Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 41

“Under Yang Huanchang, what is the name of my brother?” A frivolous looking eighteen-nineteen-year-old walked over.

“Qin Feng.” Qin Yi said.

“It turned out to be Young Brother Qin. He has Third Stage strength at a young age. He is really a role model for my generation.” Yang Huanchang said with admiration.

Qin Yi laughed and didn’t answer.

This Yang Huanchang is obviously the kind of person who is familiar, and the topic is endless. A few other people also came over to get familiar with each other.

After a while, a few more people came in, and the middle-aged man opened the mouth and said: “Come with me, you guys are temporarily classified as Team Twelfth. I’ll take you to meet your Captain! ”

The crowd followed the middle-aged man to the backyard.

Soon, everyone came to a yard, and as soon as they entered, they saw more than 30 big men in bailiff clothes practicing martial arts in the yard.

β€œIs Captain Lei here?” the middle-aged man shouted.

Soon, two people came out of the house, one was in his thirties, square-faced, and the other was twenty-seven or eight-year-old with a scar on his face.

“It turned out to be Yuan Dian. Our Captain went to a meeting and hasn’t come back. Are you bringing us new people?” Ding Wanhao from square-faced cupped his hands.

“Well, since Captain Lei isn’t here, it’s the same for them to hand over to you. I’ll go first if I have nothing to do.” Yuan Chuanfu said indifferently.

“Yuan Dian asked to walk slowly, we will not send it.” Ding Wanhao said politely.

“en. ”

After Yuan Dian had left, Ding Wanhao looked at the eight newcomers in front of him and said solemnly: “My name is Ding Wanhao, the one beside me My name is Cheng Dong, they are all Vice Captains of the Twelfth team! Since you joined our Twelfth team, you must absolutely obey our orders in the future. “

“Got it!”

“You introduce yourself first, and by the way your Martial Artist level! You come first.” Ding Wanhao pointed to Yang Huanchang.

“Yang Huanchang, Second Stage strength.”

“Well, next.”

“Liu Qiang, a period of strength.”

“Li Tengyun, Second Stage strength.”

Soon, it was Qin Yi.

“Qin Feng, Third Stage strength.”

“Well, Third Stage? Not bad!” The two Vice Captains, Ding Wanhao and Cheng Dong, glanced in surprise. Qin Yi.

The old people in the yard also all cast their eyes.

“Okay, Xiao Wang, take them to get their clothes and saber!” Ding Wanhao shouted at a person.

“Yes, Captain Ding.” Wang Xishan nodded.

“Come with me!”

Everyone followed Wang Xishan and moved towards the warehouse.

On the way.

“This Big Brother Wang, what is the name of the Captain of our Twelfth squad?” Yang Huanchang almost asked.

“Our Captain is called Lei Yongyuan.” Wang Xishan said.

β€œBig Brother Wang, can you tell us about our bailiff department throughout County City?” someone asked.

“Yes~” Wang Xishan laughed.

He appears to be relatively easy-going.

“Our bailiff in County City is divided into twenty squares! From one to twenty, we are the Twelfth squad, and each square is full of about fifty people. Each square has a Captain, two A Vice Captain.”

“A few months ago, we actually only had ten squares in bailiff. Due to the presence of rebels in many places in the county, the law and order in County City has become more and more severe, so the county chief has again Ten more bailiff squads have been set up!”

“Now, Chief Constable and two deputy Chief Constable manage the entire bailiff department, and there are ten Constables under them, currently each Constable manages two Squad…” Wang Xishan said eloquently.

“Brother Wang, who is the Constable that manages our Twelfth team?” Yang Huanchang asked curiously.

Everyone pricked up their ears.

“It’s He Xiongjian Constable He!”

“I don’t know what the strength of Constable He is. What are the strengths of our three Captains?” Another question was asked.

“It is said that Constable He Seventh Stage strength, Captain Lei is Sixth Stage strength, and the two Vice Captains are Fourth Stage strength.” Wang Xishan said.

“What are the strengths of the three Chief Constables?” Yang Huanchang asked curiously.

“Chief Constable and the two vice-president shopkeepers rarely take action, so I don’t know what their strengths are.” Wang Xishan said to the head.


Soon, they received bailiff clothes, and each received a standard long knife and wast token.

Go back to the yard.

As soon as I returned to the yard of the Twelfth squad arresting house, I saw bailiffs lining up one by one.

“That’s our Captain Lei.” Wang Xishan said in a low voice.

At this time, Ding Wanhao saw Qin Yi and the newcomers coming back, and said sternly: “Hurry up and line up!”

“Yes.” Everyone followed suit. Line up behind a bunch of old bailiffs.

Seeing more than 40 people lined up, Lei Yongyuan said solemnly: “Everyone obeys the order, follow me to Vermilion Bird Street in the south of the city, and cooperate with the City Guard action! Now, set off with me!”

After finishing speaking, Lei Yongyuan moved towards the outside and walked out, and the two Vice Captains urged everyone to leave.

“No, there is a task as soon as you come in.” Yang Huanchang whispered.

Qin Yi followed behind, but thought in his heart that it would not be a trivial matter to cooperate with the City Guard!

A group of people came out of the yard and saw a group of people pouring out from the yard next door.

The two squids come together, moved towards Vermilion Bird Street, led by an imposing middle-aged man.

“Who is that person?” Someone in the crowd asked Wang Xishan.

“That’s our Twelfth squad, and the eleventh squad Constable He Xiongjian!”

When Qin Yi followed the crowd to the vicinity of Vermilion Bird Street, look at The entire Vermilion Bird Street was surrounded by soldiers wearing City Guard leather armor, and there were faint shouts of killing inside.

“Captain Lei, Captain Liu, and you two led the team to block Huarong Street next to Vermilion Bird Street. Anyone who finds a suspicious person will be arrested immediately, and anyone who resists will execute without any mercy!” He Xiongjian said .

“Yes, Constable!”

After He Xiongjian finished speaking, he quickly moved towards Vermilion Bird Street.

“Twelfth squad, follow me!” Lei Yongyuan moved quickly towards Huarong Street next door.

Everyone followed suit.

Wah Wing Street.

“Block off the entire Huarong Street, so that the residents in the street can’t run around, stay in the house and wait for the interrogation!” Lei Yongyuan said loudly.

Commands are announced one by one.

Soon, it’s Qin Yi’s turn to wait for this group of newcomers.

“Wang Xishan, take these eight newcomers to guard the exit of the alley over there!” Ding Wanhao said.

“Yes, you guys come with me.” Wang Xishan said and took Qin Yi and other eight people to guard the entrance of a small alley in front.

Approaching hundreds of bailiffs, the entire Huarong Street was soon put under martial law.

“Brother Wang, are you arresting who?” Yang Huanchang asked in a low voice while watching the battle.

“I don’t know either! It’s such a big battle, everyone be careful later.” Wang Xishan said with a worried expression.

Just then, the screams of killing on Vermilion Bird Street next door grew louder.

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