Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 32

β€œsystem panel!”

Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm : Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method : Perfection (Soaring Shift )

Azure Void Art : Fetal Breath

Heavenly Jade Steps : Perfection (flash step )

Energy point: 62

Qin Yi covered his face and sneaked out of the tent. He planned to find out how much the speed improved while trying to find out The patrols at night also have a layout of light and dark sentries. When the time comes, if you leave, you will have a good idea!

As soon as he stepped out, Qin Yi disappeared.

In the shadows between the tents, a dark shadow passed quickly.

Quietly and fast!

“Without using secret skills, my speed has increased by 50% compared to before!” Qin Yi also had a comparison in his mind after conducting some tests.

“Try how fast the flash step is!”

“flash step!”

Qin Yi kicked out and felt his whole body enter It was a wonderful state of exertion, as if the strength of the whole body was coordinated on the legs at once, and then burst out in an instant.

The next second, Qin Yi has already crossed a distance in a flash and appeared in front!

“As expected of being in a flash, the speed is extremely fast! Straight-line acceleration is really strong! The speed is more than twice as fast as without the use of secret skills!” Qin Yi secretly calculated in his heart, this flash step The secret technique, he can use it up to twenty times and needs to rest for a day before continuing to use it, otherwise it will cause huge trauma to his legs.

“The reason why the flash step secret technique can be used twenty times, which is several times more than the average person, is because I have cultivated both movement methods to Perfection Realm, and my legs carry the secret technique more explosively than others. !”

After the test, Qin Yi began to investigate.

Their Vanguard Battalion is right in the middle of the barracks, so when the time comes to sneak out with Dad, you have to go through a lot of patrols, and if you find it, you’ll be under siege , after all, if he escaped with a person, the speed would definitely be much slower! Not so flexible either!

In fact, Qin Yi was most afraid of being surrounded and killed with bows and arrows after being discovered.

After half an hour, Qin Yi returned to his small tent.

“Vanguard Battalion has a lot of patrols all around. It seems to prevent people from doing things on the Vanguard Battalion side. After Vanguard Battalion, there are fewer patrols along the way, but there are many secret guards. Approaching When we were outside the barracks, there were more patrols.” Qin Yi began to recall the situation he had just observed, and began to simulate the best escape route.

He plans to take Daddy with him tomorrow night!

No one knows when the rebels will fight. Once the fight starts, it will be difficult for him to survive as a weak scholar, so he must escape from here as soon as possible!

second day.

Qin Yi patiently practiced Heavenly Power Claw for one hour before stopping to take a sip of water.

Wang Qingxuan looked at Qin Yi who was brow beaded with sweat and felt a little regretful in his heart.

Qin Yi’s diligence, he sees it in his eyes, to be honest, is more diligent than any of his Disciples, but unfortunately, the comprehension ability is too poor.

Even if this kind of person is physique and awe-inspiring, it is very suitable for practicing martial arts, but it is often difficult to comprehend the secret skills when the cultivation reaches the proven place!

In the expert game, the battle strength with secret skills is definitely stronger!

Generally speaking, a true genius is not only strong innate talent, but also strong in physique, and is a true monstruous talent genius!

While drinking water, Qin Yi couldn’t help but ask: “Master, what level have you reached Azure Void Art?”

“Azure Void Art? I am Second now. Layer guides.”

“Master, among the many Ancestor Masters in our Azure Dao Palace, who has been cultivated to the last layer?” Qin Yi asked inquiringly.

Taking advantage of the opportunity now, he wants to figure out why his Azure Void Art cultivated to Third Layer Fetal Breath cannot continue to add points!

“The last layer? I haven’t heard of it. As far as I know, among the Ancestor Masters of all dynasties, I haven’t heard of anyone who can break through the Third Layer and enter the Fourth Layer! Look at our Palace Lord Senior Brother, he is bitter. After 30 years of cultivating Azure Void Art, it is worthy of breaking through the Third Layer Fetal Breath!”

β€œAzure Void Art is only a compulsory course in the morning and evening classes of our Azure Dao Palace, but all generations have not paid much attention to it. You see The Palace Lord has cultivated it to the height of the Third Layer Fetal Breath. He said that it does not help any strength! It only makes people full of energy, nourishes the qi and calms the mind, and is helpful for health and longevity.”

β€œ So this Azure Void Art, you don’t need to study too hard, but serious cultivation in the morning and evening classes is still helpful for concentrating on health.” Wang Qingxuan said.

“so that’s how it is!” Qin Yi nodded, but two questions arose in his heart.

The Ancestor Masters of the past generations did not have anyone to break through the Third Layer. Is it because the cultivation technique is defective and cannot be cultivated to the Fourth Layer, or because it is too time-consuming?

After all, Palace Lord cultivated Fetal Breath for thirty years.

In addition, is it because Azure Void Art is not helpful for strength, so that no one in Azure Dao Palace goes to Cultivation, so no one can break through to Fourth Layer?

But the second guess is a bit unreasonable, because Azure Dao Palace also has a series of people who don’t practice Martial Arts, but concentrate on chanting scriptures and cultivating Taoism. This kind of people must be very hard at Cultivation Azure Void Art!

β€œIs there a problem with the cultivation technique?”

But seeing the content of the cultivation technique and the method of cultivation of Xugong, there are no flaws!

β€œWhere is the problem?”

In fact, Qin Yi now values Azure Void Art a little bit, because after he broke through to Fetal Breath, he found that his recovery from injury was faster than before. !

If you can cultivate to the proven place, if you are injured in the future, it is definitely a cultivation technique that will help you a lot!

Wang Qingxuan looked at the sky and said to Qin Yi, “Let’s practice here first today, go and inform you Eldest Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother and Fourth Senior Brother, go to Palace Lord Senior Brother’s side of the tent, said there is something to talk about, when the time comes you come in, I’ll go first.”

“Yes, master.” Qin Yi nominates.

Soon, Qin Yi found Eldest Senior Brother Wang Hongbo and the others, explained the situation, and the entire group moved towards Palace Lord.


In the tent, more than 30 people were crowded inside.

Qin Yi took a look, except for those Martial Uncles, all the others were direct disciples!

Lu Mingxuan counted the number of people, and suddenly set his eyes on Qin Yi: “Who is he?”

“Senior Brother Lu, this is my Disciple Qin Yi. “Wang Qingxuan said.

“Junior Brother Wang, didn’t I say that only direct disciples will come over?” Lu Mingxuan brows tightly frowns, the things to be announced later are very important, if it’s not direct disciples, we can’t tell these common disciples for the time being!

“This is the sixth direct disciple I have newly recruited. He has been practicing martial arts for a few months and has already entered the Second Stage cultivation base! Due to the current special circumstances, I have not told everyone for the time being.” Wang Qingxuan said with a smile.

As soon as these words came out, several Martial Uncles were slightly surprised, but they didn’t say anything.

On the other hand, several senior brothers, including Eldest Senior Brother Wang Hongbo and Second Senior Brother Chen Xinrong, looked at Qin Yi in surprise and said a few words of congratulations.

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