Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 53

Many bailiffs looked at them and found that they are not very valuable products, and many items are too large and inconvenient to carry.

Cheng Dong walked around and kicked open the door to the backyard.

“Go, go to the backyard to search!”

“Wait a minute, this official, there is a warehouse in the backyard, there is simply no one, so there is no need to search, right? “Zhu Pengtao saw a group of bailiffs going to the backyard to search, and immediately stepped forward to persuade them.

“Why don’t you search? What if the wanted criminal is hiding in the warehouse?” Cheng Dong said with a sneer.

“There’s really no one over there! Sir, what’s the convenience? The things in the warehouse are piled up in layers, so it would be inconvenient for you to search.” Zhong Yanbin also stepped forward and took it secretly. A one hundred tael silver note was issued and stuffed into Cheng Dong’s hand.

Cheng Dong looked at the bank note in his hand, and a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

What’s in the warehouse, worth the money? At this time, if you continue to extort this wronged person without fiercely, I’m sorry for myself!

“I said, keep searching!” Cheng Dong pushed aside the obstruction of the two and led the team to move towards the backyard.

He wants to force these two people, one hundred taels, he thinks it’s not enough! He wants more!

“Master, there’s no need for that.” Zhong Yanbin saw that Cheng Dong didn’t mean to stop at all, which made him a little anxious.

But Cheng Dong ignored the two, and a group of bailiff came to the warehouse door in the backyard.

“Officer, you have to say it carefully, there is really nothing in it!”

Cheng Dong didn’t listen to the two of them and insisted on going in to search!

At this moment, Zhong Yanbin and Zhu Pengtao glanced at each other vaguely, as if they had made a decision!

At this moment, Cheng Dong split open the lock on the door, kicked open the warehouse door, and led the team in.

In the warehouse, there are piles of big boxes, there are dozens of them, I don’t know what is inside!

“Take it apart and see what it is!” Cheng Dong gave orders.

All the bailiffs opened the boxes one by one when they heard the order.

Qin Yi didn’t do it, but watched his subordinates do it. He was also very curious about what it would contain!


As the wooden boxes were opened one by one, Cheng Dong raised the torch and took a photo inside the boxes. In the next second, his face changed suddenly!

Because what’s in the wooden box is — heavy armor!

There are so many boxes, at least two or three hundred sets of heavy armor!

Heavy armor, that’s forbidden in Imperial Court! Even the army of the county government is nothing more than a hundred sets of trifling heavy armor, which is enough to prove how precious heavy armor is.

However, now I found this thing at the Four Seas Trading Company!

As long as a fool knows, these heavy armors are definitely not obtained through serious channels. Where did this Four Seas Trading Company get it? How much energy is behind it? This batch of heavy armor appears here, who are they going to sell to? Rebels?

A series of thoughts in a flash emerged in Cheng Dong’s mind.

Cheng Dong turned around, his forehead was covered in cold sweat, but he still squeezed out a stiff smile: “We didn’t find anything, let’s close the team!”

at this time.


The door of the warehouse was suddenly closed, and the huge warehouse was all around the corner. I don’t know when hundreds of people came out and surrounded more than 40 bailiffs!

In the door of the closed warehouse, Zhong Yanbin, Zhu Pengtao, and a dozen big men behind them were holding knives and staring at everyone with dangerous eyes.

“I told you not to come in and search, but you don’t listen. If you want to leave now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave!” Zhong Yanbin said with a gloomy expression.

“You two, I’m afraid it was a misunderstanding just now. We didn’t see anything just now, right.” Cheng Dong’s attitude changed 180 degrees.

In his heart, he is now scolding mother, and secretly scolding himself for being too greedy. Wouldn’t it be better if he just stopped?

I didn’t expect to search for a Trading Company, and I found these heavy armors!

Damn it!

This time I’m walking the road to my death!

“I believe that only the dead can not see! Kill!” Zhong Yanbin said with a sneer.

“Wait a minute!” Qin Yi said.

“If you kill us, it will also make a big noise. When the time comes, our colleagues or the City Guard who are in the vicinity are attracted to search. You must be finished. Why don’t you take a step back?”

“To solve your group of weak chickens, you won’t make any big noise at all, kill me!”

In an instant, the people in all directions moved towards the bailiff in the middle and surrounded and killed come over.

Blade light and sword shadows, screaming constantly.

“Break out, break out!” Cheng Dong roared.

“Go to hell!” Zhong Yanbin appeared in front of Cheng Dong at some point, and the two immediately fought each other.

But after four or five moves, Cheng Dong was directly chopped off by Zhong Yanbin!

β€œSixth Stage!”


Qin Yi hacked to death a big man who rushed over, and saw that Cheng Dong was killed with one knife. He knew in his heart that these enemies were not simple! These bailiffs alone are definitely doomed.

But I don’t want to reveal my strength!

“Hehe, you kid actually killed several people of Lao Tzu and took your life!” Zhu Pengtao solved a bailiff and rushed directly to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi frowned.

Three packets of lime powder flew into the air.

Three knives are drawn.

bang bang bang!

Suddenly, a puff of smoke filled the air.

“Damn, this kid is cheating!” Zhu Pengtao just charged ahead and backed out.



There is a sound from a window not far away!

“Not good, someone escaped from the window! Kill him for me! No one can escape!”

Zhong Yanbin and Zhu Pengtao, one from the window Chased out the door.

In the yard.

Qin Yi stood in it, with a firework signal in his left hand and a firework in his right hand.

As soon as Zhong Yanbin and Zhu Pengtao came out, they saw the signal fireworks in Qin Yi’s hands, and their expressions changed.

“Let the people in you stop killing my people, otherwise, hum, you can’t escape!” Qin Yi coldly said.

Zhong Yanbin did not stop the killing inside, but piled up a smile and said: “Little Brother, oh no, this official, we have something to say, there is no need to make trouble like this! You are a bailiff, I believe that the salary for a year is not much. Otherwise, I will give you three thousand silver tael, how about it? I will help you settle the dead colleagues in you, so that you will not have any trouble, what do you think? “

“Okay!” Qin Yi smiled slightly.

Zhong Yanbin and Zhu Pengtao’s expressions were relieved when they heard this, but there was already a look of disdain deep in their eyes.

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

Behind Qin Yi, there was the sound of a sharp arrow breaking through the air.

But he was faster, and the signal firework in his hand didn’t know when it had been lit.


Fireworks take off!

“Not good!” Zhong Yanbin and Zhu Pengtao’s expressions suddenly changed.

At this time, Qin Yi dodged the three sharp arrows behind his back and moved towards the outside of the yard!

The fireworks exploded in the air, instantly being seen by bailiff and City Guard who were searching in the vicinity, they moved towards this side and rushed over…

“What should I do now?” Zhu Pengtao has already I don’t have time to chase that bailiff anymore.

“Don’t do anything, let everyone run away!” Zhong Yanbin gloomy face.

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1 day ago

MC is reveals so many clues since the beginning but his people are all blind while the enemy manges to notice him everytime, what bullshit is this.

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