Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 27

Xue Yinhu walked quickly to the map and looked at it.

“Qinghe County is just to the south of us, and Sanjiang County and Tianping County to the north are surrounded by us!”

“How many rebels are in Qinghe County now? “

“I don’t know, I’m still sending people to investigate!”

“Sir, should we retreat strategically?” Guo Lin whispered.

No matter how strong the rebels in Qinghe County are, once they are surrounded, they will be threatened with dumplings!

Xue Yinhu fell silent.

He also knew very well that he had to make an immediate decision whether to fight to the death or retreat.

If this force is fighting to the death, there is not much chance of winning.

“Go on, prepare to withdraw from Rongcang Town, and directly withdraw to Heliu Town near Jinyuan County!” Xue Yinhu had to make this decision that made him feel ashamed.

Half a month since the start of the war, the rebels were not wiped out, and they were forced to retreat!

In the morning, the army began to retreat.

This has made many people relax.


In the afternoon.

The city gate opens.

da da da…

A group of twenty cavalrymen rushed into the city and headed straight for the county office.

It didn’t take long for these cavalrymen to go door-to-door with dozens of city guards!


A compound was kicked open.

“Who dares to kick the gate of our Liu residence?”

“Conscription! Call out all your nurses, servants, and your grown-ups, and immediately Follow us to the barracks outside the city!” said the leader of the cavalry Captain.

“This official, the master of our Liu residence is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in the county, and he is a close friend with the master of County Magistrate… You see…” Steward lost his anger just now, but Flattering way.

“Hehe, call your masters out!”

Not long after, more than 20 people were taken away from the Liu residence.


In a restaurant, Qin Yi and a few senior brothers had just finished eating when they saw a noise coming from the street.

“What’s the situation?”

When everyone went out to take a look, they saw the city guards arresting people everywhere!

“It seems to be forcibly recruiting troops!”

“Is the situation so serious?” Qin Yi did not know what was going on on the front line, yet he would do this!

“Let’s go, let’s go back first!”

Just as they were about to return to their residence, they were chased by a team of city guards.

“Xue Xiaowei has an order, recruit soldiers, you guys, go to the barracks with us!”

Everyone’s complexion changed.

“Brothers, we are from the food delivery team!” Qin Yi took out the waste token and handed it to the other party.

A city guard who looked to be Captain took it over suspiciously, looked at Qin Yi and the others, opened the mouth and said: “Since it’s from the food delivery team, then you should Hurry back and don’t wander around on the street!”


Everyone hurriedly moved towards their residence.

Just went back not very long, Qin Yi and the others finally know what happened to the major event!

“It turned out that there was an uprising in Qinghe County, and it was completely occupied. The army of the county government has begun to retreat, and is preparing to retreat to Heliu Town!” news to the people.

“No wonder there are conscripts everywhere, the pressure is huge!” Liu Haibin said.

“Yesterday County Magistrate and the county magistrate were killed one after another, the granary was burned, and now there is an uprising in Qinghe County…”

The current situation is even more severe than before!

“The retreat to Heliu Town is only ten miles away from our Jinyuan County, which means that the war will spread right before our eyes.” Qin Yi took a breath.

Heliu Town, just near Jinyuan County, can be said to be adjacent!

“It’s over, this time is over! If Jinyuan County can’t keep it, what will we do when the time comes?” Chen Jie became anxious.

“It’s useless to think too much now, you can only take one step at a time!” Qin Yi shook the head.

“No task today, Senior Brother Liu, continue to teach me Heavenly Jade Steps.”

“That’s good.” Liu Haibin agreed absentmindedly.

After practicing for an afternoon, Liu Haibin went to rest, Qin Yi ate and continued to practice in the yard. Now the situation is serious, he very much hopes that Heavenly Jade Steps can get started quickly!

Dad’s side doesn’t need to worry too much for the time being.

Actually, Azure Dao Palace should be safer than in Jinyuan County at present!

If the rebels really attack when the time comes, he believes that the Palace Lord will not defend the mountain gate, and take the rest of the people to the mountainside to hide, and the chance of survival is still very high.

It’s not like Xue Xiaowei came to the door to recruit before, the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him.

Second day, the army of the county government retreated to Heliu Town.

In the next two days, the rebels did not attack, but more than half of the villages and towns in Jinyuan County were occupied by the rebels.

The decisive battle between the two sides, I don’t know which day it will take place!

In the yard.

“It is said that a group of rebels has already settled in Beirong Town, which is next to Heliu Town. The distance is only 30 miles. They will attack at any time!” The news was told to the people.

Because the Grain Delivery Team 1 shipped a batch of supplies to Heliu Town today, and the 1st Team also included the Senior Brothers from Azure Dao Palace. They saw those Martial Uncles and learned about the situation!

“Less than thirty miles?” Qin Yi brows tightly frowns.

As a result, a decisive battle can happen at any time!

No wonder that in the past few days, Xue Yinhu was in a frenzy of forced recruitment, not only in the city, but also in the nearby towns outside the city.

If it weren’t for the fact that half a month ago, many people have migrated and moved to hide in the mountains, maybe they would have recruited more troops than the rebels!

“How many troops are there in the county government now?” Qin Yi asked curiously.

The past few days, the rebels did not pursue the victory, so it can be seen that the county government army still made the rebels very jealous.

“It is said that there are at least 10,000 troops at present. Of course, most of them are civilians caught in the past few days.” Chen Jie said.

“Actually the rebels aren’t on the other side? Most of them are made up of refugees. Everyone has birds of a feather.” Liu Haibin twitched his lips.

“But now the four counties are all rebels, and the rebels’ strength is more than 30,000, right?”

“It must be more than that! But another county army is on the left flank, and it is also Some of the rebels can be involved!”

In a flash, another few days passed!

The decisive battle has not yet begun.

But everyone knows it’s the calm before the storm.

In the courtyard, several Senior Brothers were discussing the latest situation, that is, some of the service teams and patrols of the two sides had clashed several times in the field, and there was no new battle situation.

“The rebels should be consolidating their forces!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

Forget it, this is not what he should think, but to continue cultivation Heavenly Jade Steps!

Because Jinyuan County is only ten miles away from Heliu Town, it is very convenient to transport grain and grass. .

Qin Yi also has time to hurry up on cultivation Heavenly Jade Steps!

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