Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 50

“You kid.” Qin Zumin stared at his son who walked out of the yard, blowing his beard and staring at him angrily.

“Hey~ child, you left early, and now your son is disobedient!”

On the morning of the second day, Qin Yi was still leading the patrol.

Suddenly there was a commotion in the direction of the city gate.

“Urgent report! Emergency report!”

“Get out of the way, get out of the way, get out of the way!”

A black Knight rides a warhorse, Rampage on the street, passers-by on the street all give way.

“Go away!” Qin Yi and the others also stepped aside.

“Is it the direction to the county seat, is there a major event on the front lines?”

After one hour.

Qin Yi was told to lead the team back to the capture house.

In the capture room.

Cheng Dong, Wang Xishan, and all the bailiffs from the Twelfth team are here.

After seeing Qin Yi leading the team back, Cheng Dong slowly opened the mouth and said: “Constable He just sent me a new order, starting today, our Twelfth team will be divided into day and night shifts. , the night shift has to patrol a total of eight streets. We have a total of 43 people now, and a team of more than 20 is just right.”

“Isn’t the night patrol the task of the City Guard? Why do we have to do night patrols too?” Qin Yi frowned.

Their bailiff’s main job is to catch thieves, solve cases, and levy rent taxes. During the day, they only patrol the streets to see if there are thieves or some suspects.

The night patrol at night belongs to the scope of the work of guarding the city and is generally performed by the City Guard.

“That’s right!” Wang Xi had just returned from patrolling the streets, and he was a little confused as to why Constable issued this order.

“The bad news just came back that there are three more counties in the county rebellion! It’s already in line with the previous four rebel counties. So the law and order of our County City must be strengthened! “Cheng Dong opened the mouth and said.

“What? Three more counties broke out in rebellion?”

Everyone was shocked!

Jiangning County controls a total of 28 counties, so now seven counties have rebelled!

“So, let me assign a task now, Pharaoh, you are in charge of the daytime patrol, Qin Feng, you are in charge of the night patrol, is there any problem?” Cheng Dong said with a smile.

“Captain Cheng, is it a rotation?” Qin Yi asked.

“No, you’ve been in charge of the night patrol. If it’s a rotation, you’ll have two shifts reversed day and night. It’s better for one team to be in charge all the time. I’m sure you’ll be fine, right?”

Looking at Cheng Dong’s smiling face, Qin Yi was slightly frowned, since Cheng Dong took office as Captain a few days later, he found that the other party was relatively unfamiliar to him, even on multiple missions. Give him the hard work.

This time night watch is a dangerous job.

During the day, County City will definitely not make a fuss, but at night, it’s not as safe as it seems.

Exclude him?

After all, Qin Yi was only fifteen years old at the Third Stage, and the current Cheng Dong is only at the Fourth Stage. Qin Yi’s potential is huge in the eyes of many people.

Wang Xishan on the side saw this, he hesitated, but still did not speak.

“No problem.” Qin Yi said with a blank expression.

It’s just right, night patrol at night, sleep in the morning, and time to go to Moonchaser Martial Hall to learn martial arts in the afternoon!

Having practiced two Literary Art, he sleeps three hours a day, and the second day is still full of energy!

“Okay, no problem!”

Seeing that Qin Yi didn’t dare to refuse, Cheng Dong smiled even more: “Okay, you can lead the team back to rest now. , remember to come to the night patrol tonight!”

“en. “Qin Yi nodded, and then let his team go back to rest.

Out of the yamen.

Qin Yi looked at the sky and muttered to himself: “There are three more counties rebellion, this Jiangning County is getting more and more chaotic, will it be like the Nanyang County next door, completely occupied?”

During this period of time, the county government army on the front line was still fighting the rebels, and it seemed that there was not much progress.



The county seat, in a study.

The three largest officials in Jiangning County, the county governor Pang Jiuling, the censor Chen Zhongyi, and the county chief Sima Sheng, are discussing matters on the front line together.

Today, three county rebellions occurred again in the county, which was also unexpected for them!

“Two, now there are three counties rebellion, our frontline is under great pressure! The two deputy commanders of the frontline have asked me for reinforcements! I plan to send reinforcements, what do you think?” Pang Jiuling said solemnly.

His son Pang Shaozheng is on the front line, and the current situation makes him a little worried.

“Reinforcements are definitely needed. It depends on how much reinforcements are needed. After all, Jiangning County has to be guarded.” Chen Zhongyi has always been against Pang Jiuling. It is to monitor the officials of Jiangning County! He wished that Pang Jiuling’s son died on the front line.

But now that the rebels are rampant, he can’t object.

when the time comes Jiangning County

“In the past few months, our City Guard has expanded from the original 500 to 3,000, and the arresting team has also increased from the original 500 to about 1,000. Before that, there were 1,000 people left. The left-behind county government army has been recruiting continuously for the past few months, and there are currently 5,000 troops. I suggest that the county government army commander Di Long personally lead the 4,000 county government troops to reinforce! The rest of the city defense is left to the City Guard and bailiff should be able to hold on!” Sima Sheng opened the mouth and said.

He’s always been with the sheriff, which must support the sheriff!

“Will you send too many?” Chen Zhongyi frowned.

“Not many, but too few! Even passing through some counties, we have to continue recruiting troops.” Pang Jiuling shook the head.

Right now.

“Who!” Sima Sheng’s silhouette flashed and disappeared in place.


The gate slams open and he rushes outside!

“assassin?” Pang Jiuling and Chen Zhongyi complexion changed.

Outside the door.

A silhouette in black golden falcon suits confronts Sima Sheng.

“All three are here, just right, I’ll find them one by one!” The man’s voice was cold.

“Your Excellency is… a person from Forbidden Martial Hall?” Sima Sheng looked at the other party’s costume. Although he had never seen it before, he vaguely remembered the meaning behind this set of costumes in his mind. Forbidden Martial Hall!

“Forbidden Martial Hall?”

When the two of them heard this, their expressions suddenly changed, and they came out in a hurry.

“My official Forbidden Martial Hall Patrol Envoy Tang Mingwu, I now order you to send all your forces to cooperate with my Forbidden Martial Hall to catch someone!” Tang Mingwu took off the waist token from his waist and threw it directly to Sima Sheng.

Sima Sheng was embarrassed when he took over the wast token. He had never seen the wast token of Forbidden Martial Hall and didn’t know how to distinguish the authenticity, so he handed it to the county governor Pang Jiuling.

Pang Jiuling took it over and took a closer look, her face suddenly straightened: “It turned out to be Inspector Tang, I don’t know if you want us to cooperate with you to catch who?”

The other party’s attitude is arrogant, Forbidden Martial Hall The Patrol Envoy is only a Grade 6 official, and there is no respect for him as a Grade 4 county governor. But he knew very well that Forbidden Martial Hall could indeed be so arrogant!

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