Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 37

“Master, you said that Myriad Immortals Dao Sect has First Rate martial arts?” Qin Yi asked.

That’s right, he’s very longing for First Rate martial arts!

“No! As far as I know, the nine meridians of our Daomen all inherit from the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, and now none of the nine meridians of our Daomen have the inheritance of First Rate martial arts! The Myriad Immortals Dao Sect, the highest is only A few Sixth Stage martial arts.” Wang Qingxuan said.

“All Martial Artists want to practice First Rate martial arts, but it’s too difficult to get First Rate martial arts.”

The two looked at each other and were silent. down.


In a flash, half a month passed like this.

In the first seven days, Qin Yi found that his wounds healed faster than if he did not practice Azure Void Art to the Fetal Breath layer before.

It’s just seven days, not to mention recover completely, but you can start with simple activities.

So for the next eight days, Qin Yi still followed Wang Qingxuan’s cultivation Heavenly Power Claw, while slowly recovering from his injury.

This half a month, the army of the county government and the rebels at the foot of the mountain are inseparable, so Pang Shaozheng simply did not know that Wang Qingxuan was hiding in this Azure Dao Palace!

Half a month, Qin Yi’s right arm injury finally recovered completely.

There is even more gratifying news that after days of crazy practice, Heavenly Power Claw is finally getting started.

In the mountainside.

“system panel!”

Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm: Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method: Perfection (Soaring Shift)

Azure Void Art: Fetal Breath

Heavenly Jade Steps: Perfection (flash step)

Heavenly Power Claw: Beginner+

Energy Points: 62

β€œAscension to Perfection!” Qin Yi frantically added points.

A huge stream of heat emerged in his arms, especially his claws, as if being baked by fire!

The heat flow of these two arms has also moved towards the whole body, but when entering the internal organs, I can clearly feel that the heat flow has turned into a warm flow, and when it spreads to the legs, it is no longer there. Feel the temperature.

“It seems that Heavenly Power Claw, the main transformation is the hands!”

In my mind, the one silhouette is frantically practicing Heavenly Power Claw.

The speed of this one silhouette drill is getting faster and faster, getting faster and faster, grabbing the buckle, flipping up and down, fast in series, imitating boxing, and having both god and shape…

Ten years of hard work.

Twenty years of hard labor.

Thirty years of hard labor.

Just when the Extreme Realm was built, this one silhouette seemed to break a certain shackle, one claw stuck through it, and the masonry was broken!

“Huh…I cultivated to Perfection Realm again, and I successfully learned the secret skill!” Qin Yi was overjoyed.

The trick for this move is Wood Penetration!

Qin Yi looked at himself again, the muscles on his body swelled a little more than before, and even when he was wearing clothes, he could see the outline of his muscles.

Especially the muscles of the arms are very conspicuous!

“My strength has increased by 30% compared to before! Without using secret skills, my strength can definitely reach the Seventh Stage!”

“I am also getting more and more I’m strong!”

“Try my overall strength!” Qin Yi silhouette disappeared in place.

β€œflash step!”

β€œFive Piles Vigor!”

bang! .

“Soaring Shift, Wood Penetration!”

The next second, he appeared in front of a big tree on the other side.

The right paw turned into a Poison Dragon and protruded suddenly.


A toothy voice appears.

I saw a claw mark that was three centimeters deep and five or six centimeters long on the tree where the two of them were together!

“If it’s caught on people, tsk tsk!”

“Come on, haha!”

After adding the martial arts of Heavenly Power Claw , he has one more attack method!

“flash step, Soaring Shift, Five Piles Vigor! flash step, Wood Penetration!”

Every tree was ruthlessly destroyed by Qin Yi.

Suddenly, Qin Yi felt a tingling pain in his chest, and immediately stopped, one-knee kneels on the ground.

“What’s the matter?”

At this moment, not only is the chest tingling, but there are also tingling sensations in many places on his body!

“Could it be that I use secret skills so often?”


He just used five flash steps, three Soaring Shifts, three Five Piles Vigor, and six Wood Penetrations!

According to his feeling, at present, he has successfully made Heavenly Power Claw cultivation arrives at perfection. After the physique is strengthened again, he can feel that his secret skills have been increased again.

The flash step can be used at least twenty times, Soaring Shift can be used fifteen times, Five Piles Vigor can be used fifteen times, and Wood Penetration can be used ten times.

Why does my body feel tingling?

And this tingling doesn’t mean to stop, but keeps stinging!

“Go back and ask the master!”

in a room.

Wang Qingxuan took Qin Yi’s pulse and checked Qin Yi again. Old Gao frowned: “Your qi and blood are a little disordered, and some muscles and tendons in your body are also damaged. Is it your secret skill? Excessive use?”

“No! Absolutely not.” Qin Yi was very sure.

“That’s weird, how could something like this happen to you!” Wang Qingxuan was also puzzled.

“Could that be the reason why you practice martial arts like crazy during this time? After all, learning martial arts also requires relaxation, or you should rest for a few days and see, then I’ll get you some qi and blood. Let’s adjust the medicine first.”

“Okay, that’s all I can do.” Qin Yi said helplessly.

Since even the master can’t see the cause, he can only rest for a few days to see the situation.

On the first day, Qin Yi felt a tingling sensation in some parts of his body almost all the time.

second day , that’s less of a problem.

In the evening of the third day, this situation completely disappeared.

In the past three days, Qin Yi did not practice martial arts, but was in a state of self-cultivation.

In the past three days, he also discovered a secret, that is, after he cultivated Azure Void Art to Fetal Breath, didn’t he find that there was a faintly discernable qi in the dantian in his body? ?

At the time he thought it was an illusion.

I didn’t expect that for the past three days, that faintly discernable qi seemed to linger in the tingling area of my body.

Three days in a row!

This breath, Qin Yi at this time still feels Faintly discernable, like a kind of sensory materialism, you seem to feel that there is gas in your body, but it doesn’t seem to exist. But when you feel it doesn’t exist, sometimes your brain responds as if it exists again!

What a wonderful feeling!

“Go and test it!”

Qin Yi came to the mountainside again and used his secret skills like crazy!

Five minutes later.

The tingling sensation reappeared on him three days ago!

“I have a problem with my body?!” Qin Yi’s face darkened.

Qin Yi found Wang Qingxuan again, but he couldn’t say anything.

Three days later.

The tingling sensation on Qin Yi’s body disappeared again. Wang Qingxuan took his pulse and checked his body again: “It’s strange, your body is fine again!”

“Forget it. Now, at most I don’t use the secret technique frequently, when the time comes I will go to Jiangning County to find a famous doctor.” Qin Yi opened the mouth and said.

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