Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 34

“Ah! I’m going to kill you!”

Said Wang Qingxuan moved towards Wang Hongbo and rushed over, but was dragged down by Qin Yi.

“Master, it’s important to escape, and take revenge in the future!” Qin Yi dragged Wang Qingxuan and fled in one direction!

“Don’t stop me! I want to clear the door!” Wang Qingxuan’s eyes were red and he was on the verge of anger, completely unaware of how Qin Yi could pull him with such strength?

“Hehe, don’t even try to escape!” Xue Yinhu rushed out of the forest and jumped up, like a Golden Peng flying towards Qin Yi and the two of them!

And that Pang Shaozheng didn’t know when he appeared in the crowd, and was frantically chasing and killing those Martial Uncles!

The whole situation suddenly turned into a pot of porridge!

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

One after another’s arrows shot out of the forest. Most of the Azure Dao Palace’s guards fell to the ground before rushing into the forest. Even some martial arts high-strength can rush into the forest, they were ambushed. Soldiers of the county government army in the woods entangled and killed!

Guo Lin just now returned with fifty soldiers, blocking the front.

The intersection in the direction from which we came was also blocked by hundreds of soldiers.

It’s like making dumplings!

β€œKill one and leave no one!”

But, this is almost a one-sided trend.

Wang Qingxuan, who was dragged down, saw Xue Yinhu kill him. He knew that he had missed the best time to clear the portal, and he was not pedantic and ran away.


Several arrows moved towards Qin Yi and Wang Qingxuan fled.

Qin Yi made a mistake and ducked.

Wang Qingxuan is also worthy of the strength of the Fifth Stage. Even if the arrows are not dense enough, he can still dodge.

“Enter the forest!” Qin Yi rushed in first.

Several screams rang out, and the soldiers who were ambushed in this forest were immediately dealt with by him.

When Wang Qingxuan jumped into the forest and saw several fallen corpses, he exclaimed in his heart, “Isn’t my discipline the Second Stage cultivation base? Why is it so fierce?”

Killed a few in three or two, as if the speed of escape was faster than him!

But now is not the time to ask about this, the two continue to move towards fleeing in the forest!

“Did you run away?” Xue Yinhu didn’t know when he had caught up and rushed towards the two of them.


“Qin Yi, run first, I’ll stop him, remember to avenge me in the future!” Wang Qingxuan turned around and tried his best to meet Xue Yinhu collided!

He knows that Xue Yinhu is Seventh Stage’s strength, if he doesn’t do this, both will have to die!


With a muffled sound, the huge impact sent Wang Qingxuan flying out, hitting a big tree, and then falling down!

“pu~” spurted out a mouthful of blood, and Wang Qingxuan became sluggish.

It only helped for a second!

“Master, are you all right?” Qin Yi glanced at Wang Qingxuan who fell in the distance.

“cough cough…I can’t die yet, alas…the two of us are going to die today!” Wang Qingxuan looked resentful.

“Hehe, then I’ll send you on your way!” Xue Yinhu sneered and swept towards Qin Yi.


tone barely fell , Xue Yinhu turned into a poisonous snake and suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yi.

Raised high fist moved towards Qin Yi and slammed it down!



A grotesque feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

Behind, there was a sharp piercing sound.

“Not good!” Xue Yinhu’s heart tightened.

“Treading the cloud!”

In a flash, Xue Yinhu broke out his movement method secret skill, and managed to dodge this fatal blow!

Where he was originally, Qin Yi was already standing there.

“What a fast speed!” Xue Yinhu’s face became solemn.

Just now, he was careless!

I didn’t expect that the boy in front of him was actually playing the pig to eat the tiger, he almost fell in the sewer!

β€œYour speed is not bad~” Qin Yi grinned.

“This…” Wang Qingxuan, who was lying on the ground, was dumbfounded. I’m afraid that his own discipline is already the strength of the Sixth Seventh Stage, right?

A Seventh Stage expert was forced to use a secret technique to avoid the blow just now!

It seems… just now, it was his own Disciple that dragged him down to escape, that power…

“Are you really the Disciple of Azure Dao Palace? The little Azure Dao Palace , but you can’t cultivate such a young expert!” Xue Yinhu looked alert.

He didn’t know the strength of the youngster in front of him, but the speed really made his scalp tingle!

“Guess!” Qin Yi took the initiative to attack!

“Five Piles Vigor!”

In Xue Yinhu’s line of sight, the enemy in front of him turned into an afterimage, and it was there in an instant!

The two quickly banged five or six punches, the fists overlapped, and they opened again!

“It turns out that your power is not at the Sixth Stage, and you are only close to the Seventh Stage when using secret skills!” Xue Yinhu felt Qin Yi’s power and made a judgment in his heart.

The other party is just fast!

“This time, it’s my turn!”

“Treading the clouds!” Xue Yinhu stepped out, the soil splashed like a cheetah rushing towards Qin Yi.

With just one step, he walked over a distance of five meters, and even the eyes of Wang Qingxuan outside the field did not respond!

“Break the mountain!”

Heavy punches with thunder!

Xue Yinhu is extremely fast, but Qin Yi is even faster!

“Soaring Shift!” Qin Yi instantly disappeared from Xue Yinhu’s sight.

“flash step, Five Piles Vigor!”

Just as Xue Yinhu’s mountain-falling trick hit the air, Qin Yi punched Xue Yinhu’s back superior.


A huge force made Xue Yinhu fall forward.

“You’re wearing inner armor!” Qin Yi felt the pain in his fist and said in surprise.

The next second Qin Yi shot again.

Just when Qin Yi was about to land his second punch, Xue Yinhu, who had just jumped up from the ground, evaded with a donkey roll, and used the secret technique of stepping on the cloud again to spread the distance!

At this moment, he has no confidence to kill the opponent at all!

Although the enemy’s strength is not as strong as Seventh Stage, but the speed is too fast, is this the speed of Eighth Stage? Is it a movement method above the cultivated Eighth Stage?

And the other party has pushed the how many sects Cultivation Technique to the limit, and finally realized the how many sects secret technique?

He believes that he has a good innate talent. In his forties, he cultivated two martial arts to the peak, and he also realized the secret skills, but this youngster in front of him…


Qin Yi’s speed without using the movement method trick makes Xue Yinhu very uncomfortable. When the opponent uses the movement method trick, he can hardly keep up with the opponent’s speed!

“It seems that the previous Palace Lord should have two movement methods for cultivation. The strength of Seventh Stage, which has one movement method, is still a deadly weak spot in my eyes!” Qin Yi Whispering in a low voice, he disappeared in place again.

“flash step Soaring Shift, Five Piles Vigor!”

In the blink of an eye, the afterimage in Xue Yinhu’s eyes disappeared from his vision!

Between life and death, Xue Yinhu turned around abruptly, punching out like cannonballs.

Qin Yi dodged the deadly pincers bizarrely.

“Your neck, no protection!”


Xue Yinhu’s neck was immediately beaten into a ‘7’ shape, and his body, which was still in a closed state, fell down!

“It turns out, I’m already so strong!”

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