Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 43

“Missing?” Cheng Dong and Ding Wanhao looked at each other, slightly startled.

“Leading the team is Rayong. The veterans in the team have the strength of the Third Stage. It seems that the disappearance case in Li Family Town is not simple!” Ding Wanhao said solemnly.

Three days ago, a missing person case occurred in a town called Li Family near Jiangning County. Eight young boys and girls, all children of wealthy families in the town, disappeared overnight.

The town of Li Family also has eight permanent bailiffs, but these wastes have been investigated for two days without the slightest clue. The task was given to them again, so Lei Yongyuan had to send a team down to investigate.

In fact, when something like this happened in a trifling town, Ray never simply didn’t care about it. However, among the eight missing boys and girls, one boy was the grandson of the richest man in Li Family Town, and the daughter of the richest man happened to be a concubine of an adult in Jiangning County.

So, with just one word from that lord, they had to send someone to investigate!

“Looks like I’ll have to take the team on a trip in person! I’m going to leave right away, Lao Ding, you also come with me, and I’ll leave the city to you, Lao Cheng. ” Lei Yongyuan said.

“Okay, Captain.” Cheng Dong nodded.


In the yard, Qin Yi sat on a stool and was bored.

Today, there is no need to patrol the streets, and there is nothing special, so I can only stay in the arresting room and stand by.

Street patrolling is not something that happens every day!

Lei Yongyuan and Ding Wanhao walked out of the house, looking at the twenty people in the courtyard, Lei Yongyuan opened the mouth and said: “Assemble!”

Suddenly, two More than a dozen people lined up quickly.

“I have a mission, go to Li Family Town with me to investigate the missing persons case, and leave now!”


entire group, Set off with Lei Yongyuan.

On the way, Lei always told the reason of the incident again, which means that the colleague sent out yesterday disappeared, so be very careful here.

Qin Yi, who was following behind the team, couldn’t help but secretly said: “No wonder Lei Yongyuan, the Captain, came out in person. It turns out that a colleague has disappeared. It doesn’t seem to be an ordinary case of missing persons.”

The town of Li Family is not very far from Jiangning County, about an hour and a half away.

In the afternoon, everyone came to Li Family Town.

The town center.

In the hospital.

In ancient times, there was no yamen in the town, there was only one government office. In addition to the pavilion and the largest one, there were several civil servants and a few bailiffs, so there were no extra people.

Inside the house.

Lei Yongyuan asked Ji Yushan, the old pavilion chief, about the situation.

“You mean last night, Luo Yong led my subordinates to the inn five miles south of the town to rest, and they never saw them again. The inn also said that no one came to stay last night. ?”

“Yes, Luo bailiff told the subordinate yesterday that he would come to me this morning and let me continue to be his guide to search for clues. I waited around and waited for no one in the morning before sending someone over. I took a look at the situation at the inn. I didn’t expect that the people at the inn said that they didn’t see any bailiffs coming to rest last night. I found out that things were not good. I searched on the way to the north, but I haven’t found it yet,” Ji Yushan said.

“It seems that something happened on the way to the inn!” Ding Wanhao sighed.

“Have you searched deeply on both sides of the road?” Lei Yongyuan looked towards Ji Yushan.

“Uh, I mobilized the missing family members and asked them to send a group of people to help search, but there were only more than 20 people plus eight bailiffs. The number of people was too small, and the search speed was not fast.” Ji Yushan said helplessly.

Lei was silent after listening to Ding Wanhao, and then said to Ding Wanhao: “Who do you think did it?”

“Dare to shoot bailiff, I am afraid that the enemy is not simple, even “…”

Before he finished speaking, a voice of gasping for breath came from outside the door.

“Headmaster, we found it, found those bailiff bodies!”

A bailiff brow beaded with sweat ran in!

“Found the body?” Ji Yushan complexion changed, then looked towards Lei Yongyuan and the others.

“Where?” Lei Yongyuan grabbed the little bailiff.

“Da, my lord, we found those in a wood two miles away from the inn and three miles to the south. The corpses of those adults, a total of fifteen. .” Little bailiff said with a pale face.

“Take us right away!” Lei Yong said with a gloomy expression.

“Yes yes yes, please come with me sir~”


Outside the town, in a wood.

“Deputy Altar Master, we didn’t find any follow-up helpers from that bailiff team.” A big man with a red scarf wrapped around his head, one-knee kneels, reported in front of Wang Kuntai.

“Well, that’s good. Unfortunately, the fish we brought out this time were not very big, and we didn’t bring out those Constable teams, just a trifling team Captain.” Wang Kuntai was a little disappointed.

A few days ago, one of their Altar Masters was besieged and killed in Jiangning County. Their Branch Lord was furious and decided to take revenge on these Imperial Court lackeys.

That’s why this time action, not only him, but also some same sects lurking near Jiangning County city, will also launch revenge in the past few days!

The Branch Lord said that whoever kills a squad Constable, or a Colonel of the City Guard, can take the place of the vacant Altar Master.

For this reason, he also specially invited a friend of his to come and help!

“Old Wang, don’t worry, when we destroy this bailiff, maybe the Jiangning County team Constable will not be able to sit down, next time they lead the team out in person, you will have a chance. already?” Zhang Can said with a smile.

“Hope it~ But for now, let’s get rid of these little trash fish first!”


After one hour.

In front of a forest.

“Sir, it’s inside!” Little bailiff pointed to the inside and said to Lei Yongyuan and the others.

“Okay, go in!” Lei Yongyuan walked in first.

As they entered the woods, they saw blood on the ground.

“Haha, the small fish has arrived!”

The voice suddenly appeared.

“Who!” Lei Yongyuan complexion changed, eyes alert.

“Kill me! Don’t leave one!”

All around the woods, all directions, hundreds of people suddenly poured out, all of them wearing red scarves, moved towards They came around quickly!

“Not good, it’s the Red Sect remnant!” Lei Yongyuan exclaimed, he absolutely did not expect that it was originally a disappearance case, and the enemy suddenly became the Red Sect!

“Retreat, retreat to the north!” Lei Yongyuan saw that the number of Red Sect was several times better than them, and he immediately retreated!

People set up a trap to wait for them to come to the door, it will definitely pinch them to death, and a death battle is not the best choice!

When they heard the retreat, everyone tried their best to break through to the north.

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