The next second, the man in gray felt bad, just right Prepare to retreat!

β€œFive Piles Vigor!”


The man in gray felt a piercing pain coming from his ribs, and he lost his center of gravity and flew out.

β€œSoaring Shift!”

β€œFive Piles Vigor!”

bang! He fell to the ground, blood gushing out of his mouth.

“Ho…hoho…you, you actually have other…secret skills!”

The man in gray with his rib and chest collapsed was unwilling to breathe !

He really couldn’t understand, when did secret skills become so bad?

Even if it is a secret skill that can only be cultivated to Fifth Stage cultivation base for the martial arts, it will take several decades to cultivate it to Perfection before having the opportunity to realize the secret skill.

Some people cultivated a martial arts to Perfection, and innate talent realized the secret skill within a few months, while some people spent ten or twenty years and still could not realize the secret skill!

“My actual combat experience is still a bit poor. If I use Soaring Shift to avoid his first ultimate move at first, I won’t be injured!” Qin Yi raised his left arm and looked at it, and found that It was red and swollen, and the place where it was hit was bruised.

If the Seventh Stage expert encountered this time, that sneak attack is enough to make him hit hard, and it is estimated that there is no chance to escape!

Touch the corpse.

“Why don’t these people like to carry money with them?”


“It’s too fast!” Chen Chengquan looked at In the front, there is still no sign of the two of them, and they are a little helpless.


one silhouette, from far to near.

“Your Excellency should have succeeded!”

But when he saw who was coming, his face changed suddenly, without the slightest hesitation, he turned and ran!

It’s not the man in gray, but Qin Yi!

“Impossible, how is it possible to have a Sixth Stage cultivation base at such a young age?” Chen Chengquan’s heart flashed countless disbelief, but he was not slow to run!

The other black clothed persons were also taken aback, seeing that Captain had all run away, and they also followed!

“What are you running, it’s good to stay and chat!”

Qin Yi appeared behind a black clothed person.

“I fought with you!” The black clothed person turned around and slashed!

“It’s too slow!” Qin Yi didn’t choose to pick it up hard. Although he can now wrestle with people from the sixth rank cultivation base, he is still a naked eye mortal.

A fist is as hard as a sword!

Slightly staggered, Qin Yi avoided this blade.

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