Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 52

β€œThe urgent task issued by the Sir County Guard personally will conduct a comprehensive search of the whole city in a while. Anyone who finds no way to lead or no identification will be arrested. In particular, the group of Taoists needs to be investigated extra. The person we want to arrest this time is an Old Daoist Priest, Supreme Profound Dao Palace Palace Lord Zhang Daoxuan! This is his portrait!” He Xiongjian took out his portrait. A portrait with the ink still not dry came out.

In the portrait, what appears to be a fifty-sixty-year-old Taoist man, wearing a blue-grey daoist robe, is six feet tall.

“Once you find this person, just hang on to him, don’t let him run away, and send a signal! When the time comes, someone will take care of it!”

“Who will find out? He, the Sir County Guard said it, there will be a reward!”

“Remember, this time the Sir County Guard said it himself, during the search process, whoever dared to refuse the search, don’t pay attention, after the incident Sir County Guard will support us, understand?” He Xiongjian said solemnly.

“Understood, Constable!” Everyone said in unison.

Qin Yi was slightly surprised. This kind of search was even more intense than the previous search for Red Sect’s remnants!

The Supreme Profound Dao Palace? Isn’t this one of the nine meridians of Taoism? It belongs to the same origin as the Azure Dao Palace where Qin Yi was before!

“Now, the eleventh team will be led by me, start the search from here, Team Twelfth, start the search from there, and set off immediately!” He Xiongjian said swiftly and decisively.

Soon, the two teams set off like this.

Not long after, the entire Jiangning County city ushered in a big search!



The gate of a casino was violently kicked open by Cheng Dong.

More than forty people from Team Twelfth filed in.

“Search for me!” Cheng Dong stared sharply at the dozen or so gaming tables in the lobby on the first floor, opened the mouth and said.

“Slow!” A leading man who seemed to be watching the scene stepped out.

“Several officials, I don’t know what you are looking for?”

“Of course, we are searching for unidentified people, let all of you come over, we want one by one. Investigate!” Cheng Dong followed, but his eyes were already on the gambling money on the gambling table.

“We all have no problem with our identities here, sir, are you sure you want to search? We belong to the Chen Family’s industry, and the Chen Family has a backer!” The leading man narrowed his eyes.

The Chen Family is a Great Family in the entire Jiangning County City. One of the Chen Family’s daughters is the wife of Di Long, the commander of the county army.

How dare this trifling bailiff Captain find fault?

Don’t be afraid of breaking your job!

“Hehe, let your Chen Family say this to the Sir County Guard. Tonight, whoever dares to stop it, kill without mercy!” Cheng Dong drew his long knife and said fiercely.

“You!” The big man had a burst of green and a burst of red. To be honest, it was the first time he met a bailiff who didn’t even give the Chen Family face!

“Search for me!”

Immediately, a group of bailiffs swarmed up, and those thugs in the casino who were watching the scene looked at me and I looked at you, and they didn’t dare to stop them for a while.

“Give me all the people in each room to gather outside, and I’ll ask each of them for questioning later!”

At this time, when many bailiffs were rummaging through boxes and cabinets to search, One by one, they are smoothing things on the gaming table without a trace.

“Master, just search, it’s too much for you to give birth to a third hand.” The leading man said complexion Ashen when he saw some bailiffs walking along the table.

“Which eye did you see? I suspect that you are obstructing official business, and I will take you back for a good torture later!” Cheng Dong walked up to the big man and kicked him in the stomach past.

The latter did not expect that the other party would make a move, so he was dumbfounded and screamed in pain when he was kicked to the ground.

“hmph, be quick, and go to the next one later!” Cheng Dong walked to the gambling table with the most banknotes and put the banknotes on it in his pocket.

However, including Cheng Dong, all bailiffs didn’t take the silver bills from the casino’s front desk and the cashier, they just took the money from the gaming table, which is the money of the customers who came to gamble. If you lose the casino money, you may suffer retaliation in the future.

So, both sides are on point!

Qin Yi saw that they all took some of them, and he didn’t take the 50 taels into his pocket without being a good person.

In a quarter of an hour.

“Next house!”

The team begins their search for each street.

Except for one or two Inns who caught a few with no wayfinding or no identification, there wasn’t much to discover.

However, everyone’s pockets were bulging at this time, and everyone was in a good mood.

I can’t wait to do this kind of big search several times a month!

“Captain, there is a Trading Company over there, maybe it will hide that wanted criminal called Zhang Daoxuan!” A bailiff said to Cheng Dong.

“Haha, you’re right, let’s go and search!” Cheng Dong took the lead and rushed over with the team.

peng peng peng!

Violent knock on the door.

“Who!” An old man opened the door.

“Search for the wanted criminal, get out of the way!” Cheng Dong pushed the old man away, and a group of people rushed in.

The old man couldn’t stop him if he wanted to!

But as soon as everyone entered the yard, more than a dozen big men ran out of the house.

“This official, why did you break into our Four Seas Trading Company at night?” Zhong Yanbin cupped the hands and asked.

“Are you the shopkeeper here?” Cheng Dong asked, looking at the white middle-aged man in front of him.

“I am the boss here.” Zhong Yanbin nodded.

“That’s easy to talk about, we want to search for a wanted criminal, so you’d better get out of the way and let us search, otherwise we will even arrest you for torture!” Cheng Dong said domineeringly.

Zhu Pengtao frowned next to Zhong Yanbin: “Everyone, our Four Seas Trading Company has always been a serious businessman, how could it be possible to hide a wanted criminal?”

“Haha, did you hide it? You don’t have to say it, I have the final say! Get out of the way!” Cheng Dong said and was about to forcibly search.

“This official, we, Four Seas Trading Company, also have shares in the history of prisons. Are you sure you want to forcibly search? I’m afraid that when the time comes, you won’t be able to eat and go!” Zhong Yanbin was angry. road.

“Prison History? I’m so scared! Then I’ll tell you well, this time the search was ordered by the Sir County Guard himself, whoever dares to refuse the search will be killed without mercy! You can take it Give it a try with your head!” Cheng Dong said domineeringly.

In the past, in the face of such a person behind the scenes, he did not dare to search so hard, and sometimes even politely.

But now that the Sir County Guard has spoken, as long as he doesn’t go too far, these people won’t dare to do anything to him afterwards!

If you dare, report directly to the Sir County Guard!

Seeing such a tough Cheng Dong, Zhong Yanbin and Zhu Pengtao looked at each other, and then Zhong Yanbin said with a smile: “Okay, gentlemen, please search.”

“Go, go in and search!”

A group of people entered the house one after another and began to search.

Qin Yi followed behind and looked around. There were some goods for sale in the house.

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