Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 36

The more he talked, the more angry Wang Qingxuan became! Especially at that time, Wang Hongbo killed Palace Lord under the black hand!

“There is a chance in the future, I must kill this beast!” Wang Qingxuan said angrily.

Qin Yi didn’t know how to comfort him.

Originally, if Azure Dao Palace escaped on the battlefield, not to mention that most of them could escape, at least one third or even half of them would not be impossible.

But because of Wang Hongbo’s vengeance, the Azure Dao Palace was destroyed!

“Master, take a rest here first, I’m going down the mountain to do some errands.” Qin Yi looked at the sky, opened the mouth and said.

“Okay, be careful.” Wang Qingxuan didn’t ask any further.

“I know.”

After finishing speaking, Qin Yi moved towards the downhill.



In a tent.

Qin Zumin closed his eyes, but his heart was in chaos.

In the afternoon, he heard the news that the entire Azure Dao Palace was assigned to an expatriate mission. In the evening, the county army announced that the people of Azure Dao Palace had defected and were killed!

The heads of one after another are piled up outside the door of Vanguard Battalion, and they are piled up like Jingguan!

“Fourth Child should be fine!” Qin Zumin felt more and more confused the more he thought about it.

“This damn world!”

Suddenly, there was a movement in the tent of the ten-man Chase.

Qin Zumin suddenly opened his eyes and found a dark figure standing in front of him, making him want to shout.


“Fourth Child?” Qin Zumin heard the familiar voice, and was instantly overjoyed.


“I’m dizzy, Dad, put on this armor first, and I’ll take you out later.” Said He handed Qin Zumin the armor in Qin Yi’s hand.

In order to prevent accidents later, put on the armor for Dad, at least one more layer of life-saving things.

Soon, with the help of Qin Yi, I will help Father Qin put on his armor!

“Come on, I’ll carry you!”

Soon, a dark figure carrying a person walked out of the tent and moved towards the barracks.

Although Qin Yi rang Qin Yi’s speed with a silhouette on his back, his speed is still very fast now.

Crossing through the layers of dark and bright posts, evading the patrols, Qin Yi escaped from the barracks without any risk after a quarter of an hour!

Qin Yi went down the mountain again after sending Dad Qin to Azure Dao Palace.

He doesn’t like to owe favors!


The 2nd Battalion of Vanguard Battalion.

In a tent, Qin Yi with dishevelled hair, covered his face, pinched a monk’s neck and said, “Where will Wang Hongbo from Azure Dao Palace come back today?”

“Donor, don’t kill me, then, then Wang Hongbo still lives in the first camp of Pioneer!” The fat-headed monk said hurriedly.

“Thanks!” Qin Yi knocked the other party unconscious and disappeared here.

Came to Pioneer 1st Battalion again, the entire Pioneer 1st Battalion was empty and lifeless.

The tent in the middle has lights!

“It should be that tent!” Qin Yi quickly swept away.

But just as he was about to rush in, the tent curtain suddenly opened, and Wang Hongbo came out with sleepy eyes, ready to pee at night.

The two of them were shocked when they met each other!

“Who are you?!” Wang Hongbo looked like a big enemy.

The distance of ten meters between the two sides, Qin Yi only took an instant to cross.


Wang Hongbo subconsciously raised his hands to resist, but he found a fist passed over his hands and imprinted in his eyes.

The entire forehead collapses directly!

With one hit, Qin Yi directly unscrewed Wang Hongbo’s head, without the slightest hesitation, turned around and left!

He just came out of Vanguard Battalion.

“Where to go!” came loudly shouted from behind.

A sharp air-splitting sound starts.

A sharp arrow moved towards Qin Yi’s back.

Qin Yi didn’t turn his head, he made a mistake and avoided this arrow!

This dodging also slowed him down a bit.

“If you dare to break into our barracks at night, just stay!” The voice appeared behind Qin Yi like a ghost.

A big hand appeared behind Qin Yi at some point and grabbed him!

Qin Yi heart startled: “What a fast speed!”

Just now the opponent was shooting arrows at him from 20 meters away, and now he is behind him!

“Soaring Shift!” Qin Yi broke out a secret technique, and his whole body forcibly avoided the catch.

“hmph, can you hide?”

The voice followed like a ghost, appearing on his left side like a ghost, still the same big hand moved towards Qin Yi grabbing Come.

The other party also used the movement method trick!

“Five Piles Vigor!” Qin Yi loudly shouted, making a decisive decision!

Fist to big hand.


A huge force sent Qin Yi flying out.

As soon as her toes hit the ground, Qin Yi broke out her secret skills again!

β€œSoaring Shift, flash step!”

The speed suddenly doubled again!

Pang Shaozheng was shocked when he saw that the masked man distanced himself from him: “This speed is at least an expert who majored in Eighth Stage movement method martial arts!”

Without the slightest hesitation, he bent the bow and took three arrows!

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

Three arrows in salvo!

But the shadow shifted again strangely, dodged the three arrows, got into the overlapping tents, and finally completely disappeared under the night!

“It seems that this guy killed Xue Yinhu!” Pang Shaozheng’s face became gloomy. He originally planned to come to Wang Hongbo to ask about Wang Qingxuan, but he never expected to encounter someone breaking into the camp!


In a wood outside Heliu Town, Qin Yi looked pale, and his entire right arm had drooped down!

“Bone is broken in one place! Is this the formidable power of Eighth Stage’s secret technique?” He looked at the hand drenched with blood, and the arm swollen from the broken bone. , with a wry smile.

“I didn’t expect that this Pang Shaozheng was not like Xue Yinhu. Eighth Stage’s strength is so powerful!”

In the short confrontation just now, the two sides did not use the movement method secret technique Below, his speed is not much faster than the opponent. As for strength, the opponent completely abused him!

That’s why he left without the slightest hesitation after a brief confrontation!

If you stay any longer, it is estimated that you may be completely left behind!

“Could it be that this Pang Shaozheng’s cultivation is First Rate martial arts?” Qin Yi had a vague guess.


Azure Dao Palace.

“Are you injured?” Wang Qingxuan saw Qin Yi’s drooping arm and came up.

“Son, are you alright?” Qin Zumin stepped forward worried when he saw his son’s condition.

“It’s no big deal, go kill this traitor, I didn’t expect to meet that Pang Shaozheng when I left, and I almost couldn’t come back!” Qin Yi said, throwing his head wrapped in rags on the ground.

“That thankless wretch was killed by you!” Wang Qingxuan was surprised and delighted when she saw Wang Hongbo’s head rolling on the ground!

“Fortunately, your movement method is fast enough, that Pang Shaozheng is very strong! Although the cultivation base is Seventh Stage, Innate Divine Strength is comparable to Eighth Stage, and the cultivation must be First Rate martial arts, I just don’t know if it’s Seventh Stage martial arts or Eighth Stage martial arts!”

“Well, it’s really strong!” Qin Yi had a deep understanding.

Soon, Wang Qingxuan helped Qin Yi set bones, and then went through the boxes and cabinets at the pharmacy, and finally found some herbs to apply.

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