Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 23

Qin Yi is not surprised that a group of Taoists eat meat and drink in secret, although everyone in the Azure Dao Palace mainly eats fast food.

But now outside, no one cares.

The important thing is that although the Taoist side pays attention to eating a vegetarian diet, the Taoism is natural, but it is not forbidden to marry and have children, which is much better than the Buddhist side.

“Senior Brother Chen, have you heard of Red Sect?” Qin Yi poured Chen Jie a bowl of wine and asked without a trace.

“Red Sect?” Chen Jie thought for a moment after hearing this: “I heard that Red Sect seems to be the Great Sect of Siron Empire, and we rarely see Red Sect in Great Yong. The doorman!”

“The one from Siron Empire?” Qin Yi slightly frowned.

The Siron Empire, west of Great Yong, is also a huge kingdom.

“Yes, why are you asking this?” Chen Jie asked curiously.

“No, I heard someone say Red Sect very difficult to deal with in the teahouse today, so just ask.” Qin Yi said without thinking.

“I don’t know if the Red Sect is powerful or not, but I have read a secret story about the Red Sect in an ancient book.” Liu Haibin said with a smile.

“What secret?” Everyone was interested.

“Five hundred years ago, it was said that the Red Sect was still on our Great Yong’s side, and it was one of the Great Yong’s Great Sects at that time, but I don’t know what happened, it was slain by Great Yong and finally escaped. Siron Empire.”

“Why was it killed?” Qin Yi asked.

“I don’t know, it’s not written in the classics!”

“Oh!” Qin Yi nods.

In any case, from this secret story, the Red Sect and Great Yong had a festival hundreds of years ago, and the Red Sect still remembers this feud to this day!

Suddenly, Qin Yi remembered that Martial Uncle Qingsong had told him the main vein Supreme Clear Dao Palace.

“Senior Brother Liu, where is the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the backbone of our Azure Dao Palace?”

“Supreme Clear Dao Palace? I don’t know the reason, I just know that after Supreme Clear Dao Palace no longer exists, there are some remnants of the disciples who set up their own mountain gates and created the nine Taoist branches of Great Yong today, of which our Azure Dao Palace is one of them. .” Liu Haibin said.

“so that’s how it is!” Qin Yi was even more curious.

How did the good Supreme Clear Dao Palace die?

Wine has three dishes and five flavors.

β€œSenior Brother Chen, which one of the seven skills did you learn?” Qin Yi asked.

Now that he has energy points, he plans to hurry up and learn new martial arts!

Now that the situation is getting more and more chaotic, he really has no sense of security!

“Just a Heavenly Pivot Palm!” Chen Jie said.

“Junior Brother Wu, which seven skills did you learn?” Qin Yi looked towards another same sect.

Heavenly Pivot Palm his cultivation arrives at perfection, he needs new martial arts!

“Me too… Heavenly Pivot Palm!” Junior Brother Wu said drunkenly.

β€œSenior Brother Zheng, how about you?”

β€œMe too Heavenly Pivot Palm ~”


Qin Yi was speechless: “You didn’t ask Senior Brother Zhao to learn other martial arts at that time?”

“pu~ Junior Brother Qin, our innate talents are average, it’s very difficult to learn one subject, who would think Learn two subjects? Even if you want to learn the second subject, it has to be something in the future!” Chen Jie puci said with a smile.

“Senior Brother Chen said, Junior Brother Qin, you haven’t even reached Heavenly Pivot Palm cultivation, do you want to learn other?” Someone jokingly said.

Qin Yi felt helpless for a while, and he forgot that most innate talents are mediocre. Even if the innate talents are good, one or two cultivation subjects are the main focus in their life.

Do you think all of them are like the innate talent of the previous Palace Lord, or is he hanging on the wall?

β€œI know my innate talent is average, but I still want to learn one or two other different martial arts!” Qin Yi speaks frankly.

“Hehe, why don’t you ask me, I didn’t learn Heavenly Pivot Palm, only Heavenly Jade Steps!” Liu Haibin said proudly.

β€œHeavenly Jade Steps?” Qin Yi’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, I was often bullied by the village next door when I was a child. The most annoying thing is that I couldn’t beat me, I couldn’t run, but I was suffocated! Later, I went to Azure Dao Palace, I I chose Heavenly Jade Steps without the slightest hesitation! It doesn’t matter if you fight, the key is that if the enemy can’t hit me, I will be invincible!” Liu Haibin also shared him with a three-point drunken laugh. s story.

Everyone was stunned.

“Your mother’s words are very reasonable!”

“Listening to Senior Brother Liu’s words, hiccup~ special mother is brilliant!”

“In the future If I have the opportunity, I will also learn a movement method!”

Everyone talking at once.

“Senior Brother Liu, if you have time, please teach me “Heavenly Jade Steps”! I want to learn!” Qin Yi said sincerely.

“You really want to learn?” Liu Haibin looked surprised.

“Really!” Qin Yi nodded.

“I’m only a cultivation base, and the cultivation of Heavenly Jade Steps is also an initial understanding. To be honest, some of the capacity and some cultivation experience in it are also half-understood. If I really want to teach you, it may not be enough. I can teach you! Even if there are some temporary situations when the time comes to your cultivation, the answer I gave you may not be correct, in short…generally speaking, it is more reliable to teach people above the Second Stage cultivation base!” Liu Haibin said solemnly.

“Yeah, if the practice goes wrong when the time comes, then it’s not good!” Chen Jie shook his head slightly and continued: “Even if when the time comes you can really learn, The time required in the end is definitely several times as long as Senior Brother Zhao taught you! It is better to wait until you return to Azure Dao Palace and let Senior Brother Liu teach you the safest!”

“I still want to try !” Qin Yi insisted.

As long as he starts Heavenly Jade Steps cultivation, everything will be easy!

If you are an ordinary person, cultivation is a martial arts, and you will definitely need a good teacher, who can give him more experience, let the other party avoid detours, cooperate with secret medicine, and sparring.

But Qin Yi doesn’t need it, he has hung up!

“I’m willing to pay five taels of tuition!”

Thousands of wear, flattery not.

Everything is fake, only money is real!

“Junior Brother Qin, can you take it seriously?” Liu Haibin slapped his thigh.

This is enough for him to go to the hook several times!


“Then it’s a deal!”


second day, where Qin Yi is The second grain transport team came to the task again, this time not to transport grain, but to transport weapons and some other materials.

This time, a total of 20 City Guards and 10 soldiers led the team, mainly because after the incident the day before yesterday, they were very worried about whether there were any other rebels on the side. new action!

We set off early in the morning, all the way without any danger, we arrived at the front line smoothly, and then hurried back.

After this trip, everyone got another day off.

In front of the house.

“Junior Brother Qin, I think Senior Brother Zhao also introduced the characteristics of the Seven Great Gongs to you. The characteristic of this Heavenly Jade Steps is that it is in a flash, and the speed is extremely fast, especially in a straight line, which is very amazing. This is different from the Lightshake Movement Method, another course of our Azure Dao Palace.” Liu Haibin introduced.

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