Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 51

β€œSupreme Profound Dao Palace Palace Lord Zhang Daoxuan! Half a month ago, we discovered that Supreme Profound Dao Palace was collaborating with Northern Origin, and under our siege, only this member escaped Come out. He’s a Ninth Stage expert, so when the time comes your people find him, just hang on to him and signal me and another Guo Hu, Patrol Envoy! Got it?” Tang Mingwu opened the mouth and said.

Two Patrol Envoys dispatched? This seems unusual!

“Since it is the order of the Forbidden Martial Hall, of course we obey.” Pang Jiuling nodded.

“That’s good, now, use your powers to start searching for this person in the whole city!” Tang Mingwu took out a portrait and handed it to him.

“Two quarter of an hour ago, he was injured by us and fled into the city. Now I want you to conduct a city-wide investigation!”

“We will do it right away!”


After Tang Mingwu left, the three of them met face to face.

“I didn’t expect Forbidden Martial Hall to appear in Jiangning County! It’s really the first time I’ve seen it!” Pang Jiuling took a deep breath, her face dignified.

“Supreme Profound Dao Palace is just a medium-sized Sect, and the highest martial arts among them is the Sixth Stage. I didn’t think of a Ninth Stage expert! It seems to be an awe-inspiring innate talent!” Sima Shengdao. He is very clear about how difficult it is to have Ninth Stage strength through low-level martial arts, and how much evil innate talent is needed!

“I think Supreme Profound Dao Palace’s collaborating with Northern Origin is just a random excuse for Forbidden Martial Hall, and the things involved are far beyond our reach, so this time, we let the following It’s enough to cooperate with everyone, and don’t ask about the rest!” Chen Zhongyi said with a heavy face. He is from Beijing, and he is very clear about what the dispatch of Forbidden Martial Hall represents!

“Then what if they want to use the county army? When the time comes, wouldn’t it delay the reinforcement of the front line?” Sima Sheng was stunned. Although he was the third-in-command of Jiangning County, he was Pang Jiuling. Pulled up by one hand, I don’t know much about Forbidden Martial Hall.

“They really use it, we can only let them use it!” Pang Jiuling waved his hand and said helplessly.


The night is getting darker.

Qin Yi was patrolling the streets with twenty people.

Walking through an intersection.

“You are a team of five, one team patrols two streets, and when you encounter an emergency, signal for help! Do you understand?” Qin Yi opened the mouth and said.

“Understood!” Mei Wenjie and the others nodded.


Watching the teams disappearing at the intersection of the street, Qin Yi slowly moved towards the direction of his home. The street where he was located, It is also within the range he is responsible for patrolling.

He plans to lie on the roof of his house and be lazy. This kind of drudgery, he, a Vice Captain, does not need to do it himself!

If the patrolling team really encounters a bad guy, just send a signal to him to arrive.

Walk and walk.

While passing through a dark alley.

“Who’s in there!” Qin Yi turned his head and looked towards the dark alley.

A few months ago, Jiangning County implemented a curfew, and those who dare to come out at night are not serious people!

Suddenly, a strong sense of crisis poured out from the bottom of my heart, and my hair stood upside down!

“Soaring Shift!” Qin Yi disappeared in place.

However, that strong sense of crisis still lingers.

Besides, there was a faint sound of breaking the air.

Qin Yi clenched the teeth: “flash step!”

The silhouette jumps, constantly shifting positions.

From start to finish, that ray of murderous aura is still locked on him!

A palm appeared in front of him at an unknown time.

Between life and death, Qin Yi can only choose hard connection!

β€œFive Piles Vigor!”


The sleeves of the entire arm were shattered and turned into pieces. A huge force raged and destroyed Qin Yi’s right hand. The entire fist was lost in pain.

Qin Yi was hit by the inertial impact of the huge impact and flew out four or five meters. Fortunately, he stabilized his body in time and did not fall to the ground!

Across from him, a black robed man with a mask stood in front of him, unable to tell his age.

Just when Qin Yi was thinking about how to escape, he suddenly found that the murderous aura locked on him had disappeared!

“Five Piles Vigor, Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist. The movement method you used just now is Azure Dao Palace’s Lightshake Movement Method and Heavenly Jade Steps, right?” The black robed man’s voice was a little old and hoarse.

“Who are you?” Qin Yi’s heart sank to the freezing point. It was the second time he suffered a loss at the hands of the enemy, and the mask black robed man in front of him was stronger than any enemy he had ever encountered before. Be strong!

Even at the speed he is good at, the other party is faster than himself!

Ninth Stage speed?

It is not surprising that the opponent can recognize his Heavenly Jade Steps and Lightshake Movement Method at a glance, after all, it is one of the seven great powers of Azure Dao Palace, but how does the opponent know Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist and Five Piles Vigor’s secret skill?

Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist is not well-known in Azure Dao Palace at all, and many Disciples just think it is a health boxing.

He has not heard of any one that can cultivate to the proven place, and cultivation has a secret skill Five Piles Vigor!

And how does this person know Five Piles Vigor?

The black robed man did not answer Qin Yi’s words, but looked at the wast token on Qin Yi’s body, frowned, and then laughed: “Interesting and interesting!”

After finishing speaking, moved Towards the alley, the silhouette flickered and disappeared among the overlapping houses.

“Go?” Qin Yi’s originally tense nerves finally relaxed a little.

“That weirdo, get out of here first!”

Didn’t choose to stay any longer, and left here quickly.

In a clinic, Qin Yi asked the old doctor whom he called to apply ointment to his red and swollen right hand.

Just a reckless fight and he was hurt!

You must know that he does not use secret skills, and his strength has reached the Seventh Stage. Using the secret skills is definitely a blow with Eighth Stage!

But still hurt!

“That weirdo, is the strength of Ninth Stage?” Qin Yi was shocked. If the other party really wants to kill him, it is estimated that he will die!


A bunch of fireworks exploded in the air.

Qin Yi looked through the clinic window, frowned.

“It’s the emergency rally signal from the Yamen side!” Qin Yi dropped the silver tael to the old doctor and moved towards the Yamen direction.

As soon as this signal is sent, those who fail to meet will be dismissed at light level, and the consequences will be unimaginable at worst!

After half an hour, Qin Yi was almost at the Yamen side.

Along the way, he saw many colleagues coming here one after another, not only their Twelfth team, but also the night patrol bailiffs of other teams.

Just before entering the door, Qin Yi met Mei Wenjie and the others.

“Qin team, what happened?”

“I don’t know, go ahead and talk about it.” Qin Yi said.

Fortunately, before he went to the clinic, he went home and changed into another set of clothes, and also brought a pair of gloves, otherwise his left hand injury would definitely be found.

As soon as I entered, I saw that Constable He Xiongjian was there!

Not long after, there was movement outside the door, and the eleventh square also rushed over, as well as Cheng Dong and other colleagues who were on duty during the day.

He Xiongjian is very satisfied to see that everyone is here!

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