Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 57


This unfortunate bailiff was directly dealt with by a knife, and blood spattered all around many people’s faces.

“This is the end!”

A group of bailiffs with only one second stage were bullied by a powerful Seventh Stage He Xiongjian, and they all had no choice.

You may not necessarily die if you rush up, but you will definitely die if you stay!

No one dared to hesitate again, for fear of being slashed by He Xiongjian.

“Kill!” Captain Liu was the first to rush out with red eyes.

The other bailiffs didn’t dare to move, and they rushed forward one by one.

Qin Yi wandered among the crowd, staring closely at the silhouette that was getting closer.

“Whoever stops me will die!” Zhang Daoxuan turned into an afterimage, and screams sounded wherever he passed.

At the rear, He Xiongjian looked at Zhang Daoxuan’s speed, which still made his heart skip a beat, and felt a sense of regret in his heart.

“Isn’t it a serious injury? Why is it so fast!”

In a few breaths, seven or eight bailiffs fell to the ground.

Zhang Daoxuan did not fight, and broke into the overlapping rooms in the compound.

“Follow me!” He Xiongjian urged the rest.

He believes that as long as his subordinates hold this man down, it is considered assistance, and he can still obtain Seventh Stage martial arts!

In the face of He Xiongjian’s threat, no one dared to refuse, and one by one entered the rooms to search.

Qin Yi raised a high level of alertness and jumped into a room to search.

Just now, he saw clearly, that person’s movement method is exactly the same movement method that he met that person tonight!

“Last time he didn’t choose to kill me, so he must have no hostility towards me. As long as I don’t take the initiative to court death later, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

At this time, the entire mansion compound was already noisy, and there were already dense footsteps outside the mansion. It seemed that the search army had arrived and surrounded the mansion!

Tang Mingwu landed on the top of the wall, watching Zhang Daoxuan rush into the room, said with a sneer: “Finally the oil runs out and the lamp runs out?”


in the room.

Qin Yi glanced at the room that looked like a living room, and suddenly his eyelids jumped.

Because in the dark corner, he saw that silhouette covered in blood!

The four eyes are facing each other, and the atmosphere is a little frozen.

Zhang Daoxuan looked at Qin Yi with an inexplicable smile on his pale face.


The voice was so small that only Qin Yi could hear it.

“You have more hope than me!”

“???” Qin Yi’s originally tense face was slightly taken aback, although these words are somewhat unfathomable mystery, but he can It was felt that this person was not hostile to him.

If the other party really wanted to kill him, when we first met, he might not necessarily survive!

“so close, yet worlds apart!”

Zhang Daoxuan turned into a black line and rushed to Qin Yi in an instant.

Qin Yi pupils shrank, scolding inwardly, how do you say you do it?

β€œFive Piles Vigor!”


Qin Yi found that the opponent’s speed was too fast, and just as he swung his fist out, he felt a severe pain in his abdomen.

“Remember, you need to find a place where no one is around ten miles before opening it!” A small voice entered Qin Yi’s ear.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Yi was knocked out by a huge force, his body hit the wooden framed window, and he fell directly out of the room.

Qin Yi fell to the ground, a mouthful of blood spurted.

The movement here is seen by people nearby.

“He’s over there!”

“Haha! Come on, come to Slaughter Dao!” Zhang Daoxuan rushed out of the room and disappeared into the crowd in an instant. Kill the ring.

Qin Yi lay on the ground like a corpse, a palm-size hard object was found in the arms of his clothes.

Feeling the burning pain in the abdomen, Qin Yi felt a burst of qi and blood disorder.

His heart shook, the opponent was worthy of the strength of Ninth Stage, and with the secret skills, he didn’t even have the power to fight back!

It’s too much faster than him! Sure enough, it is the world’s martial arts, only speed can not be broken!

It’s no wonder that under the siege of so many people, forcibly it has survived until now!

In the crowd, Zhang Daoxuan is like a life harvester, every second, someone falls into a pool of blood.

“Fly the arrow!”

xiΕ« xiΕ« xiΕ« !

Dozens of sharp arrows shot indiscriminately at the crowd.

Among the crowd, Zhang Daoxuan shot an arrow in the back, a long whistle, the speed increased again, and after a few breaths, he rushed out of the circle of arrows, moved towards the outside of the courtyard and swept out.

“Hehe, he’s already Stranded Beast’s Struggle, catch up!” Tang Mingwu’s eyes glowed and he took the lead in catching up.

He could see that the current Zhang Daoxuan was already using his secret skills regardless of his injuries and wanted to fight for his life.

In addition, Guo Hu, Huo Boru and Di Long also chased after him.

Watching the large army move towards the outside, Qin Yi lying on the ground finally relaxed.

After Zhang Daoxuan fled to another yard, he turned around abruptly and attacked Tang Mingwu who was rushing over.


The two silhouettes collided instantly.

Both were lightning-fast shots.

Those bailiffs and City Guards in all directions found that their eyes couldn’t keep up with each other’s speed, too fast! forced to be a spectator.

“Come and help me!” Tang Mingwu loudly shouted.

Guo Hu did not hesitate to join the battle circle.

Huo Boru and Dillon hesitated, and both joined the siege.

Five people, fighting faster and faster, and moved to the roof.


A short sword was inserted into Tang Mingwu’s right rib, Zhang Daoxuan stirred the short sword with force, Tang Mingwu screamed and slapped Zhang Daoxuan with one palm.

Before falling to the ground, Zhang Daoxuan was hit by Guo Hu again.

On the ground, Zhang Daoxuan was dying.

“Where’s the stuff?” Guo Hu groped for a while at Zhang Daoxuan, who had broken his legs and feet, and found that there was nothing they wanted!

“What’s not on him?” Tang Mingwu covered the wound on his right rib, the complexion changed.

“You two idiots, do you think I’ll take something with me? You’ll never find it for the rest of your life!” Zhang Daoxuan laughed proudly.

“Feed him a medicine pill to hang him, we have to find out the whereabouts of the thing.” Tang Mingwu said hurriedly. If things can’t be found, they can’t cross.

However, just as Guo Hu took out a medicine pill, Zhang Daoxuan died of anger!

“Ah! Damn it!”

“Search for me, dig three feet in the ground! The thing is a dao chart, search for me!” Tang Mingwu was a little caught crazy way. Mission failure, when the time comes they will definitely be punished severely when they go back!


In the early morning, Qin Yi was already lying at home.

He was injured and belonged to a sick patient, so he was exempted from continuing to search for things with the army, and was approved to recuperate at home.

“It turns out that the Forbidden Martial Hall chased and killed Zhang Daoxuan senior, it turned out to be a dao chart?” Qin Yi’s mind was surging.

In other words, Supreme Profound Dao Palace is simply not a collaborator with the Northern Origin, it is just an excuse made up by Forbidden Martial Hall.

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