Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 33

“Everyone is here, then I will announce something about the life and death of our Azure Dao Palace!” Palace Lord Qing Yangzi said with a serious face.

“Everyone knows that our entire Azure Dao Palace people are in this military camp. The county government army is not honest and treats us as cannon fodder. If we go on like this, we will die sooner or later! So, I After discussing with the junior brothers, I plan to find a chance to escape!”

As soon as these words came out, all the direct disciples were both surprised and delighted!

After all, no one wants to be a cannon fodder!

In fact, many Disciples have complained about these Martial Uncles for being soft on the military uniform of the county government. Now that they have said it, most people support this decision!

“Palace Lord, how do we escape?” a Disciple asked in a low voice.

“We still have more than 200 people, and it is definitely impossible to escape from the military camp, but if we wait for the rebels to attack our door, we will have a huge opportunity to escape on the battlefield! “

“Heliu Town does not have a city wall. When the time comes, it must be fighting with the rebels in the wild or in the town, so we have a much better chance of escaping!”

“Okay, everyone don’t be impatient, this matter must be kept secret, you can’t tell the common disciples for the time being, to prevent leaks, when the time comes on the battlefield, you can tell the common disciples about this matter again, When the time comes, act decisively, run away when it’s time to escape! As for whether you can escape when the time comes, it depends on everyone’s luck!” Qing Yangzi helplessly said.

In the crowd, Qin Yi listened to Qing Yangzi’s words, secretly said in one’s heart Martial Uncle, they were finally pressed and decided to take the risk.

But it’s better than seeing no hope!


After coming out of the tent, Qin Yi hurriedly walked over to Dad.

In a corner.

“Dad, I’ll come pick you up at midnight tonight! Don’t sleep too hard at night.” Qin Yi said to Qin Zumin.

“Can you escape? I’m afraid I will drag you down, why don’t you escape by yourself?” Qin Zumin hesitated.

“Dad, don’t worry, my strength is already very strong, and I’ll have no problem taking you out of the military camp.” Qin Yi comforted.

“Okay!” Qin Zumin clenched the teeth, when the time comes If he is found during the escape, he plans to let his son escape by himself, and he will die if he dies!

After the negotiation, Qin Yi went back to the outside of his tent and continued the cultivation Heavenly Power Claw.

In the afternoon.

Qin Yi was about to take a break and practice again when suddenly an order for an urgent assembly came from the Vanguard Battalion.

“Emergency assembly, hurry, hurry, all the people from the Vanguard Battalion battalion, come and assemble!” Guo Lin, Xue Yinhu’s deputy, walked in with a hundred armored soldiers.

Soon, the entire Vanguard Battalion battalion and more than 200 Azure Dao Palace disciples were all assembled.

“Lord Guo, what’s the matter?” Qing Yangzi asked as he watched Guo Lin bring a hundred people in.

“All of you in the first battalion, bring good guys, go out with me, and carry out the mission!” Guo Lin said solemnly.

“I don’t know what the task is?” Zhang Juwei asked subconsciously.

“hmph, don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask, just follow me on the mission, hurry up and set off in a quarter of an hour!” Guo Lin said solemnly.


Several Martial Uncles all looked at each other, the opportunity came!

“Going out on a mission? I guess the Martial Uncles will take this opportunity to escape!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

When the time comes, you have to run away too! But his father was still in the barracks.

This time the group of handyman in Azure Dao Palace didn’t follow them out.

“When the time comes, I’ll take my dad away anyway!”

After a quarter of an hour.

More than two hundred people from Azure Dao Palace, followed by one hundred soldiers of Guo Lin, left the barracks and moved towards the wild.


Out in the wild.

A bifurcated intersection, in the woods on both sides of the official road, soldiers in leather armor are ambushed in it.

“Master Dutong, do you really want to kill all these Taoist priests later?” Xue Yinhu was a little reluctant, after all, there are many good players, and it is one who can fight to death a rebel on the battlefield.

“It’s a pity to kill them all, but we have gathered too many people from all walks of life. Recently, the army’s morale has been unstable. We just killed these Taoist priests to stabilize the army’s morale! Otherwise, when the time comes and the rebels have a decisive battle, On the contrary, there will be a big mess!” Pang Shaozheng said with cold eyes. If it weren’t for killing the chicken to warn the monkey, he could choose to take a trumped-up charge in the barracks and solve these people directly.

Since it is to be seen by all the people in the barracks, then this drama needs to be played.

“Lord Dutong said yes!”


A long line of Captains, getting farther and farther from the barracks, some of the Azure Dao Palace Disciple started chattering, as if sending a message.

Before a double fork.

“Stop!” Guo Lin sat on the battle horse and raised his hand slightly.

Everyone stopped.

“Wait where you are, I’ll take someone over there to investigate!” Guo Lin said and ordered fifty soldiers, moved towards the official road on the right.

At this time, there were still fifty soldiers left by Guo Lin and more than two hundred people from Azure Dao Palace.

After Guo Lin disappeared on the road with fifty other soldiers, Qing Yangzi, Lu Mingxuan and the others looked at each other, and many Disciples were also very nervous, waiting for the orders of Martial Uncles!

One minute.

3 minutes.

Five minutes!

“What are you waiting for, run away!” Qing Yangzi a long whistle.

“Escape, escape into the woods!” Wang Qingxuan also shouted.

“Quick, quick!”

Immediately, the Disciples of Azure Dao Palace were all scattered, moved towards the woods on both sides and fled frantically.

The fifty infantrymen standing there were all stunned.

“What are you escaping from?” A Hundred-Men Commander headed by this situation was a little confused.

“Stop them, those who dare to continue to escape, kill them on the spot!” Hundred-Men Commander took the lead, moved towards the Disciple of the nearest Azure Dao Palace and rushed over!

“Let’s stop them first to buy time for Disciples!” Qing Yangzi was about to rush to the Hundred-Men Commander.


A long knife penetrated from his back to his front, Qing Yangzi turned his head and saw that it was the Disciple in his Dao Palace who had attacked him!

“You!” Qing Yangzi bleeds from his mouth and collapses in disbelief.

“Rebel, what are you doing?” Wang Qingxuan, who was not far away, roared angrily when he saw that his elder apprentice Wang Hongbo was actually targeting Palace Lord.

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

In the woods on both sides, one after another arrow beam was fired, and those Disciples that had just escaped to the edge of the woods fell down with arrows!

At this point, Wang Qingxuan and the others finally realized that this was a trap! They were betrayed!

“It turned out to be you, it turned out that it was you who betrayed us!”

“Master, there’s no way! I don’t want to! But the seven great powers of Azure Dao Palace can only be cultivated at most. Fifth Stage, I was cultivated to Fourth Stage when I was only twenty-five years old. My great innate talent should not be wasted like this. All adults promised me, and promised me a cultivation technique that can be cultivated to Seventh Stage. I really It’s impossible to refuse!” Wang Hongbo smiled pervertedly.

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1 hour ago

Well, what did they expect? These Taoist recruited disciples based on how much money (bribe) they gave to the temple so there was no question about their loyality since the start. I am more surprised about how they stayed to buy the escaping disciples some time which is completely unreasonable. It’s a forced plot by author.