Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 29

โ€œbite off more than one can chew. Besides, you and I donโ€™t have much time now. I will teach you one subject first, except for Opening Yang Hand and Lightshake Movement Method. , I can do everything else, what do you want to learn?” Wang Qingxuan said.

The seven features of Azure Dao Palace are: Heavenly Pivot Palm, Heavenly Jade Steps, Heavenly Pearl Finger, Heavenly Power Claw, Jade Fist, Opening Yang Hand, Lightshake Movement Method.

He has the palm technique, and the boxing technique also has Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist, not to mention the movement method.

โ€œI choose Heavenly Power Claw!โ€ Qin Yi thought for a while.

“Yes! Although Heavenly Power Claw is not a cultivation technique I major in, I do occasionally dabble in it, and it is also a martial arts that is extremely aggressive! Then I will start it while I have time now. Let me teach you, let’s start with the moves…”

“Yes, master.”

One earnestly teaches and one earnestly learns.

In a flash, an afternoon passed.

Outside the tent.

โ€œHow many moves Claw Art and matching Breathing Technique have you memorized now?โ€

โ€œMaster, I only remember five moves Claw Art and matching Breathing Technique. “Qin Yi was a little helpless.

“Only five moves?” Wang Qingxuan’s face darkened. He had some serious doubts about whether the direct disciple he had just accepted was fake!

โ€œYes.โ€ Qin Yi speaks frankly.

“The gap between your innate talent and your aptitude is a bit big! You can achieve the Second Stage cultivation base so quickly, I guess your physique is quite special and very suitable for martial arts. But your comprehension ability…I really can’t be complimented!” Wang Qingxuan said with some concerns about gains and losses.

“Maybe.” Qin Yi blushed.

“Okay, that’s all for today’s teaching. You go back first and come back tomorrow morning.” Wang Qingxuan waved his hand.

“Master, I would like to ask you to point me to my Heavenly Jade Steps. I’ve been practicing for half a month, and I haven’t gotten started yet.” Qin Yi didn’t intend to miss this opportunity. Let Wang Qingxuan teach him all night long.

“You also practiced Heavenly Jade Steps? Who taught you?” Wang Qingxuan’s face twitched, he remembered that Zhao Shaojie didn’t know Heavenly Jade Steps!

“I learned from Chen Jie Senior Brother.”

“Hmph, he taught you before he even learned home, no wonder you haven’t started half a month! Come on, you first Rehearse and show me!” Wang Qingxuan said with a dark face.

“Yes, master.” Qin Yi nods and begins to practice on the spot.

In half a quarter of an hour.

“You have learned a rough idea. The Sixth Style has the right luck, but the power is not right. The Eighth Style’s movements are not in place, which will cause you to exert too much force, which will easily cause problems. Tenth Style…”

In one breath, Wang Qingxuan pointed out a lot of problems with Qin Yi Heavenly Jade Steps!

This has benefited Qin Yi a lot, and also understood that the difference between a famous teacher’s guidance and a half-bucket of water guidance is really the difference between Heaven and Earth!

If it goes on like this, maybe in a few days, he will be able to get started with Heavenly Jade Steps!

After one hour.

Wang Qingxuan corrected all Qin Yi’s mistakes before stopping today’s teaching.


The second day was not yet dawn, Qin Yi came to the outside of the master’s tent, but he did not call the master, but practiced Heavenly Jade Steps outside by himself. Wait for the master to wake up.

In a quarter of an hour.

“You are quite diligent!” Wang Qingxuan walked out of the camp and praised Qin Yi.

Actually, he woke up when Qin Yi came.

โ€œInnate talent is not enough, work hard to make it up.โ€ Qin Yi laughed.

“Well, to practice martial arts, you have to persevere! Well, let’s start today’s cultivation, I will teach you Heavenly Power Claw in the morning and give you Heavenly Jade Steps in the afternoon.”

“Yes , master.”

“Heavenly Power Claw, in fact, is the work of the hand. In addition to the matching Breathing Technique, the secret medicine is also very important to cooperate with the cultivation. Unfortunately, it is not in Azure Dao Palace now. The secret medicine is No more. But it doesn’t matter, get started first, practice martial arts, that is, water grinding.” Wang Qingxuan said indifferently.

“Yes, master.”

“By the way, master, doesn’t our Azure Dao Palace have more martial arts than Fifth Stage?” Qin Yi couldn’t help asking.

“No! The higher the level, the rarer the martial arts, especially the ones above the Seventh Stage, even if First Rate martial arts! First Rate martial arts, where are they so easy to get?” Wang Qingxuan’s lonely shook the head.

“Where is that?” Qin Yi asked again.

โ€œImperial Court, some Great Sect Ancient Sects should have it! But once you reach the martial arts of Ninth Stage, currently only Imperial Court and state religion Colored Glass Sect, and some hidden secret Sect have!โ€

“Isn’t it possible to have the strength of the Ninth Stage without the Ninth Stage martial arts? I heard from Senior Brother Zhao that our predecessor Palace Lord did not cultivate the martial arts of our four Fifth Stage, but the comprehensive strength Can it reach the Seventh Stage?” Qin Yi asked.

“Although theoretically only Ninth Stage martial arts can cultivate to the level of Ninth Stage strength! However, there are inevitably many innate talents in this world who can practice a few Second Rate or even awe-inspiring skills. The Third Rate martial arts is still very powerful, just like our predecessor Palace Lord!”

“But you must understand that innate talent is a minority after all, so for most martial arts practitioners For people, a good Martial Cultivation Art is very important! Moreover, like our predecessor Palace Lord, although the overall strength is in the Seventh Stage, if you encounter the same level Seventh who practice First Rate martial arts Stage people are definitely not as strong as others!” Wang Qingxuan sighed.


“Because the speed and power of First Rate martial arts are greater than those of the same order, and the reason is that First Rate martial arts are omnidirectional. Exercise to the whole person’s blood, muscles and bones! The stronger the strength and speed, the stronger the strength! This is the basic factor of all strength. On the contrary, Second Rate Third Rate martial arts cannot achieve all-round forging of the body refinement. Qi, blood, muscles and bones! That’s why the difference is here!”

“So that’s the case! What if I learned a dozen Martial Arts of Second Rate Third Rate? How about training?” Qin Yi asked.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible! No matter how monstrous a genius is, no matter how good his physique is for practicing martial arts, martial arts is ultimately a process of strengthening one’s body through exercise and nutrition. This requires a process, even if It takes thirty years for others to cultivate a Second Rate martial arts cultivation to arrive at perfection, and it takes at least ten or eight years for a genius? A dozen martial arts, more than a hundred years?”

“I understand It’s over.” Qin Yi nodded.

Twelve hours a day, except four hours to sleep, one hour to eat and shit. .

The remaining seven hours, even if each hour of cultivation is a kind of martial arts, it is not enough!

There is also a martial arts with cultivation one hour every day, so even a genius may not be able to cultivate arrives at perfection in ten or eight years!

“Master, I heard that after a Cultivation Technique reaches its peak, you can still realize the secret technique, is it true?” Qin Yi asked.


“Then which of our Azure Dao Palace Qi Gong have secret skills?”

“Except Heavenly Pivot Palm, Jade Fist There is also Opening Yang Hand, there are other secret skills! But if you want to realize the secret skills, you must first cultivate this kung fu to the end before you have the chance to realize the secret skills, so you donโ€™t need to think about it for the time being!โ€ Wang Qingxuan shook his head.

“Yes, master.”

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