Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 56

If he can have a Seventh Stage martial arts, let alone whether it can enhance his own strength, even if it is used to pass it on to future generations, it is a treasure!

This is the First Rate martial arts!

If he had a Seventh Stage martial arts when he started to learn martial arts, his strength would definitely be more than the Seventh Stage today!

“Are you really giving me cakes?” Qin Yi’s heart moved slightly.

“Go, immediately search in the direction of the last signal!” He Xiongjian said with red eyes, dangerous lurks within the riches and honour.

Before, he didn’t want to meet that wanted criminal because he was too strong!

Eighth Stage is no match for the VP catcher. He went to Trifling Seventh Stage just to deliver food.

But now it’s different. The other party is seriously injured.

“Constable He, are you really going? That guy just injured Deputy Chief Captain Liang in a few seconds. Let’s go…” Captain Liu of Team 11 was hesitant to speak. the way.

Even if that person is seriously injured, can these people stop him?

He’s a trifling Fifth Stage prowess!

Didn’t you see that Eighth Stage’s deputy Chief Constable couldn’t hold up much?

Not only this Captain Liu, but also most ordinary bailiffs have this idea. Everyone knows how many catties and how many taels, and this First Rate martial arts is not so easy to get.

“Why, do you want to disobey the command of the chief arrester?” He Xiongjian stared at Captain Liu with red eyes, the latter blushed and dared not say a word.

“Let’s go, let’s go, if anyone dares to take a step back later, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Qin Yi followed behind the group, secretly said in one’s heart, this Constable He It seems that he is jealous of the Seventh Stage martial arts, and has changed his previous attitude towards doing things!


In an alley.

The blood-covered Zhang Daoxuan was running fast. There were many wounds on his body, and the blood was slowly seeping out.

Feeling the tingling pain and fatigue all over the body, Zhang Daoxuan knew in his heart that he might not be able to escape tonight!

One hour ago, he was besieged by two Patrol Envoys at Forbidden Martial Hall, plus Huo Boru and Dillon.

If he hadn’t relied on the speed of Ninth Stage Peak, he would have been killed long ago.

In the end, he tried his best to break out, but he was also injured in many places!

“Zhang Daoxuan, your speed is getting slower and slower, you should choose to surrender, hahaha!” From behind, came Tang Mingwu’s sneer.

Zhang Daoxuan continued to flee without turning his head.

“Before you could run away from me in front of one’s eyes by relying on your speed, but now you are slowing down, you can’t get rid of me.” Tang Mingwu was not in a hurry to talk to Zhang Daoxuan is desperate, he intends to slowly consume the other party!

In the face of this kind of person whose speed is also Peak in the Ninth Stage, he is very afraid in his heart.

Especially Zhang Daoxuan’s perverted speed coupled with that strange and unpredictable short sword Sword Art, a little carelessness may lead to a big somersault in the opponent’s hands!

He was able to escape under the siege of the four Ninth Stages, which is the best proof!

This is also the terrifying point of the innate talent evildoer, who can cultivate several movement methods to proven, realize secret skills, and the perverted speed can skip grades to kill people, and can be in the same level Let you become terror-stricken at the news!

Unless, you’re wearing heavy armor!

“You have used your secret technique so many times tonight, I believe your body is already overloaded, let me guess how many times you can use it!” Tang Mingwu closely chased after Zhang Daoxuan Behind him, he did not forget to use psychological tactics.

He knows that Zhang Daoxuan has cultivated so many Second Rate martial arts, his body has long been in trouble, and now he is using secret skills overloaded. Use the safest and most effective way to kill each other!

One after the other, crossed an alley and entered another street.

A bailiff team looked at the two people rushing over, and suddenly it was like a big enemy.

“Stop him, he is seriously injured and his strength is not as good as before.” Tang Mingwu, who was chasing behind, loudly roared.

Constable, who led the team, saw Zhang Daoxuan who was rushing towards him, and there was a greedy look in his eyes.


Your chance to earn Seventh Stage martial arts is just around the corner!

He also saw that the man was covered in blood, and his condition was far worse than before.

“The encirclement is getting smaller and smaller.” Zhang Daoxuan looked at the bailiff team on his side, and his heart sank.

“Kill!” Constable, the detachment, slammed into it first.

The steel knife in his hand is airtight, he doesn’t need to be tough with the enemy, he just needs to block the enemy’s escape speed a little bit.

β€œhmph!” Zhang Daoxuan coldly snorted.

“so close, yet worlds apart!”

His silhouette suddenly disappeared amid the slaughtered dense blade light.

The next moment.

A short sword exploded cold light.


The blood spurted from the neck of Constable’s neck.

“Hoho…” Constable’s eyes widened and he wanted to speak, but the trachea in his neck was instantly filled with blood.

Several screams rang out again, Zhang Daoxuan stepped on a person’s head and leveraged his strength, jumped onto a roof, moved around a few times, and disappeared into the night. middle.

“Haha, Zhang Daoxuan, I’ll see where you’re going!” Tang Mingwu also exploded his secret skills, chasing Zhang Daoxuan closely.

Zhang Daoxuan was walking across three streets again. He felt the stinging pain in his body getting worse and worse. The overloading of his body and the injuries on his body also caused his condition to decline again.

“Even if I don’t die, with my current situation, I won’t be able to live for a few days.” Zhang Daoxuan felt sad in his heart when he felt the bad situation in his body.

“Time is not waiting for me, time is not waiting for me!”

The fireworks behind him lift off again.

Zhang Daoxuan looked at the huge movement coming from the east side. Don’t look at it, it must be a large army.

Turning around, moved towards the west.

“My help is coming soon, today you will die and there will be no way for you to escape!”

Zhang Daoxuan still ran away.

Above the roofs, Zhang Daoxuan jumped and sprinted like a flat ground.

Just as he stepped on the wall of a compound and jumped up, in midair.

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

Suddenly, there were three piercing sounds behind him.

Zhang Daoxuan, who was unable to take advantage of the in midair, suddenly turned around and sank quickly, dodging the three sharp arrows!


Zhang Daoxuan was forced to fall into a compound, and the bluestone slabs on the ground were cracked.

At this time.

The team led by He Xiongjian was searching for this mansion.

As soon as he rushed into the yard, he saw Zhang Daoxuan fall into the yard.

The two sides looked at each other, and the atmosphere was a bit sudden!

“That person seems to be the wanted criminal!” He Xiongjian’s eyes lit up.

“You guys! Stop him!”

As soon as these words came out, but all the bailiffs around you are looking at me, I look at you, all of them are Don’t dare to rush to intercept.

“Whoever dares not to go is violating the order of the Sir County Guard! Those who violate the order will die!” He Xiongjian’s eyes were red, and he stabbed a bailiff beside him.

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