Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 25

“Altar Master, what should we do next?” an incense master respectfully asked.

“Tomorrow, the three of you will take a group of elite disciples to Jinyuan County. You have two things to do. The first thing is to investigate whether the gray clothes are dead. What’s the matter, he is the servant of Branch Lord, I have to give an account to Lord Branch Lord. The second thing is the main task of all of you, you…”

The long grain transportation team slowly drove into Rongcang Town.

Just after unloading, Qin Yi and the others were approached by master Wang Qingxuan.

“I have seen the master!” Everyone was one after another saluted.

“You guys, come with me!” Wang Qingxuan said expressionlessly.


Soon, everyone came to a tent.

Suddenly, the smell of blood assaults the senses.

There are two simple beds on which two people lie.

“Senior Brother Zhao, Senior Brother Wang!” Qin Yi was startled when he saw the two of them lying on the bed dizzy and asleep.

Among them, Zhao Shaojie lost his left arm, and had a lot of gauze wrapped around his abdomen, and he could still see blood.

Then Huang Fangrui was even worse. He lost both legs and one eye, and his face was pale and scary!

Everyone didn’t know what to say when they saw this scene.

“Master, were the two Senior Brothers injured on the battlefield?” Chen Jie asked with a pale face. As soon as he said the words, he realized that he had said something nonsense!

These two are both direct disciples of the master. Although Zhao Shaojie is a Second Stage, he is naturally strong and can compete with the Third Stage. Huang Fangrui’s innate talent is better than that of Senior Brother Zhao, and he is already the Third Stage cultivation base! But on the battlefield, things still happen.

“Yes!” Wang Qingxuan was sighed with haggard expression, with grief and anger hidden in his eyes.

He’s seen too many Direct Disciples die these days, but he can’t do anything about it!

Everyone saw the master who was in a bad mood, but didn’t know how to comfort him, and the atmosphere suddenly became dull.

To be honest, those Disciples who didn’t even enter the first paragraph are very lucky, they don’t need to go to the battlefield, they are all won for them by those Martial Uncles, otherwise, maybe they will be like these two. Wounded, even killed, like a Senior Brother!

“You guys, when you go back later, take them back by the way. When you arrive in Jinyuan County, find a doctor for them to treat them!” He said, and took out a denomination of ten taels from his pocket. The bank note was handed to Chen Jie.

“Yes, master!” Chen Jie respectfully accepted the bank note.

“Take them back, go back early, Fang Rui’s condition is not very good, I’m afraid that the time for healing will be delayed.”

“Yes.” Everyone one after another saluted, Then he carefully carried the two Senior Brothers back to the grain transport team.

Half an hour later, the grain transport team set off for the return journey.

second day.

In a house in a yard.

The medical smell in the room was mixed with blood.

Senior Brother Huang is in the next room. He hasn’t woken up yet. If he can survive, the doctor said it will take three days.

But Senior Brother Zhao has woken up.

“Senior Brother Zhao, come, I’ll change your dressing.”

“Okay.” Zhao Shaojie lying on the bed was weak nodded.

After changing dressings, Qin Yi asked, “Senior Brother Zhao, how many Martial Uncle Senior Brothers are still on the front line in our Azure Dao Palace?”

“Second Stage cultivation The senior and junior brothers of the base, there are fifteen people left, the senior and junior brothers of the Third Stage cultivation base, there are twelve people left, and the Martial Uncles of the Fourth Stage cultivation base and above, four people have already sacrificed!” Zhao Shaojie Sadly.

In the beginning, they had forty senior and junior brothers from the Second Stage cultivation base and twenty senior and junior brothers from the Third Stage cultivation base. Now…

“Just Even the Martial Uncle of the Fourth Stage cultivation base has sacrificed half?” Qin Yi’s eyes widened, this time a total of eight Martial Uncles who were forcibly recruited went down the mountain, two Fifth Stage, and six Fourth Stage!

“That beast surnamed Xue is just using us as a killing move ‘Suicide Squad’! If this goes on, maybe we will all be greedy for a long time!” Zhao Shaojie said excitedly.

“Hi…” Zhao Shaojie was so excited that he was involved in the wound, and he was sweating from the pain.

“Senior Brother, don’t move.”


“Have you thought about flying far away, Martial Uncle?” Qin Yi lowered his voice. voice asked.

“Run? Once we run away, Azure Dao Palace may be liquidated immediately. Even if there is no time for liquidation at the county government, we will be liquidated in the future! We are in a dilemma now!” Zhao Shaojie said with a headache.

Qin Yi didn’t say anything after hearing this, but he thought in his heart that maybe he hasn’t reached a dead end yet!


When he came out of the room, Qin Yi’s face darkened, he was hesitating, whether to escape from here!

Now that the situation is developing like this, he doesn’t know if he will be sent to the front line one day!

“However, I’m currently studying “Heavenly Jade Steps”, and it’s not convenient to leave for the time being. If the situation gets worse…”

“Dad’s side, I have to find a way to give it to me. He’s looking for a way back! It’s better to keep him away from this place of right and wrong!”

But how?

Now he has dozens of silver taels on him, where should he send his father? After sending it out, he was not by his father’s side, and he was not at ease. He still has to stay here to learn martial arts for the time being!

Third Brother doesn’t know how.

I haven’t heard from Third Brother since the uprising broke out here!


In a hidden courtyard in Jinyuan County.

“Report the incense master, we have left a secret code for contact, but after a day, no one came to contact. It seems that the dark sons dormant in the city should all be removed!”


After listening, Gao Ming said slowly: “It seems that the one is really dead!”

Then he looked towards the other two incense owners, “Two, now we Let’s prepare for the second thing the Altar Master has given us, this is the top priority!”

“I agree!”

“I agree too! However, we still have to send someone to investigate the situation of Lord Branch Lord’s servant, and when the time comes, there is also a good explanation.”

“Of course!”

… …

At night, the breeze is breezy.

Everyone has gone to bed, Qin Yi is still practicing Heavenly Jade Steps in the yard.

He doesn’t know how long it will take to get started!

You can only work hard!

He was going to ask Senior Brother Zhao for advice, but he can’t Heavenly Jade Steps!


A sharp air-splitting sound starts.


A beam of fire suddenly shot into the sky.


The flames exploded in the sky, illuminating half of Jinyuan County!

“That’s… the direction of the county office! Could it be that something happened to the county office?” Qin Yi looked up at the fireworks that exploded in the sky, slightly frowned.

At this time, several senior and junior brothers in the house were woken up and ran out one by one wearing clothes.

“Junior Brother Qin, what’s the matter?” Liu Haibin ran over and asked.

“I think I heard the sound of fireworks exploding?”

“Yes, there was a distress signal in the direction of the county government just now. I don’t know what’s going on.” Qin Yi said.

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