Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 31

“Pang Dutong, do you really want to kill to the last one?” Qing Yangzi’s face darkened.

“Why, are you provoking my patience?” With that said, Pang Shaozheng took one step forward, rushing towards Qing Yangzi like a sharp arrow.

“You!” Qing Yangzi was shocked and quickly shot.

β€œJade Pearl Finger!”

Qing Yangzi did not hold back at all and used the secret technique directly.

bang bang bang!

The two are quickly touching each other.

β€œQing Yangzi, you are getting old!”

After three strokes, Pang Shaozheng grabbed Qing Yangzi’s neck with one hand and lifted it up.

“How are you, how are you going to answer me now?” Pang Shaozheng said with a sneer.

If he hadn’t kept this old man and threw it on the battlefield, he could still kill the enemy, he would have killed him with one hand!

“Cough…cough cough…I Azure Dao Palace is willing to go to battle!”

On the square of Azure Dao Palace.

“Master Dutong, I found that in addition to the more than one hundred Azure Dao Palace Disciples, there are hundreds of handyman in Azure Dao Palace, and most of them are young adults.” A subordinate came over report.

“Well, take them all to the barracks too!” Pang Shaozheng said indifferently.

“Yes, Lord Tutong!”


Heliu Town.

Among the Vanguard Battalion.

Qin Yi is practicing Heavenly Jade Steps seriously under the guidance of Wang Qingxuan.

He has a vague feeling that he can get started in just one or two days!

Suddenly, there was a noise outside the Vanguard Battalion.

Then, a group of people moved towards the camp and walked in!

Headed by people from Azure Dao Palace such as Palace Lord Qing Yangzi, followed by a group of handyman, grandiose, hundreds of people.

The appearance of this group of people attracted the attention of everyone in the camp.

“That’s… Palace Lord!”

“What’s this… how?”

In the camp, all the gatekeepers of Azure Dao Palace They were all stunned.

Wang Qingxuan saw this, the complexion changed, and walked over quickly.

Lu Xuanming and Zhang Juwei and several Martial Uncles also ran out one after another.

“From today onwards, these people will be temporarily incorporated into your Pioneer Battalion.” Pang Shaozheng said in a cold tone.

After speaking, he led the team away regardless of how the crowd reacted.

“Senior Brother, what the hell is going on?” Lu Xuanming asked anxiously.

“I was forcibly recruited! Just now that person was the deputy commander of the county army, or the son of the Sir County Guard. He has the strength of the Eighth Stage cultivation base, alas…” Qing Yangzi sighed.

If he refused at that time, he had no doubt that the other party would definitely bloodbath the entire Azure Dao Palace.

People have to bow their heads under the eaves!

“What? Forced levy!”

“Then Xue Yinhu doesn’t believe what he says, I want to find his theory!” Wang Qingxuan hair stands up in anger.

“Junior Brother Wang, don’t be impulsive, now that the boat is done, we have no choice for the time being!” Qing Yangzi quickly stopped the grumpy Wang Qingxuan.


“Go inside and talk!” Zhang Juwei seemed to see what Qing Yangzi had to say, and quickly dragged Wang Qingxuan into the tent.

Several Martial Uncles also entered.


“The entire Azure Dao Palace has been recruited? Even the handyman hasn’t been spared?” Qin Yi’s face changed suddenly when he learned of this situation!

Because his dad is also among the handyman!

He hurriedly ran to the crowd at the handyman to look for it.


A familiar silhouette appeared before his eyes.

“Father, are you alright?” Qin Yi stepped up quickly.

“Fourth Child, why are you here, didn’t you say you were with the food delivery team?” Qin Zumin was shocked and worried when he saw Qin Yi appear here.

“I was transferred to Vanguard Battalion a few days ago.” Qin Yi said.

“Aiya, it’s over. I originally sent you to Azure Dao Palace to avoid the military disaster. I didn’t expect that both father and son are now involved in the military disaster.” Qin Zumin felt a little regretful. road.

He knew this was the end, he might as well take his son and hide in the mountains!

Old Qin Family is going to be the last!

“Dad, don’t be so pessimistic, the rebels haven’t come over yet.” Qin Yi comforted.

“Aren’t you getting stronger? Do you want to find a chance to escape?” Qin Zumin pulled Qin Yi aside and lowered his voice.

“I’m looking for opportunities! Don’t worry, Dad, when the time comes I’ll take you with me!” Qin Yi whispered.

“Okay!” Qin Zumin nodded.

After a brief exchange between the father and son, Qin Zumin was assigned. Qin Yi is continuing to practice Heavenly Jade Steps!


in the tent.

“Palace Lord, are we waiting to die now? All our disciples are now incorporated into this Vanguard Battalion, and sooner or later they will die!” Wang Qingxuan said with red eyes.

It’s so frustrating!

They are the people of Great Yong. Although they do not need corvΓ©e or conscription as Taoist priests, but for the sake of righteousness, for the first time, they still did their best and killed so many Disciples.

But now back again!

That Pang Shaozheng is simply going to force them to a dead end!

It is better to die on your knees than to live on your feet!

Those county government troops simply don’t treat them as human beings, they are completely treated as cannon fodder!

“Of course not! Since that county government army doesn’t treat us as human beings, don’t blame us for avoiding the war!”

“Since that Pang Shaozheng has driven us to a dead end, for the continuation of our Azure Dao Palace’s lineage, we have to find an opportunity to escape! survival.”

Everyone was overjoyed when they saw Qing Yangzi say such words!

“But we are in the barracks right now. Hundreds of people want to escape. It is estimated that it will not work. The other party will definitely send people to watch us!” Wang Qingxuan frowned.

“So, we have to live and find opportunities! In addition, don’t tell Disciples about this matter, I’m afraid of leaking the news, when the time comes, we will announce this matter!”


β€œOf course!”


Late at night.

Qin Yi is still practicing Heavenly Jade Steps.

After the exercise again, Qin Yi opened the system panel again.

Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm: Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method: Perfection (Soaring Shift)

Azure Void Art: Fetal Breath

Heavenly Jade Steps: Getting Started+

Energy Points: 77

“Finally getting started!” Qin Yi couldn’t help being relaxed.

Walking into the tent, Qin Yi found a wooden stick to bite on, and meditated in his heart – Elevate to Perfection!

A burst of heat bursts through the legs, as if they had been hammered, hundred refinements.

At the same time, the whole body is warm.

In my mind, one silhouette in a crazy cultivation of Heavenly Jade Steps.

Every moment, Qin Yi feels that his legs are being strengthened, and he is also increasing his understanding and application of Heavenly Jade Steps every moment.

Ten years of hard labor.

Twenty years of hard labor.

Thirty years of hard work…

To the top!

Break the chains!

Understand the secret skill – flash step!

“Whoo…” is finally over.

Qin Yi was soaked all over.

He looked at his legs and they were thick again!

“Not only have my legs, muscles, muscles, blood vessels, etc. been transformed, but even my body’s strength has been improved by 10%! It seems that my height has grown a few centimeters again, and my height is fast It’s almost one meter nine!”

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