Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 30


On the way to Beirong Town, a long team of Captains is advancing. The torch of the team looks like a long Fire Dragon from a distance.

Hundreds of trucks of supplies and hundreds of people escorting them are enough to prove how important this batch of supplies is!

“When we send this batch of supplies to Beirong Town, we can officially start a decisive battle with the county army in three days! I’m really looking forward to it.” Gao Ming said to the other two Incense Lord said with a smile.

“I’m afraid that when the time comes, the prefectural army will be huddled in Jinyuan City. When the time comes, the siege battle is not easy to fight!”

“Don’t worry, our Altar Master has already With the siege equipment ready, it is not easy for Jinyuan City to defend.”

While the three of them were chatting, there was the sound of horses stepping in the forest on the right.

“Enemy attack!” Gao Ming’s face changed suddenly.

Because of the importance of this batch of materials, they deliberately chose to transport them at night, and they also copied the path. Before leaving, they also randomly decided to choose a time to set off, in order to avoid secretly being tipped off.

Why now…

“Everyone ready to fight! Archer ready!” Brilliant snapped.

da da da…

The sound is getting closer and louder.


Under the moonlight, a black Knight rushed out of the woods first, followed by the second, the third…

“Well, only a few dozen trifling riders? Gao Ming watched the cavalry that rushed out of this group of enemies, slightly frowned.

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

Hundreds of archers on the rebel side started firing arrows.

The first wave of arrow rain crossed this distance and quickly poured on the dozens of cavalry.

But in the next moment, Gao Ming saw a scene that made his scalp numb. The arrows with cold light fell on these cavalry soldiers, and they were either bounced or pushed aside. Can’t hurt these cavalry in the slightest!

“Not good, it’s heavy cavalry!” Gao Ming exclaimed.

Heavy cavalry, that is, the Knight is covered in heavy armor, even the horse is wearing heavy armor!

Let’s not talk about how good Knight’s physical strength is, just this warhorse must be one in a hundred, otherwise it can’t bear the weight of double heavy armor.

“Fire attack, fire attack!” Gao Ming yelled at the archers.

However, just when these archers were changing their rockets, the 36-man heavy cavalry, fiercely, crashed into the middle of the team.

“Let’s go over and kill them!” Gao Ming said to the other two incense masters.

Although the heavy cavalry is powerful, as long as it can knock down the opponent’s warhorse, it is easy to deal with!


The three of them rushed over very fast.

But the Knight headed by that one was faster, flew off his horse, and broke into the three of them in an instant.

The long-handled horse-chopping sword in his hand swung rapidly.


An arm flew up and evacuated.

Gao Ming said in horror: “You are Eighth Stage!”

puff puff puff!

There are not many confluences, and the three Red Sect incense masters of the Sixth Stage cultivation base were all beheaded by Pang Shaozheng…

The first Second day.

In the military camp outside Jinyuan County.

Pang Shaozheng was still wearing gray and black heavy armor. In front of him, Feng Zhizhou was kneeling in front of him, not daring to say a word. His clothes were soaked with cold sweat.

“Do you know the crime?” Pang Shaozheng asked in a flat tone.

“My subordinates are convicted! Please all the adults punish you!” Feng Zhizhou said in a panic.

This time the retreat of the county army was caused by his dereliction of duty!

I didn’t expect that because of this matter, Pang Shaozheng, the deputy commander of the county army and also the son of the Sir County Guard, came over in person!

“Now is the time to hire people. When this war is over, I will settle the account with you!”

At this moment, there were rapid footsteps from outside the tent.

Not long.

“Lord Dutong, the future is too late, please forgive me!” Xue Yinhu’s voice sounded outside the door.

β€œCome in!”

After Xue Yinhu came in, he gave a salute to Pang Shaozheng.

β€œXue Yinhu, when you said that the rebellion could be quelled within a month, now in the past half a month, it has become this situation. What do you want to say?”


“The last general is incompetent, please punish all adults!” Xue Yinhu blushed.

“hmph, I thought you would justify it, but you admit it! How many troops do we have now?” Pang Shaozheng said.

“Currently there are 15,000 troops. The ones brought from the county government have only 700 elite soldiers left. They are all the people who were recruited during these days.” Xue Yinhu reported.

“Only 15,000? It’s too little! At least 20,000! The rebels who have come to attack us now have more than 30,000 troops! Therefore, the recruitment must continue! I don’t care, three days After that, we must make up 20,000!”

“Lord Dutong, I’m afraid the rebels won’t give us too much time.” Xue Yinhu wondered.

The enemy will attack at any time!

“The enemy should wait a few more days before attacking! I sneak attacked a batch of supplies they delivered, and killed three high-level executives.” Pang Shaozheng pointed to the ground.

That three heads.

“It’s the three Red Sect remnants of the sneak attack granary that night.” Feng Zhizhou whispered beside him.

“All are powerful!”

Leading thirty sixth layer riders, they dare to sneak attack, which is the boldness of execution stems from superb skill by Pang Shaozheng!

“The flattery will be taken less. Have some sect gangs in Jinyuan County and surrounding counties recruited all for me?”

“Uh, in order to keep them for them. There is a bottom line, so I recruit half of their strength.” Xue Yinhu lowered his head and said.

“hmph, the bottom line, if you don’t have strength, you are not qualified to talk about the bottom line! Say, which forces have not been recruited yet, I will personally go and see who dares to refuse!” Pang Shaozheng Focus on coldly said.

Xue Yinhu saw that the son of the Sir County Guard was so determined and domineering, he did not object to it. Although the other party was only 30 years old, his cultivation base was already Seventh Stage, and with Innate Divine Strength, Battle the Eighth Stage! In the whole Jiangning County, it is also an expert!

Especially with heavy armor, among the rebels, they can definitely kill seven in and seven out!

“Yes, my lord, the closest to us is Azure Dao Palace. They should have eight people who have surpassed the Fourth Stage, and there should be hundreds of people in the rest of the Disciples.” Xue Yinhu reported.

“Okay, this group of people, as long as they use them well, are not more useful than thousands of people?”


In the afternoon of that day.

Pang Shaozheng took his 36 heavy cavalry and 300 elite soldiers and moved towards Azure Dao Palace directly.

On the mountain.

Palace Lord Qing Yangzi looked at the burly black armored man in front of him, his face remained unchanged: “Pang Dutong, Xue Xiaowei has already discussed with us before, I will provide eight or more Fourth Stage The Junior Brother, and three hundred Disciples participated in the war, but now you come and say you want to recruit all of us, is this not believing?”

“Qing Yangzi, I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore, Today, I’m not here to ask your opinions, I’m here to tell you, I want to requisition you! If you refuse, then I will bloodbath the entire Azure Dao Palace, I will do what I say!” Pang Shaozheng said domineeringly.

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2 hours ago

What bs, they sure they are protecting the country? If the enemy take over only tue ruler of the citizens change at most but now their army which was supposed to protect them is treating then worse than the enemy itself, they are being directly sent to the battlefield just to die.

The Taoist should just rebel at this point, I seriously doubt that General has really got the guts to make another enemy abd fight at this point because if the Taoist agrees then there would be no one left in their sect anymore which is being good as dead.

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