Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 48


On a roof, two black clothed persons merged into the night.

Both of them were lying on the roof, their eyes fixed on a yard in the distance.

In the yard, a burly man was practicing a movement method.

“Damn it, isn’t that kid a martial arts madman? It’s time for him, he’s still practicing, don’t he need to sleep?” Feng Long whispered.

“Would you like to try it now?” Ma Ren next to him squinted.

“No, it’s still half an hour before the next City Guard will come to patrol this street. After the City Guard has passed, we will move! We better be clean this time, if there is trouble, We may be caught!” Feng Long whispered.

“Good!” Ma Ren nodded. Since the last time the Altar Master was besieged and killed, most of their cult members lurking in Jiangning County were pulled up by the roots!

Now they must be careful!

During this period of time, almost all the remaining members of their cult members have been hidden, but today the two of them were actually sent by the incense master to test the true strength of a prisoner, Vice Captain!

It is said that this Vice Captain is only a trifling Third Stage, and they don’t know why the incense master asked them to test this person’s strength.

In a flash, one hour passed quietly.

The City Guard has been patrolling again and is no longer on this street!

“Damn it, this boy is endless, right?” Ma Ren saw that the boy was still practicing martial arts in the yard, and his forehead was congested.

If it weren’t for the fear of being discovered before they got close, they would have already done it!

“Go ahead, the City Guard is already far away from the block, and even if we are found near the outside of the yard, it will take time to call the City Guard! Enough temptation! Today, I’m going to kill this kid! “Feng Long said in a low voice.

After speaking, the two quietly got off the roof and moved towards the yard over there.

Along the way, the footsteps were very light.

The two of them moved neatly, jumping over the wall back and forth.

As the Fourth Stage, the trifling wall more than two meters high is on the ground in front of them!

“Well, what about people?” Feng Long was the first to climb over the wall, but as soon as he landed, he saw the martial cultivator in the middle of the yard?

“What?” Ma Ren, who had just landed, asked suspiciously.


Ma Ren suddenly lost consciousness when his neck hurt and his eyes darkened!

air-splitting sound starts.

Feng Long made a big alarm, just about to turn around and shoot, but Qin Yi was faster, a knife fell on the back of his neck, and another fainted!

In a house diagonally opposite.

The style of this house is similar to the house Qin Yi rented, but no one has come to buy or rent it yet. It happened that Qin Yi brought these two black clothed persons here to ask some questions, he was afraid It would be bad if there was a movement at home to wake up Father Qin.

At this time, the masks of the two black clothed persons were torn off by Qin Yi, who looked to be men in their thirties.

Both their mouths were stuffed with cotton cloths, and then pulled out the Tick Bone Blade in their hands.

It was an instant operation.

The next second, Feng Long was suddenly awakened by pain!

When he saw the burly young man in front of him picking flesh on his legs, he almost burst into tears!

“Wu wu wu…” Feng Long broke out in a cold sweat and almost wanted to faint again! But his mouth was stuffed with cotton cloth again, and he couldn’t say a word!

“Say, who are you? Why do you want to do something to me?” Qin Yi asked in a low voice.

“If you don’t tell me, I will cut you into a skeleton. I believe you don’t want to hurt like this.”

“By the way, before I cut you into a skeleton. , I plan to castrate you first! So, if you tell me the truth, I will let you go!”

Suddenly, Ma Long agreed like a chicken pecking at rice. The Lord sent over to test the strength of the guy in front of him. Obviously the information to be investigated is Third Stage. Why were they knocked unconscious by the other party?

The strength of this person in front of me is too terrifying!

“Don’t think about yelling, I will kill you with one knife.” Qin Yi put the knife on Ma Long’s neck.

Then he removed the cotton cloth from the other’s mouth.

“Master, we are just a killer of Yingliu Pavilion. We are also just collecting money to do things. I beg you to let us go, we can buy our lives with money!” Feng Long snorted. put the tear duct.

“Yingliu Pavilion?” Qin Yi has heard of this name, but it is said to be an Assassin Organization, which is very famous in Great Yong!

“Who wants my life?” Qin Yi thought he didn’t offend anyone in Jiangning County!

“Sir, our Yingliu Pavilion’s information about our employers is kept confidential. Only our high-level officials know about it. We killers are only on assignments. We don’t know who the employers are.” Feng Long said with a firm eye.

β€œwu wu wu!”

Qin Yi stuffed the cotton cloth into the opponent’s mouth again.

“It seems that you don’t want to tell the truth, then I will castrate you first and then slowly tick your flesh…” Qin Yi showed a cruel smile.

In ten minutes.

Feng Long, who fainted from pain, woke up again.

“Are you willing to tell the truth?” Qin Yi asked indifferently.

The pale-faced Feng Long’s eyes were nodded with fear.

“Very good.” Qin Yi removed the other party’s cotton cloth.

“I said, I said, please stop torturing me.”

“My name is Feng Long, we are Disciple of Red Sect, we are ordered by the incense master today, Come and test your strength!” Feng Longdao.

β€œRed Sect?” Qin Yi frowned.

Unexpectedly, there are Red Sect personnel lurking in Jiangning County!

β€œWhy are you testing me?” Qin Yi asked.

“I, I don’t know, it’s just what the incense master asked us to do, and we came. We really don’t know, I’m really telling the truth.” Feng Long was afraid that Qin Yi would not believe it, and burst into tears. It came out again.

“Before you came to test, did you know what my strength was?”

“Yes, according to the information, you are only Third Stage, I didn’t think that you are so strong, we are Fourth Stage. You were subdued in seconds!” Feng Long squeezed out a smile in pain.

Feng Long’s words silenced Qin Yi.

He simply had no contact with the Red Sect personnel in the city, but why was he being targeted?

Now, he probably guessed why Red Sect sent someone to test him, maybe, the last time he was in Li Family Town, he was already listed as one of the suspects, and then the other party sent someone to test him. Come and try to rule out!

“Tell me, where is your incense master currently? How many bases do you Red Sect have in the city?” Qin Yi asked coldly.

“I told you, can you let me die?”


“You swear I will believe it!”

“I Qin Feng, if I kill you, the sky will be struck by thunder!”

“Okay, I, I am the same stronghold as the Xiangzhu. As for whether there are other strongholds in the city, I really I don’t know! After the last time Altar Master was besieged and killed, most of our strongholds were destroyed. Our stronghold is in Yongle Casino on Chang’an Avenue!”

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