Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 46

In the morning, Qin Yi ate a bowl of beef noodles at a roadside stall, then moved towards Yamen.

The Twelfth team captures the house.

Only eight or nine people were waiting for the point.

A few days ago, Rayong led a team to Li Family Town, 15 people were killed, and then Captain Lei led the team and lost more than 20 people. Now the 50-member Twelfth team is only the current one. Eight or nine people.

Among the seven or eight people who joined Qin Yi on the same day, he was the only one left!

At this time, when those colleagues saw Qin Yi’s arrival, they all gathered around and asked about the situation of the day.

“Qin Feng, what happened that day? I heard that you met the Red Sect remnant? Can you tell us what happened?” Wang Xishan asked curiously.

On that day, he happened to be on duty on the streets and escaped a disaster. Now, thinking about it, he still feels that God is watching over him!

Although they also heard that there was a Red Sect remnant in Li Family Town, they were not quite clear about the specifics of the matter.

“That day we…” Qin Yi said patiently.

Just as he was talking, Vice Captain Cheng Dong respectfully followed a person in.

When everyone saw it, it turned out to be He Xiongjian Constable He, all of them one after another saluted!

β€œI’ve seen Constable He!”

He Xiongjian nodded lightly, looking at the Twelfth team with less than ten people left, his expression was not very good nice.

Captain Lei Yongyuan and Vice Captain Ding Wanhao died in the line of duty, and most of the bailiffs in the team died in Li Family Town, this time is definitely traumatic for the Twelfth team.

We can only hope that a group of new people can be recruited in the yamen as soon as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to carry out many assigned tasks in the future.

“Well, now our team lacks a Captain and a Vice Captain, the Captain will be the original Vice Captain Cheng Dong! Do you understand?” He Xiongjian said.

“I understand!” Everyone said in unison.

Cheng Dong was overjoyed, and immediately thanked He Xiongjian cup one fist in the other hand.

“Now, there are still two Vice Captain positions, Captain Cheng, you can recommend one.”

Cheng Dong listened and swept among the eight or nine people. a circle.

Most of them are looking forward to it.

Vice Captain, although he doesn’t have a Grade 9 position like Captain, he has a lot of power!

“I recommend Wang Xishan! He’s been a three-year-old man, and he is a Third Stage player again.” Cheng Dong cupped his hands.

Wang Xishan, who was named, was instantly overjoyed, secretly said in one’s heart I usually don’t take less pictures of Cheng Dong’s flattery, but now I’m finally going to make it!

“Okay, that’s right!” He Xiongjian nodded, which is considered approval.

Now the situation in County City is also turbulent. To be honest, the loss of most of the team a few days ago, maybe the entire team will be wiped out tomorrow.

In his eyes, these ordinary bailiffs and even these Captains are no different from cannon fodder, which is why Lord Juncheng has added ten bailiff teams!

He doesn’t really care who is the Captain Vice Captain.

But it is not about strength and ability, but also about the position of Constable!

When everyone saw that Constable recognized Wang Xishan, their faces were more or less disappointed.

“The last Vice Captain position…”

The eyes were hot again.

“Let Qin Feng do the job. He brought back the news of the Red Sect remnants in Li Family Town, and he was credited with one credit. He is young and has the strength of the Third Stage, so there is no need for him to take this position. What’s the problem.” He Xiongjian said indifferently.

“Thank you Constable for cultivating!” Qin Yi salutes.

At this time.

The other seven or eight colleagues were a little surprised when they saw this, mainly because Qin Feng has only been here for a few days?

It’s a big luck!

He Xiongjian then asked Cheng Dong to go to the house to talk for a while, and then left in a hurry.

Outside the yard.

Seven or eight colleagues expressed their congratulations to Qin Yi and Wang Xishan, and a few showed their loyalty.

Once a gentleman and a courtier, and now the two are Vice Captains, they must have a good relationship.

After the next value.

“Today I’m the host, let’s go to Eight Directions Building for a meal!” Cheng Dong said with a smile on his face.

After many years, he finally reached the position of Captain, and he was definitely the happiest among them all.

β€œCaptain, then our deference is no substitute for obedience.”

Everyone laughed.

Eight Directions Building is well-known throughout Jiangning County, and the dishes in it are famous far and wide, and most people can’t afford it.

After a meal, everyone is happy.

In the next few days, a group of new players came in one after another in the team, and most of them were based on a period of strength.


In the afternoon, Qin Yi sent a group of team members he led to patrol the streets, and he came to Moonchaser Martial Hall alone.

Now he has more than 300 taels in his pocket, so he plans to learn another martial arts!

At the entrance of the martial arts hall, two martial arts hall Disciples on duty saw Qin Yi wearing a bailiff suit and took the initiative to say hello.

“I don’t know what you are doing, this official?” A man with a short head asked with his hands up.

“I’m here to learn martial arts!” Qin Yi said.

“Learn martial arts?” The two were slightly surprised, but immediately welcomed Qin Yi in.

Entering the yard, I saw the huge Martial Practice Stage, where hundreds of men and women in training uniforms were practicing a certain pace. It seems that it should be the Martial Arts of Moonchaser Martial Hall. -Meteor Chasing Moon Step!

“Master just a moment please, I’ll call Master Hall.” Li Yufan said smartly.

In fact, most people come to learn martial arts, and most of them are received by Eldest Senior Brothers. Where can Hall Master come to receive them in person?

It was mainly because Li Yufan saw the piece of waste token hanging on Qin Yi’s waist, which was written as Vice Captain of the Twelfth team!

Vice Captain, although he is not a big official, but his power is not small, such a person must be well received!

“en. ”

Soon, a tall, thin middle-aged man came out with a hearty laugh.

“My lord, Gao Li, I don’t know what this official is called?” Gao Li walked out, glanced at Qin Yi, and was a little surprised!

So young, he is the Vice Captain of the bailiff team, not to be underestimated.

“My name is Qin Feng.” Qin Yi said.

“It turned out to be Captain Qin, excuse me for not going out to meet you, please forgive me.” Gao Li cupped the hands again.

“I heard that Captain Qin wants to learn martial arts?”

“Yes, I want to learn the martial arts of your Meteor Chasing Moon Step. I heard that the tuition fee is three hundred taels?” Qin Yi said.

“Yes, but since it’s Captain Qin who wants to learn, I can get a 20% discount on the tuition! You can send it to me too.” Gao Li said with a smile.

Qin Yi didn’t expect this Hall Master to be quite a man, but after thinking about it, maybe it was his identity. Change to other ordinary bailiff, don’t even think about this kind of treatment.

“Then I’ll be disrespectful.” Qin Yi didn’t say no, save if he can.

“There and there, it is my honor that Captain Qin can learn martial arts with me.” Gao Li waved his hand quickly.

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