Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 26

“Could it be that there are rebels sneaking in?”

“Anyway, let’s be careful now, if something bad happens, find a place to hide before It’s the king’s way.” Qin Yi said softly.

“It makes sense!”


County government.

In the yard, Hu County Magistrate’s body has been separated.

The old county magistrate Fan Shitong is fighting against three silhouettes!

All around, a group of black clothed persons are fighting against a group of bailiffs, but those bailiffs are obviously not the opponents of these black clothed persons, and they are in a one-sided trend!

“You are the remnants of Red Sect!” Fan Stone was pressed and beaten by three people, and he was in danger. Because the three who besieged him are all Sixth Stage cultivation bases!

“Hehe, dare to call us remnants? Then go to hell!”

“Secret skills, practice with bare hands!” Gao Ming coldly snorted.

Right now.

shout out loudly from a distance!

β€œStop it!”

But no one can stop it.


Fan Stone’s head was directly screwed off by Gao Ming.

“You dare!” Feng Zhizhou’s voice was thunderous, and he quickly moved towards this side!

“Sure enough, the county government sent a person from the Seventh Stage cultivation base to serve as the governor (to manage the army’s rations)! Form a formation!” Gao Ming said solemnly.

Although the three of them are all on the Sixth Stage, but their three people cultivated a combined martial skill at the same time, and the three of them can fight against the Seventh Stage!

Suddenly, the four people fought in the county office!

Just when the four of them were fighting.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from the Western District, and then, the flames shot into the sky!

“That’s it!” The three of Gao Ming looked at each other with smiles on their faces!

Feng Zhizhou’s face changed suddenly: “You guys, lured the tiger away from the mountain!”

Because the direction of the fire is where the granary and various supplies are located.

There is a fire over there now, don’t think about it, it must be a good thing done by these Red Sect people, and he, who was originally stationed there, is now lured the tiger away from the mountain, deceived !

“Haha, it’s too late!” The three of Gao Ming continued to perform the Combined Assault Technique on Feng Zhizhou. They would not let the other party rush back to put out the fire in a short time!

“Get out of my sight!” Feng Zhizhou was like an angry tiger, his attack was a bit more severe than before.

He knew very well that if the rations were burnt thoroughly, what would the county army on the front line eat?

The most serious consequence is having to retreat!

As a result, all previous efforts are in vain!

However, the Combined Assault Technique of these three people dragged him down again, and he couldn’t get away for the time being!



Qin Yi and the others saw the signal from the county government not long ago, and they were only separated by a line. The granary in front of the street was on fire, the flames were soaring into the sky, and the smoke was billowing!

“The granary is on fire!” Qin Yi was slightly surprised.

“First, the county government called for help, and then the granary caught fire. There must be rebels in the city!” Chen Jie’s face was solemn, and no one knew whether the rebels had invaded the city!

This movement is really big!

“Fight the fire! Hurry up to put out the fire!”

“Come and put out the fire!”

Soon, someone nearby shouted.

“Should we go?” a Junior Brother asked.

“If you don’t go, what if there are rebels over there?” Qin Yi opened the mouth and said, but he doesn’t care, after all, he is not weak. But if this group of senior and junior brothers ran over and encountered the enemy, they were almost cannon fodder!

“Junior Brother Qin is right, let’s wait and see first!” Chen Jie said.

But at this moment, a ten-man squad of city guards passed by.

“What are you guys doing here? Come with us to put out the fire!” The leader of the team snarled at Qin Yi and the others.

“Yes, yes, let’s go right away. Let’s go back to the house to get the basin first. If there is no basin, we won’t be able to help you much. You guys will go first!” Chen Jie said loudly.

“Okay, hurry up and get the pots!” After speaking, the city guards hurriedly moved towards the granary, not forgetting to call the nearby people to help put out the fire.

“It’s still Senior Brother Chen’s wit!” Liu Haibin gave a thumbs up.

“Hehe, go, enter the house, hide first.”

Everyone went back to the house, closed the door, and secretly observed.

Qin Yi turned out the window of the room, covered his face, quickly climbed up to the roof, moved towards the granary, he was going to see what was going on!

When he approached the street over the granary, he saw that the entire granary was on fire!

I also saw the sound of fighting, more than 20 black clothed persons were fighting with the city guards.

However, those twenty black clothed persons were obviously not weak, and those ordinary city guards were one-sided.

“It looks like it’s a sneak attack, not a big army entering the city!” Qin Yi said secretly in one’s heart when he saw this.

Those black clothed persons disappeared into the night after a group of city guards rushed over.

However, the entire granary has been set on fire. It is estimated that even if the fire fighting is successful, the grain and grass materials inside are almost finished.

Qin Yi went back quietly and followed a group of people to put out the fire.

After two hours, it was finally put out, but almost half of the contents were burned down!

second day Early in the morning, a bad news came out.

“The county government was also attacked by sneak attack last night, and the assassin of the rebel army also killed County Magistrate and the county magistrate Fan?” When Qin Yi heard the news, he was shocked. face of shock!

“Yeah, I don’t know how those assassins got into the city!”

From the beginning of the war to the present, Jinyuan County has been closed down, only giving but not giving. Enter!

Those who can enter through the city gate, except for the transport team, except for some communication pawns, messenger pawns, etc., almost no one is allowed to enter the city!

“The rear is in complete chaos! The situation is about to change!” Qin Yi muttered to himself.

County Magistrate and the county magistrate at the rear are dead, and people are uneasy. Second, most of the food and supplies have been reduced, and the logistics of the frontline army cannot be guaranteed. If this matter cannot be solved in a short period of time , definitely have to withdraw!



“What did you say? There is a major event in Jinyuan County, County Magistrate and the county magistrate were killed by the Red Sect people, and the grain and grass were burned?” When Xue Yinhu heard the news At that time, he was so angry that he wanted to kill!

β€œRed Sect! It’s Red Sect again!”

β€œThen what does Feng Zhizhou eat, the Seventh Stage cultivation base is so dignified and can’t keep a granary?” Xue Yinhu scolded angrily .

“Sir, now our rear is in chaos, what should we do now?” a subordinate asked.

“How long can the food and grass in our barracks last?”

“Three days!”

“Three days, well, then from the back How long does it take to transfer grain from several counties?” Xue Yinhu asked again.

“The fastest, it is estimated that it will take five days!”

“Three days, reduce the amount of food, and give it to me to hold on until five days later! Send a letter, Let the rear prepare food immediately, and at the same time, report the news to the county government!” Xue Yinhu said solemnly.

In the beginning, he solemnly vowed to take over the task of suppressing the rebels, but he didn’t expect it to be like this now!

“Urgent report!”

Suddenly, a signal soldier shouted outside the door.

“Come in, what’s the matter?”

“Report, sir, the latest information, there are rebels in Qinghe County, this morning, the entire Qinghe County has been occupied!”

“What?” Xue Yinhu was stunned when he heard it!

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4 days ago

He is the most useless general I ever saw, no wonder their country is falling. Maybe it’s just thay everyone on MC’s side faction are supposed to act dumb.