Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 28

Late at night.

Qin Yi stopped the cultivation.


Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm : Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method : Perfection (Soaring Shift )

Azure Void Art : Fetal Breath

Energy Points: 77

“It’s almost half a month, and Heavenly Jade Steps hasn’t started yet!”

This is the result of no expert guidance!

Second day, before dawn, Qin Yi started to get up and continue cultivation Heavenly Jade Steps.

After dawn, footsteps were heard outside the courtyard.

“Get up, get up for my special mother! Assemble, assemble!” The loud voice suddenly spread throughout the row of houses.

“I’ve seen Captain Qi!” Qin Yi handed over.

The loud voice who walked into the yard was the steward of their grain transportation team.

“Hmm~” Director Qi looked at Qin Yi in surprise, getting up so early to practice martial arts!

Soon, everyone came out one after another.

“Let’s gather outside, Master Feng has something to announce!” Qi Guanshi opened the mouth and said.

Soon, all the four grain transport teams gathered in the open space outside the warehouse.

Wuyangyang’s four or five hundred people!

Feng Zhizhou looked at the four or five hundred people in front of him, slowly opened the mouth and said: “Nowadays, due to the short route for transporting grains, there is no need for so many people to transport grains for the time being, so we will transport grains next. There will only be two hundred people left in the team, and the rest will be temporarily incorporated into the military camp! Those who read their names must report to the military camp in Heliu Town this afternoon, otherwise, they will be executed!”

This As soon as the words came out, the pan was instantly fried!

The food transportation team is not too dangerous, but when they went to the military camp, they tied their heads to their pants.

“Sir, can we not go? I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to fight! I want to continue to transport food, I, I’ll move things fast, yes, I’ll move things fast!” Someone turned pale road.

“Okay, I’ll kill you immediately so you don’t have to go!” Feng Zhizhou turned cold.

He gave the two city guards a wink, and the two city guards with knives moved towards the man and walked over.

“Fuck, I’m going, I’m going!” The man’s face turned even paler, and he backed away in fright.

After this episode, Feng Zhizhou began to pronounce his name.


“Go to the barracks, damn it! Our lives are not up to us.” A trace of fear appeared in Chen Jie’s eyes.

No one wants to die!

“What should I do?”

“Didn’t you see that group of city guards? They will definitely escort us there later! We can’t escape if we want to.” Liu Haibin shook his head slightly .

Qin Yi was silent. He didn’t expect that Xue Yinhu would start madly pumping people from various places in order to expand his troops!

“Let’s take one step at a time.” Qin Yi thought in his heart, now that he can go to the military camp, he can just ask for some advice on master martial arts. It’s not too late to run!

A quarter of an hour later, the names of Qin Yi and the others were read.

Qin Yi and all the other senior and junior brothers from Azure Dao Palace in the Grain Team are all incorporated into the Vanguard Battalion side, when the time comes, it should be with the same sect and Martial Uncle We are in the same camp!

This is good news among bad news!

At noon, we arrived at the barracks.

Is it really incorporated into the Vanguard Battalion, or a battalion with everyone at the Azure Dao Palace.

“Why did you guys get sent back again?” Seeing a group of Disciples reappearing in the military camp made several Martial Uncles look surprised.

Come in and almost die!

“It’s because there aren’t that many people on the food delivery team, so we were sent back.” Chen Jie said with a bitter smile.

“That Xue Yinhu is not honest!” Lu Xuanming’s face showed anger.

Qin Yi looked at the hair grey-white old man in front of him. He was Palace Lord, one of the five masters of Azure Dao Palace. This time he led the team down the mountain. The cultivation base was Fifth Stage.

“Let’s go, let’s discuss with Xue Yinhu!” Wang Qingxuan became angry.

“It’s useless. That guy named Xue has been recruiting soldiers like crazy these days. We will discuss with him, and he will definitely ignore us, unless, unless either the fish dies or the net splits!” Zhang Juwei Hall Master Zhang shook the head.

“either the fish dies or the net splits…”

Several Martial Uncles looked at each other and stopped talking.

“Okay, you all step back first, when the time comes to the battlefield, must protect yourself, don’t rush in the front!”



Everyone left in disappointment.


Outside Wang Qingxuan’s tent.

β€œDisciple Qin Yi has something to see!”

β€œCome in!”

After Qin Yi walked in, he saw Wang Qingxuan sitting on the blanket and meditating. , but the whole person looks more haggard, much older than half a month ago.

“What do you want me to do?” Wang Qingxuan had no impression of Qin Yi.

“Master, please teach me a few new martial arts!” Qin Yi salutes.

“Hasn’t Shaojie told you before that bite off more than one can chew? Also, you haven’t succeeded in nourishing blood and strengthening tendons, so you want to learn a few martial arts? Your heart is a little greedy Ah!” Wang Qingxuan said a little joyfully.

“Master, I have mastered Heavenly Pivot Palm cultivation, and I have also established Second Stage cultivation base!” Qin Yi can only show his own in order to learn new martial arts. strength!

“Second Stage?” Wang Qingxuan frowned suddenly!

His first thought was impossible!

How long has Qin Yi been a beginner?

At the beginning, Lin Fan had successfully nourished his blood and strengthened his tendons in a month, and when he reached a breakthrough, he was a genius in his eyes.

How long have you been? Second Stage! ! !

Is it better than Lin Fan?

“Come on, hit me with all your strength!” Wang Qingxuan didn’t talk nonsense, and planned to test Qin Yi.

“Master, offended!” Qin Yi saluted, then moved towards Wang Qingxuan directly.

peng peng peng!

He controls the cultivation base at Second Stage and doesn’t even use the Lightshake Movement Method.

Every palm was easily taken by Wang Qingxuan!

It is indeed a different experience to control the strength of Second Stage to fight the master with Fifth Stage strength.


Wang Qingxuan pushed Qin Yi away with one palm, with a shocked expression on his face: “Second Stage, that’s right, Second Stage’s strength!”

After practicing martial arts for several months, There are not no people with Second Stage strength!

But this kind of person is an innate talent!

Even if it is placed in some Great Sects, it can become a direct disciple.

He circled Qin Yi three times, still clicking one’s tongue in wonder: “Genius, I didn’t expect that I would accept another genius! From tomorrow, oh no, from now on, You are my sixth direct disciple! It’s a pity that I can’t hold a formal direct disciple ceremony for you now…”

“Cough…master, can you teach me a few martial arts now?” Qin Yi doesn’t care about direct disciple, what he wants is to learn new martial arts! And in a hurry!

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