Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 42

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Suddenly, a long whistle.

“Huo Boru, I will hold you back even if I die!”

“hmph! Red Sect remnant, if you obediently surrender, I will give you a treat!”


The sound is like thunder!

“Anyone from the Red Sect lurking over Vermilion Bird Street?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised.

The four-county rebellion has the shadow of the Red Sect. I didn’t expect that the Red Sect also infiltrated the Jiangning County city. It seems that this Jiangning County city is not very safe!

After a quarter of an hour, the shouting and killing on the Vermilion Bird Street next door finally gradually subsided, and another quarter of an hour later, He Xiongjian, who was covered in blood, came over.

“Check all the people in Huarong Street, and if you find any problems, take them away!”

“Yes, Constable.”

Very good Soon, the two squids began to conduct a large-scale inspection of Huarong Street.

After one hour.

Qin Yi followed the large group to close the team, but when he passed the Vermilion Bird Street intersection, he saw dozens of corpses inside, and many of the corpses had a lot of arrow feathers inserted into them.

“I made some soy sauce~” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

In the afternoon of the same day, the county government announced a big news, that is, fifty-nine Red Sect remnants were killed on Vermilion Bird Street in the morning, including one Altar Master!

It’s also written below the list, if you find a Red Sect person, you will be rewarded 100 taels for reporting!

In a flash, an afternoon passed. Wang Xishan took Qin Yi and other eight newcomers to get acquainted with the situation of the yamen, and it was the next time.

At home.

β€œFourth Child, where have you been today?” Qin Zumin asked worriedly.

“I applied for a bailiff, and now I’m a bailiff.”

“Bailiff, isn’t that dangerous?”

“It’s okay, I still have no problem with my strength, and I have to find a job, right?” Qin Yi comforted.

“That’s true.” Qin Zumin no longer hesitated.

second day Qin Yi woke up early, ate a large bowl of haggis in front of the breakfast stall on the street, and then went to value.

In the capture room.

After Captain Lei Yongyuan ordered Mao, he began to arrange tasks one by one.

“Wang Xishan, take those eight newcomers to the Myriad Forms Street!”

“Yes, Captain.” After Wang Xishan saluted, he set off with everyone.


myriad forms street.

In a small Inn.

“Shopkeeper, is there any suspicious person in your Inn?” Wang Xishan put the standard long knife on the counter and said viciously.

“Yo, what did the official say~ The guests in our store are all guided by the way, and there is absolutely no suspicious person!” The fat-faced shopkeeper flattered.

“It’s up to you to decide, I have the final say on this matter, call all your guests down, I want to check one by one, this check, how many hours! “Wang Xishan narrowed his eyes.

“This… this official, have something to say.” The fat-faced shopkeeper was in a hurry, and quickly took a string of copper coins from the drawer and put them in Wang Xishan’s hand. If it really took a few hours to check, how dare those new customers who want to live in the store dare to come in?

Wang Xishan weighed it, um, about the weight of one hundred and twenty copper coins! It’s not much, but it’s flowing.

“Well, since you don’t seem to be lying, then I won’t check, brothers, let’s withdraw.” After Wang Xishan finished speaking, he walked out of the door first.

The crowd followed.

Out of the Inn, Wang Xishan swiftly untied the hemp rope with the copper coins on it, and gave each person ten copper coins.

“Thank you Brother Wang!”

“Thank you Brother Wang.” Everyone took the money and smiled.

Qin Yi also took the money, secretly said in one’s heart, and finally knew why someone with the strength of Second Stage had to apply for this bailiff. But a lot.

A little bit of this one, a little bit of that one, it will add up to a lot, and it will be very impressive after a month!

“Thank you, you don’t need to, everyone is now colleagues, and we will support each other in the future!” Wang Xishan said indifferently.

“Brother Wang said yes!”

“Brother Wang, there is also an Inn over there. It’s bigger than the one just now, and it looks very luxurious!” Yang Huanchang pointed. The name of the family in the distance is Sihai Inn, and its eyes are shining.

“We won’t go to that house, there are people behind it.” Wang Xishan whispered.

“Huh?” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Ah what, follow me and learn more in the future, otherwise, when the time comes, you will be charged arbitrarily. If you encounter a platform, be careful not to eat and walk around!” Wang Xishan warned.

“Yes yes yes.”

“Let’s go, find a tea stall for a cup of tea, it’s too hot!”

The entire group quickly Just found a roadside tea stall on the street.

The boss of the tea stall saw that the entire group was bailiff, and hurried over to bring tea and water.

β€œBrother Wang, in County City, which martial arts halls have Martial Cultivation Art from Sixth Stage?” Qin Yi asked.

Myriad Immortals Dao Sect couldn’t learn Sixth Stage martial arts, so he decided to try it elsewhere.

I have also inquired about it before. On the side of the arresting house, there are some Martial Arts of the Second Stage Third Stage, and it takes a certain amount of credit to learn it.

β€œThe martial arts hall of Sixth Stage martial arts?” Wang Xishan looked at Qin Yi.


“As far as I know, there are two martial arts halls in County City with Sixth Stage Martial Cultivation Art, one of which is called the giant elephant martial arts hall, The town hall’s martial arts is called Juxiang Jin! But it’s not that easy to learn the Sixth Stage martial arts, it requires five hundred taels of tuition!”

β€œFive hundred taels?” Qin Yi said at the time. One hundred and two left.

“This is too expensive!” Yang Huanchang twitched his lips.

“That’s not enough. It is said that the matching secret medicines are also very expensive. Don’t go to learn if you don’t have more than a thousand taels in your pocket. But there are two other Fifth Stage martial arts in this martial arts hall. , the tuition fee is only 221.” Wang Xishan introduced.

β€œWhat about the other martial arts hall?” Qin Yi asked.

“The other martial arts hall is called Moonchaser Martial Hall, and the town hall’s martial arts is called Meteor Chasing Moon Step. The tuition fee is 300 taels, and the secret medicine is also very expensive, one or two servings! One serving a day is used. Secret medicine, thirty-two a month, three hundred and sixty a year!”

“That’s really hard to learn!” Qin Yi sighed.

Everyone agrees.


“The tuition fee is three hundred taels, which is much cheaper than the giant statue martial arts hall.” Qin Yi secretly said, most people major in one or two martial arts in their lifetime, so the martial arts in the movement method flow are generally average. There are few majors, so it is normal for the tuition to be cheaper.

As for the expensive secret medicine, it doesn’t matter to him. He only needs to learn to get started!

In the next few days, Qin Yi followed his colleagues to patrol the streets, or hunted down some small thieves, or dealt with trivial matters, and the days were relatively quiet.

The Twelfth team captures the house.

Captain Lei Yongyuan’s face became a little dignified after reading the letter in his hand.

“The letter sent by the pavilion in Li Family Town, the fifteen people we sent to the squad yesterday, are missing!”

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