Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 55

If this Zhang Daoxuan was not so fast, he escaped in their hands several times, or he would have won it long ago!

“hmph! Second Rate martial arts is always Second Rate martial arts, no matter how good the innate talent is, he has been like this all his life!” Tang Mingwu snort disdainfully.

“Cultivated so many Second Rate Third Rate martial arts, his body has long been in trouble. These days he frequently uses secret skills, he can’t last long!”

“You said Yes, I hope when the time comes to catch him, the things are still on him, if he hides somewhere in the middle, we will have a hard time!” Guo Hu habitually took out a small black compass , looked at the pointer above, there was still no movement, helplessly sighed said.

“Since we entered Jiangning County, our compass has failed. It seems that Zhang Daoxuan found something and saved it, so our compass can’t be searched!” Tang Mingwu sullenly road.


On Chengnan Street, Qin Yi followed behind the eleventh team, and continued to search from house to house with the large troops.

“Although the general catcher and the surnamed Tang just passed a trick, they seem to be stronger than me. At least the Eighth Stage started, and it is very likely to be the Ninth Stage!”

“What kind of organization is the Forbidden Martial Hall? It doesn’t give any face to the chief arrester!” Qin Yi could see just now that the surnamed Tang did not say anything casually. and Huo Boru hit it!

General arrest, that’s a dignified Grade 6 officer!

Even if they were sent by the imperial consignment, they couldn’t catch any mistakes made by the general arrester.


A bunch of fireworks burst into the sky.


Fireworks explode in the air.

“Over there, two blocks away!” Captain Liu of Team 11 pointed in the direction of the fireworks.

“Let’s go over.” He Xiongjian moved towards and ran over there, but the speed was neither fast nor slow.

Everyone also understands in their hearts that although the credit for catching the enemy is great, the small life is more important.

After everyone arrived at their destination at a moderate pace, they saw a man in an embroidered fishing suit and a man in gray fighting violently on the street. The man in gray used a With a short sword, the embroidered one is a long sword.

On the ground, there were more than 20 corpses, and the blood stained half of the street red.

“Zhang Daoxuan, I see where you can run this time!”

Tang Mingwu’s voice came from a distance.


An arm of the man in the embroidered arresting suit shot up into the sky, while the man in the gray suit did not pursue the victory, but moved towards an alley, and in the blink of an eye, Disappear in the dark!

“Is that Zhang Daoxuan?” Qin Yi looked thoughtful at the disappearing silhouette. How does that height and that movement method resemble the masked weirdo he met tonight?

“Where’s the person?” Tang Mingwu jumped off the roof of a room and saw the corpses all over the place, but he didn’t find Zhang Daoxuan, and his face suddenly turned bad.

“I ran to the alley over there! I can’t stop it.” The man in the embroidered arresting suit looked pale and said, his broken arm was still bleeding.

“Trash!” Tang Mingwu dropped a sentence, moved towards the direction of the alley and chased after him.

“You…” The man in the embroidered arresting suit dared not speak.

After Tang Mingwu disappeared, He Xiongjian hurried over.

“Master Chief, are you alright?”

“It’s my arm!” Liang Yu’s face was so gloomy that water dripped. Sin, seeing that the other party was not in a good state and had injuries on his body, so he planned to go up and give it a try.

I didn’t expect that after a dozen strokes, I lost an arm.

Being scolded as a waste, he was angry! If I had known he was not so active!

“I sent someone to take you to the clinic?” He Xiongjian’s heart was heavy at the moment, that Zhang Daoxuan was too terrifying, right? This Deputy Chief Catcher Liang Yu is the strength of Eighth Stage! If the person from the Forbidden Martial Hall hadn’t appeared, it is estimated that the life of the deputy chief would have been lost.


Soon, four bailiffs sent Liang Yu to the clinic.

“Head, there’s no way to keep searching like this.” Captain Liu of Team 11 lowered his voice.

The strength of that wanted criminal is obvious to all. When these people meet, they are almost bode ill rather than well.

Didn’t you see that Deputy Chief Constable lost an arm?

“Remember not to rush too fast later. If we are unlucky to meet, everyone should seek more blessings for themselves.” He Xiongjian squinted.

Who is not afraid of death?

The most important thing is that the people in Forbidden Martial Hall are so domineering.

“Continue to search in the direction of the wanted criminal’s escape, and search from house to house. Please search carefully for me. Every room and everyone must be searched carefully.” He Xiongjian put the two ‘careful’ Words bite hard.

Everyone understands in seconds!

Time passes a little bit.

In the second half of the night, Qin Yi never met the wanted criminal again, but in the first half of the night, he saw three signal fireworks. It seems that the wanted criminal was found three times again. !


Tang Mingwu and Guo Hu arrived at the signalling site again and found that Zhang Daoxuan had long since disappeared except for a few bodies of City Guard.

“Damn it, let him escape again!”

“The previous time, Zhang Daoxuan was obviously seriously injured by our beating, but these rubbish still can’t stop him now. It seems that everyone can’t avoid Zhang Daoxuan.” Tang Minghu’s face was gloomy.

At first, none of them said Zhang Daoxuan was Ninth Stage strength to these bailiffs and City Guard. Now that these bailiffs and City Guards have seen Zhang Daoxuan’s power, they are all afraid to die.

It’s very inefficient to go on like this!

“Call Huo Boru and that Dillon and let them tell their subordinates, whoever can catch Zhang Daoxuan, or help us catch or kill Zhang Daoxuan, reward Seventh Stage martial arts One arts! Three thousand tael of silver!”


At this time, He Xiongjian was leading a team to search for a Goulan, and a bailiff hurried over.

“Constable He, Chief Constable has an order to speed up your search. The Forbidden Martial Hall said that the wanted criminal has been seriously injured and will not last long.”

“The Lord of Forbidden Martial Hall also said that whoever catches or assists in catching this wanted criminal will be rewarded with a Seventh Stage’s First Rate martial arts! Three thousand tael of silver, guaranteed by the Sir County Guard!” bailiff said again.

“A reward for one Seventh Stage martial arts? Three thousand tael of silver?”

What shocked everyone the most was, Seventh Stage martial arts!

“Seventh Stage martial arts!” He Xiongjian’s breathing became rapid.

Seventh Stage martial arts, you can only get Imperial Court rewards if you are in the position of Chief and Deputy Chief Catcher!

He Xiongjian is also currently practicing two Sixth Stage martial arts, and has realized the secret skills at the proven place, so that he has the comprehensive strength of Seventh Stage.

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