Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 39

“Our Myriad Immortals Dao Sect’s Literary Art is called “Heart Nurturing Art”, which is divided into fifth layers, which are: Warming, Breathing, Rebirth, Sitting and Forgetting, and Mysterious Beads. “

“Have you studied your Azure Dao Palace’s Azure Void Art?” Yang Yuanzi asked.

β€œI did.” Qin Yi said.

“Very well, Azure Void Art and Heart Nurturing Art have the same origin, but they are different, but if you have cultivated Azure Void Art, then it should be easier for you to learn.”

“I’ll first explain to you the content of the First Layer warming up…”

After one hour.

“I have explained the content of the First Layer to you several times. Now try to warm the heart with me. Have you seen the dao chart behind me? Follow me to observe it, remember Live in its shape, engrave it in my mind, start to meditate on it, and at the same time, start to adjust the breath, cough and swallow…”

Qin Yi looked at the pair of dao hanging on the wall The chart is a picture of an old Taoist in Tsing Yi sitting on top of a bronze Dao Palace.

“The old man in Tsing Yi is the same person as the dao chart of “Azure Void Art”, but the meditation dao chart of Azure Void Art is floating on the Nine Heavens.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“Does Yang Yuanzi Martial Uncle and Literary Art’s Cultivation all need to meditate on dao charts?”

“Of course! I don’t know about other things, anyway, our Taoist inheritance has always been like this. !” Yang Yuanzi looked at Qin Yi in surprise, didn’t Wang Qingxuan tell him?

“Are these dao charts special?”

“It’s nothing special, just an object of meditation. It is said that the Taoist in Tsing Yi in the dao chart is our main line. The Ancestral Master of Supreme Clear Dao Palace!”

“Are these dao charts handed down from Supreme Clear Dao Palace?” Qin Yi asked curiously.

“No, it is said that our dao chart was drawn by our Myriad Immortals Dao Sect Sect Founder, who then copied it from generation to generation and practiced Literary Art. The dao chart is only for us. A reference for meditation, cultivation Literary Art, is mainly based on breathing and self-cultivation.” Yang Yuanzi said.

β€œso that’s how it is.” Qin Yi nods.

In a flash, seven days passed.

“Heart Nurturing Art” Qin Yi has already completed all the studies, and he is far from getting started, and it will take him a period of continuous Cultivation to get started.

In the quiet room, Yang Yuanzi handed Qin Yi two identity ultimatums: “Qin Yi, I will help you fix the identity ultimatum.”

“many thanks Martial Uncle. “Qin Yi took over two identity certificates, his name was Qin Feng, and his father’s name was Qin Min, and it will be their new identity in the future.

β€œWhere are you going to live next?” Yang Yuanzi asked.

“Let’s go to Jiangning County City.”

“Well, County City is not bad. Now several counties in Jiangning County are in rebellion. At least it’s relatively stable in County City. By the way, what’s your strength now?”

“Second Stage.” Qin Yi said.

“Second Stage strength, you can consider applying for bailiff or City Guard in the city. It is said that these two are currently lacking. As long as you can get in, you will have a relatively stable job.” Yang Yuanzi After thinking about it, I still pointed the way.

“Okay, when the time comes I will consider it!” Qin Yi nodded.

β€œMartial Uncle, I have one more thing to ask.”

β€œYou say.”

β€œWhere can I learn First Rate martial arts in Jiangning County arts?” Qin Yi asked.

“Two places, the first, Imperial Court! Become the commander of the county government, Imperial Court will reward a Seventh Stage’s First Rate martial arts! And the governor, Imperial Court will reward an Eighth Stage First Rate martial arts. Of course, Chief Constable, the left arm of the county seat, will also reward a Seventh Stage First Rate martial arts!”

“The second place, that is in the north of the county. Vajra Temple, sect protecting cultivation technique “Vajra Gong” is an Eighth Stage First Rate martial arts! But there are only Great Elders and direct disciples who can practice. And Vajra Temple can’t bring arts to apprentices, so you Don’t even think about it. Not only Vajra Temple, but also the Boss Gu faction in Great Yong, most of them will not accept to teach as a teacher, so it is too difficult to learn First Rate martial arts!” Yang Yuanzi said quietly.

“Okay.” Qin Yi was slightly disappointed after hearing this.

It seems that it is really difficult to learn First Rate martial arts!

After saying goodbye to Yang Yuanzi, Qin Yi took Father Qin down the mountain and moved towards Jiangning County.

At noon, the two came to the city gate.

“It’s a big city!” Qin Yi looked at the ten-meter-high city wall, clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

It is said that the resident population has reached 300,000! In ancient times, it was a big city.

“It’s my first time to County City!” Qin Zumin also sighed.

Both of them got their identity cards, and after queuing for one hour, they finally entered the city.

The father and son had a meal and went to a dental office to look at the house in the afternoon.

Western District, enter the small courtyard.

Qin Yi looked at this small courtyard and was quite satisfied, with one living room and three bedrooms, with a small courtyard wall.

β€œHow much is this house going to sell for?” Qin Yi asked the middle-aged man at the tooth shop.

“Young Master, this small courtyard has a nice environment and is also close to the Western District’s wet market. We sell it for 1,000 taels!” The middle-aged man raised a finger.

“One thousand taels?” Qin Yi frowned suddenly.

He is currently only in his early two hundred taels.

“This is too expensive!” Qin Zumin’s eyes widened.

“It’s not expensive or expensive, the environment here is good, the location is good, if the location is worse, the price of hundreds of taels is also available.” The middle-aged man explained.

“Can this house be rented?” Qin Yi asked, and he still fell in love with this house.

“Of course! Ten silver tael a month, one hundred silver tael a year.”

“It’s still too expensive!” Qin Zumin’s heart is bleeding, he used to make rice Mr. Settlement, how many years do you have to save to save enough taels?

“No way, this location, the market price of a small courtyard of this size is like this. If you don’t believe me, you can go to other dental shops and ask.” middle-aged man smiled and said.

“Okay, I’ll rent for a year first.” Qin Yi said.

Money, just think about it slowly in the future.

β€œYoung Master, cheer up!”

The two sides signed and signed, and it was quickly settled.

When the person from the tooth shop left, Qin Zumin said with some pain: “Fourth Child, it’s too expensive!”

“Dad, it’s fine, I still have it in my hand. If you have money, at least you don’t have to live here anymore.”

“What you said is, alas… I just don’t know how Third Child is now.” Qin Zumin said with a complicated expression.

Since the uprising in Jinyuan County, they have lost contact with the Third Brother.

“Third Brother heavens helps the worthy, I must be fine.” Qin Yi could only comfort a few words.

β€œHope it.”


For the next few days, Qin Yi and Qin Zumin were reclusive.

The night after five days.

“Finally getting started!” Qin Yi glanced at the system panel.

“Upgrade to Perfection!”

Qin Yi found that his head felt cool again, and he was more energetic than before.

In my mind, a silhouette sitting cross-legged is cultivating Heart Nurturing Art day and night.

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1 day ago

I think once he practices these Life Preserving Literacy Techniques from all branches of that Whatever Profound Sect, they will combine to make a very high cultivation technique.