Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 45

“I’m from the Twelfth team! Our squad and Captain were besieged by the Red Sect remnants in Li Family Town! Open the city gates, and I’ll report to Constable!” Qin Yi was in a state of embarrassment, and there were several stab wounds on his body, all of which he inflicted on himself!

But it’s all flesh wounds!

“Red Sect Remnant?” The City Guard on the top of the city heard the news, and the complexion greatly changed.

“Wait here, I’ll send someone to the yamen to report and let them in after they verify your identity!”


Two quarters later, several silhouettes appeared on the city wall.

One of them is Vice Captain Cheng Dong, and the other is Qin Yi and the others’ immediate boss, Constable He Xiongjian!

“Cheng Dong, is that person below from your Twelfth team?” He Xiongjian looked at Qin Yi, who was in a state of embarrassment, and turned his head to ask.

“Yes, his name is Qin Feng, he just joined the job a few days ago, and he is at the Third Stage. Today, he and Captain Lei are indeed going to Li Family Town to investigate the case of missing persons.” Cheng Dong nodded.

Next, Qin Yi saw He Xiongjian talking to a City Guard general, and then a small side door next to the city gate opened.

“Come in quickly!”


“I’ve seen Constable He, Captain Cheng.” Qin Yi saw two people not long after entering the door. He hurried over and hurriedly saluted.

“Qin Feng, what happened?” Cheng Dong asked anxiously.

“Captain, we were besieged by the Red Sect remnants! After we arrived at Li Family Town today…”

Speaking, Qin Yi put the whole sequence of the matter of events to say it again.

Except for the dozen or so Red Sect experts who killed himself, there is no lie!

“You have encountered the siege of more than a hundred Red Sect remnants, Captain Lei and Vice Captain Ding cover up a few of you to break through, and let a few of you return to the city for help?” He Xiongjian frowned.

“Yes.” Qin Yi truthfully nodded.

After all, his Third Stage strength is indeed a good player in that square. After all, Ding Wanhao, the Vice Captain, is the strength of the Fourth Stage.

β€œWhen you escaped from the battlefield, how many of you were left alive?” He Xiongjian looked at Qin Yi’s wounds and asked again.

“It was very chaotic at the time. When we were just attacked, Captain saw a huge gap in the number of people and let us break through! When Captain opened a gap for us, we and Many team members have been out of touch, and I really don’t know how many colleagues are still alive.” Qin Yi said not one drop of water can leak out.

“Well, you should go down to rest first, and you will be given three days off. If the information you reported this time is correct, you will be credited when the time comes.” He Xiongjian waved his hand.

“Retired from my post.” Qin Yi saluted and left.


“Constable, is there any problem with this Qin Feng? At present, he is the only one who came back.” Cheng Dong whispered.

After all, according to Qin Yi, Captain Lei Yongyuan gave them a few good players a chance to break through, but now there is only one person back.

In addition, I don’t know how the situation in Li Family Town is. Who knows if Qin Yi is lying?

“If Captain Lei hadn’t had an accident, this case would have been a small case of missing persons, but now that Captain Lei and more than 20 team members have had an accident, then this case would be very strange! “

“First the missing persons in Li Family Town, then the fifteen people sent by the squad disappeared, and then the entire group of Captain Lei was besieged by the Red Sect remnants! If what Qin Feng said is true, then Qin Feng came back alive, and the other few failed to come back, maybe the Red Sect remnants deliberately let Qin Feng come back to convey the news to us.” He Xiongjian said solemnly.

“You mean, the Red Sect remnant is a nesting doll who wants to be one after another?” Cheng Dong was not stupid, he immediately thought of this possibility!

Captain Lei was besieged and killed. If they continued to send people over, what if the family had already ambushed more people in Li Family Town?

Then the result…

“Then should we send someone to Li Family Town now?”

“It’s getting late, leaving the city is a taboo! What I’ll wait until tomorrow to talk about it, now you and I will go to the chief arrestor first and tell the adults about this!” He Xiongjian said slowly.

Originally, the loss of more than 20 bailiffs was not serious enough to be reported to the chief arresting officer, but when it comes to the remnants of Red Sect, the nature is different.

The high-level officials of County City know that the rebels in the county were created by the remnants of the Red Sect!

Perhaps, after the Chief Arrester finds out about it later, he will report the news to the Jun Cheng as soon as possible!


Qin Yi didn’t go home immediately, but went to a clinic and called out the doctor who was already asleep.

After bandaging his wound, he went home, so as not to worry about Father Qin when the time comes.

After dressing the wound and putting on clothes, it was almost impossible to tell that he was injured.

When I got home, I changed my clothes, sat on the bed, and took out a purse from my arms.

The above two hundred and two silver notes were all found from the bodies of the three Red Sects.

“Now, I have more than 300 taels in my deposit!”

“When I killed the Red Sect people, no one else saw it. After I came back, my explanation was reasonable and reasonable. , It shouldn’t be suspicious of me.” Qin Yi carefully recalled today’s events and analyzed them.


In a small courtyard.

“You said Wang Kuntai died in Li Family Town?” Zhou Wuzhi didn’t show any expression on his face when he heard the news.

“Yes Branch Lord, even his friend Zhang Can is dead. It’s just strange that the bailiff Captain and those bailiffs are all dead. Who killed Wang in the end? The deputy Altar Master’s subordinates can’t find out for the time being.”

“Maybe it was a passing expert, but continue to investigate.”


On the second day, Qin Yi rested at home.

The county government sent a total of three bailiff teams with a total of more than 150 people, and also sent three teams of Constable, in conjunction with the City Guard of 300, and grandiose’s moved towards Li Family town Set off.


Yesterday in the woods.

Except for the bailiff’s corpses, the bodies of the Red Sect people were not found, and they must have been cleaned up by the Red Sect people who came behind.

“There is indeed a big war here!” He Xiongjian made a judgment after seeing the traces of fighting along the way.

At this moment, Cheng Dong hurried over: “Constable, I took someone to inquire about a small village closest to here, and asked some farmers who have arable land in the vicinity. , some of the farmers saw a group of people with red scarves leaving the forest from a distance yesterday evening, they must be people from Red Sect!”

“It seems Qin Feng didn’t lie.”

“Constable, do we want to expand the search now?”

“Yes!” In fact, He Xiongjian thinks that the Red Sect people have already left, But the process still needs to be done.

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