Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 40

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Twenty minutes later.


Similar to the last Azure Void Art, a faintly discernable gas appeared in the dantian!

Qin Yi opened his eyes and found that his spirit was more than twice as strong as before, and his whole life was much better than before! It was an indescribable feeling.

And the two faintly discernable gases in the body did not conflict, but could live together peacefully. Could it be the root cause of the same origin?


Qin Yi:

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist Fist: Perfection (Five Piles Vigor)

Heavenly Pivot Palm : Perfection

Lightshake Movement Method : Perfection (Soaring Shift )

Azure Void Art : Fetal Breath

Heavenly Jade Steps : Perfection (flash step )

Heavenly Power Claw: Perfection (Wood Penetration)

Heart Nurturing Art: Rebirth

Power Points: 35

β€œen? Heart Nurturing Art, like Azure Void Art, cannot be upgraded to Perfection, but only to Third Layer?” Qin Yi looked puzzled.

Heart Nurturing Art is also divided into fifth layers: Warming, Breathing, Rebirth, Sitting and Forgetting, and Mysterious Beads.

It is now stuck in the Third Layer and cannot be promoted to the next layer!

“Where is the problem?”

“There should be a problem with the cultivation technique!” Qin Yi is inclined to this guess.

“Forget it, try using the secret technique to see if it will sting, I hope this Heart Nurturing Art will help!”

In the yard.

The Qin Yi silhouette flashed, and the sound of one after another exploded.

In the house, Father Qin looked through the window, then lay down and continued to sleep.

The flashing silhouette finally stopped, Qin Yi’s forehead was sweating slightly.

“After using Five Piles Vigor 8 times, Wood Penetration 5 times, Soaring Shift 8 times, and flash step 3 times, it doesn’t seem like there is any tingling in the body!” Qin Yi felt it, and his heart was suddenly overjoyed. .

This Heart Nurturing Art really helped him!

“It’s a pity that Heart Nurturing Art and Azure Void Art can only be promoted to the Third Layer!” He also asked Yang Yuanzi, he said that they have been seniors in all dynasties, and they have not been able to cultivate to the Fourth Layer. The highest is also the Third Layer!

This is intriguing!

On the second day, Qin Yi got up early and went out to buy breakfast.

When I was passing a street intersection, I saw more than a dozen bailiffs blocking the intersection ahead, and people were constantly carrying corpses out of the street.

Many people were watching from afar.

“This big brother, what happened over there? How come so many people died!” Qin Yi asked a man in his thirties.

“Hey~ It seems that the two gangs were fighting for territory last night, so someone died.” The man said as usual.

“This way…” Qin Yi nodded and continued to move towards the breakfast shop.

After breakfast, Qin Yi moved towards the yamen.

He’s going to give himself a Martial Artist rating!

After the rating, he’s going to be a bailiff!

Although the chances of getting to the position of Chief Constable are very small, but now he has no good way, so he just gives it a try, when the time comes, take a step by step, there is no chance to resign It is not impossible.

Now that the rebels are rampant, no one knows if they will encounter conscription again. If you become a bailiff, you can at least avoid this situation.

Now, although he has practiced Heart Nurturing Art, he has temporarily solved the problem of tingling when using secret skills.

But he can’t guarantee that this will happen again if he learns one or more martial arts in the future.

So, at this time, First Rate martial arts is definitely his first choice! Learn a first rate martial arts, maybe a few low-level martial arts.

In the case of no way, you can only touch try one’s luck.


The Martial Artist Pavilion.

This is where Martial Artist ratings come in.

After waiting in line for one hour, it was Qin Yi’s turn.

“Name, age, place of origin, which one do you want to comment on?” An old man with a wrinkled face glanced at Qin Yi and said.

β€œQin Feng, fifteen years old, native of Huangsha Town, Jiangning County, would like to comment on Third Stage!” Qin Yi said. Qin Yi’s identity and hometown is Huangsha Town. Since Huangsha Town is on the outskirts of Jiangning County, it is directly under the direct management of Jiangning County.

“en. ” The old man picked up the brush and wrote shua~ shua~ shua~, and after writing: “You go to the second room for evaluation!”

“Okay. ”

Qin Yi took the paper handed to him by the old man and went to Room 2.

After entering, I saw a bald muscular man in his thirties waiting inside.

The bald man took the paper and looked at it, then said expressionlessly: “Attack me with all your strength!”

“Okay!” Qin Yi picked up the Five Qi Towards The The gesture style of Origin Fist fist, moved towards Dahan rushed over. Today, he will not easily use the seven great powers of Azure Dao Palace.

On the contrary, not many people know this Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist boxing, because even in Azure Dao Palace, it is not a martial arts category! Just a health boxing.

peng peng peng!

Qin Yi controls the strong attack at Third Stage.

In half a quarter of an hour.

The big man pushed Qin Yi back with a palm, and still said with a blank face: “You passed!”

He stamped a stamp on the paper and showed it to Qin Yi Said: “Take it to the backyard to get the Martial Artist grade document.”

“Thank you.” Qin Yi took it and moved towards the backyard.

Soon, Qin Yi received this graded document. With it, he could apply for many positions in the government.

For example, some positions in bailiff, City Guard, and Yamen need Martial Artist positions, such as the bald guy just now.

Go to the other side of the yamen.

Qin Yi saw a big sign on the door saying Bailiff was accepted!

One period of cultivation base, three taels of moon silver, five taels of Second Stage cultivation base, and ten taels of Third Stage cultivation base!

“The price is clearly marked?” Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

However, Fourth Stage up?

I went in and found that there were four or five people waiting in the hall.


A middle-aged man watched Qin Yi come in and said, “You are also here to apply for bailiff?”

“Yes!” Qin Yi nominated.

“Show me your Martial Artist grading document and your identity certificate.”

Qin Yi took it out of his pocket and handed it over.

The middle-aged man was slightly surprised when he saw it. He looked at Qin Yi: “Fifteen years old, Third Stage strength, not bad.”

Fifteen years old, placed in Some county towns are definitely geniuses, but in this county city, it can only be said that they are good. Many Great Families use secret medicine piles, and it is easy to pile up the teenage boys in the family into a Third Stage! Those geniuses, there are many teenage Fourth Stage.

But as soon as these words came out, the four or five young people present saw Qin Yi’s expressions all changed.

Most of them are Second Stage based.

Qin Yi was a few years younger than them and was still in the Third Stage, of course they were shocked.

“You wait here now, and the distribution will only be made when a certain number of people are gathered.” The middle-aged man added.

“Is this a successful application?” Qin Yi asked.

“Well, there’s been a shortage of people recently. As long as it’s a paragraph, we’ll accept it!” said the middle-aged man.

It’s so easy…

He thought he had to filter…

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