Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 24

“Well, I know.” Qin Yi nods.

The Lightshake Movement Method is about moving left and right and being flexible.

In the racing parlance of the previous life, Heavenly Jade Steps is the king of straight-line acceleration, and Lightshake Movement Method is the king of corners!

“Okay, then I’ll start teaching you Heavenly Jade Steps now. Its difficulty is mainly composed of three components, mainly the Breathing Technique, special exercise methods, and secret medicines. Let’s not talk about the secret medicine, it can be solved with money. As long as the first two are done, it will be easy to get started!”

β€œThere are two sets of Breathing Technique, one set is the one that needs to be combined with Heavenly Jade Steps. The other set is used for special exercises. Exercise is to exercise the strength of the legs! I will teach you the first set of Breathing Technique first, and by the way, I will teach you the matching moves!” Liu Haibin began to teach patiently.

He took Qin Yi’s tuition and went to Goulan last night. He taught very hard today, um, it’s thanks.

“Okay!” Qin Yi listened very seriously.


Sanjiang County.

The command post of the rebels, the county government.

“It’s strange, why haven’t there been any news from Jinyuan County in the past two days?” Cao Mengxiong had a bad premonition in his heart.

Because, in the past two days, they sent messages over there, but there was no reply there!

In the past, when you sent a message, you would basically reply to them.

“Maybe we have succeeded. Martial law is over there, so it’s more difficult to send news?” Peng Dahai thinks that the man in gray from Sixth Stage made a move, It shouldn’t be a miss!

At this moment, a subordinate hurried in.

“Great Commander, please investigate the latest news from Jinyuan County. Please read.” He lowered a letter.


They also installed some intelligence personnel in Jinyuan County. Yesterday, he asked the people there to see if anything special happened in Jinyuan County in the past two days!

“en? The granary of the county army is still in good condition, without any loss? Could it be that the people of the holy messenger haven’t acted yet? Or there is no chance for now!”

” The day before yesterday, a group of assassins assassinated the second grain transport team, killing a lot of people, but some assassins died…”

“Yesterday, Jinyuan County was forcibly recruited from the refugees outside the city. Five hundred people…”

After reading the information in his hand, Cao Mengxiong was slightly frowned, as if there was no major event happening!

In a flash, another five days passed. When Cao Mengxiong was still unable to contact the servants of the holy messenger and those Anzi in Jinyuan County, he finally realized that something had happened!

“It seems that something must have happened over there, or even the entire army was wiped out. This news must be reported to the envoy!” Cao Mengxiong’s face became solemn.


Into the night

In the yard.

Qin Yi finished his Heavenly Jade Steps practice and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Junior Brother Qin, that’s all for today’s teaching. We have another task tomorrow morning.” Liu Haibin said.

“Okay, let’s go, let’s go to dinner, I’ll treat you.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

Although Liu Haibin has taught very carefully these days, the progress is very slow. First, neither of them has much time. Second, Liu Haibin, who is a cultivation base, really has an initial understanding level of Heavenly Jade Steps, and it is indeed unsatisfactory for him to teach people.

But it’s not ineffective. Even if Qin Yi takes a little longer, a month or even a few months, as long as you get started, everything is easy to say.

Mainly, at present, I really can’t find a suitable person to teach him, so he can only be taller among the short ones.

Back to Azure Dao Palace, no time.

As for the teachers on the front line, Senior Brother Fu, don’t count on it for the time being!

In a restaurant.

The two were eating.

“Senior Brother Liu, your entry is much longer than mine. Have you ever heard of that Ancestor Master who cultivated “Azure Void Art” to a very proven level?” Qin Yi asked.

The fact that Azure Void Art can’t be improved when there are energy points has always made him want to solve the mystery!

After thinking about it, he guessed that there might be a problem with the cultivation technique?

“Azure Void Art? not quite clear, isn’t this thing useless?” Liu Haibin shook the head.

“Okay.” Qin Yi was helpless, it seems that in the eyes of most people with the same name, Azure Void Art is useless.

However, he is currently a Third Layer Fetal Breath realm, and it still feels vaguely useful.

That is, the spirit is much stronger than before, and the quality of sleep is very good!

Even if you sleep two or three hours a night, second day is still in great spirits.

The other thing is that he found out that he had injured his left arm in the fight with the man in gray. He recovered and felt faster than before.

Originally, he estimated that it would take half a month to completely recover completely, but now in seven or eight days, he feels almost recovered.

Originally, he had delivered supplies to the front line several times, and planned to ask the master.

But thinking of the situation on the front line, maybe every day all have the same sect Senior Brother sacrifice, it is not appropriate to ask the master.

The last time he went to deliver supplies, he visited the master and the Third Senior Brother again. They were not in a good mood. Every time he went, he could hear bad news!

Thinking of this, Qin Yi couldn’t help being sighed. The weak have no right to refuse!

If Palace Lord is the Ninth Stage cultivation base, I’m afraid that Xue would not dare to just and honorable to use the people of Azure Dao Palace as ‘Suicide Squad’!


Sanjiang County.

Cao Mengxiong and Peng Dahai kneeled nervously in front of a black clothed man with a one-eyed man, not daring to breathe.

“You two are really trash. It’s been half a month, and I haven’t been able to win Jinyuan County. If it wasn’t for your success in the uprising, I would have killed you two today!” Fang Zhengjian’s tone icy.

“Lord Messenger, we are incompetent, we have disappointed you, please give us a chance, we, we will do our best to win Jinyuan County!” Cao Mengxiong kowtowed quickly.

There is no other way, the lives of my family are in the hands of the other party, and I have to bow and kneel!

“Hmph, I have seen your abilities, it’s not very good, but since you want to do your best for my Red Sect, I will give you a chance, I will give you two sets of heavy armor, starting tomorrow, You two went to the front line to kill the enemy for me! Starting today, I will be in charge of everything here.” Fang Zhengjian said.

“This…” The two of them were taken aback, didn’t this make them die? Although both of them are Sixth Stage cultivation bases, but on the battlefield, there is no guarantee that they will survive!

“Why, don’t want to go?” Fang Zhengjian face turned cold.

“No no no, go, go go go!” The two dared not say no!

“Is there any news about the servant of Lord Branch Lord’s gray robe?” Fang Zhengjian asked again.

“Not yet, there is still no contact there!” Peng Dahai said hurriedly.

“It seems that something really happened. Well, you can leave.”

“Yes, the messenger!” The two of them stepped back in fear.

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