Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 44

The fastest runners were Lei Yongyuan and Ding Wanhao. Several Red Sect members who tried to intercept them were brought down in three or two strokes, forcibly rushing out of the encirclement!

Qin Yi was not far behind, not far behind the two, and ran away.

To be honest, he didn’t expect that the mission out of the city would eventually turn into being surrounded and killed by the Red Sect!


The slow bailiffs are being chopped to the ground one by one.

The screams continued.

“Ah, don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I surrender, I surrender!” A bailiff who joined the yamen on the same day as Qin Yi saw himself surrounded, raised his hands in despair and panic and surrendered .


His head flew into the air, and his eyes were full of astonishment, as if he was saying that I had surrendered, why would you kill me?

Qin Yi slashed a Red Sect member who rushed out from the left with one knife, and continued to catch up with the Captains who were madly fleeing in front.

Gradually, the screams were no longer heard behind him.

Only five or six people broke through, and behind them, a dozen Red Sect experts were chasing.

“Hehe, since it’s delivered to the door, don’t run away, it’s useless!” Wang Kuntai sneered and chased after him quickly.

A few more screams.

The colleagues behind Qin Yi were easily resolved by Wang Kuntai, Zhang Can and the others.

At this time, there were three people left, Lei Yongyuan, who fled at the front, and Ding Wanhao, who was fast Qin Yi.

“Qin Feng, I order you to stop them!” Ding Wanhao looked back and saw that Wang Kuntai was still seven-eight zhang away from him, and suddenly the spirits of the dead rose up.

Qin Yi glanced at Ding Wanhao, but did not speak. He accelerated a little and was about to overtake Ding Wanhao.

“You! Stop them!” Ding Wanhao saw that Qin Yi ignored him and even surpassed him, so he moved towards Qin Yi and kicked him in anger.

But the next second, Ding Wanhao seemed to find that he was kicked in the air, and then he felt a pain in his abdomen, and he was kicked to the ground!

Ding Wanhao, who was stunned, couldn’t understand, isn’t this Qin Yi a Third Stage?


Wang Kuntai appeared by his side at some point, punched him in the head, and then he lost consciousness.

“Haha, infighting, infighting!” Wang Kuntai laughed jokingly!

“Brother Zhang, this kid is left for you to deal with, I’ll deal with that Captain first!” Wang Kuntai suddenly accelerated, passed Qin Yi, and rushed towards Lei Yongyuan in front!

“Damn it! It’s hard!” Lei Yongyuan saw that his speed could no longer escape, and he turned around and slashed at Wang Kuntai, who was charging!

The timing and power storage of this blade are used to the extreme, even if it is replaced with the same level, if you are not careful, you will be overcast!

This blade silver light stopped abruptly in front of Wang Kuntai!

A silver dagger blocks his long knife.

Lei Yongyuan raised his leg abruptly, ignoring the fingers numb.


The foot that had just been lifted was not kicked out, but was pushed back by Wang Kuntai, who arrived first.

β€œA heavy mountain!” Lei Yongyuan exclaimed.

momentum is big, power is deep left palm slapped out!

The sudden burst of secret skills can make him, who is only Sixth Stage, burst out with a blow of Seventh Stage!

But just as this palm was about to hit Wang Kuntai’s forehead, a silver light appeared!

“Falling Star!”

A palm left Lei Yongyuan’s body detached and blood splattered.

Amidst the screams, two more silver lights flashed, and Lei Yongyuan had two silver daggers stuck in his chest.

“Okayβ€”quick!” Lei Yongyuan coughed up blood frantically, and his body stepped back step by step. After a few steps, he finally fell to the ground.

“It’s boring~” Wang Kuntai walked over, pulled out the two daggers, and turned around.



Zhang Can’s head disappeared, and the headless corpse still standing fell to the ground.

Even the dozen or so subordinates who followed behind were also in a pool of blood.

Wang Kuntai’s expression froze instantly, his throat was a little dry, he stared at the burly boy with his eyes fixed, and a strong sense of crisis had risen in his heart!

He was just killing a Sixth Stage bailiff. Behind him, Zhang Can, who was also a Seventh Stage player, and a dozen other subordinates with good skills, was actually solved by the guy in front of him.

Eighth Stage?

Or Ninth Stage?

Yes, the other party is too young!

“I don’t know Blade Technique, it’s not very smooth to use. Next time I have to learn a Blade Technique.” Qin Yi dropped the blood-stained knife in his hand and moved towards Wang Kuntai step by step go.

Each step makes Wang Kuntai’s scalp numb!

It was an oppression that he only had when he faced the Branch Lord to test his strength.

“Aren’t you a bailiff?” Wang Kuntai obviously did not believe that a small bailiff had such strength.

Maybe it’s Heaven’s Chosen from some gaming world?

“I’m just a little bailiff now.” Qin Yi kept walking.

“Can you let me go? Or join our Red Sect, with your strength, it is more than enough to be an Altar Master!” Wang Kuntai really didn’t want to fight against this person in front of him!

“Can Master Altar learn the martial arts of Ninth Stage?” Qin Yi asked.

Wang Kuntai was stunned for a moment, then quickly said: “Yes!”

“You hesitated!” Qin Yi returned to his previous sternness.

“You, you’ve done it!” Wang Kuntai took a step forward.

In a few breaths, Qin Yi has already rushed to the front.

The two silver daggers in both hands turn into two silver lights, fiercely stabbing the target.

Qin Yi moved left and right, dodging the two silver lights like lightning.


The silver light appeared again, from two to four, six, eight, until densely packed.

They fell on Qin Yi like a torrential rain.

The silver light disappears.

Wang Kuntai was panting heavily, his hands were numb, and Qin Yi’s silhouette could not be seen in his sight.

“Not good!”

A huge force, with overlapping impact force, slammed into the back of his neck.


Wang Kuntai’s entire neck bone was broken, and the whole person flew towards the front.


Like a dead pig, he rolled to the ground, his feet twitched, and he lost his breath!

“With the same strength as Xue Yinhu, I shouldn’t have learned First Rate martial arts!” Qin Yi shook his head slightly.

Then Qin Yi quickly searched for the bodies of several people. He had just searched three bodies, and there were dense footsteps and noises in the distance.

It seems that a large group of Red Sect followers came over, Qin Yi could only give up searching for the remaining ten or so corpses and disappeared into the forest.

Into the night.

The city gate of County City has been closed, and the open space outside the city is silent.

A silhouette running towards the direction of the city gate gasping for breath, shouting: “open the city gates, open the city gates!”

” Who!” On the city gate, when several City Guard people saw someone running over, they all immediately bent bow and place arrows, ready to shoot at any time.

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