Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 59

On the second day, Qin Yi went to Yamen to report.

Outside the house.

“Constable, Qin Feng’s ten-day break is over, come to report.”

“Come in!” He Xiongjian’s voice came from inside.

After Qin Yi entered, he saw He Xiongjian browsing a batch of official documents.

“I have seen Constable.” Qin Yi saluted.

“Well, you are the only one left in the 12th team. Now the yamen is recruiting new people. In the past few days, only five people have been recruited. The eleventh team is performing tasks, and when the staff is expanded again, the previous way of leading the team will be resumed.” He Xiongjian asked casually.

“Yes, Constable.” Qin Yi nodded.

“The Twelve Teams found heavy armor in the Four Seas Trading Company before, credit you, I will apply for the position of Captain for you, and now you are temporarily taking the position of Captain, okay, let’s go. “

“Thanks to Constable for cultivation.” Qin Yi surrendered.

“Well, let’s go.”



Next door, the 11th team’s capture room inside the yard.

“Captain Liu, Constable asked me to temporarily carry out a mission with you. Take good care of you these days.” Qin Yi said, looking at the man with a beard and cup one fist in the other hand. .

“You’re welcome, Captain Qin, but I have to congratulate you in advance, ready to become the Captain of the Twelfth squad.” Captain Liu said with envy.

How long has Qin Feng been in the team? Not to mention the continuous merits, he is the only one left in the entire Twelfth team, and Constable He recommended him as the Captain.

“I haven’t applied yet, so it’s hard to say.” Qin Yi modestly said.

After the two of them talked to each other in business, Qin Yi asked, “Captain Liu, I have been recovering from my injuries in the past few days. I wonder if the people from Forbidden Martial Hall are gone?”


“Fuck it! In the past few days, we helped them find some broken dao charts every day, and who knows what kind of moths will come out.” Liu Captain foul-mouthed said.

A few days ago, the wanted criminal was encircled and suppressed. Nearly 20 people died in the 11th team, and the two Vice Captains died.

If it weren’t for his Old Liu good luck, it is estimated that his wife would have remarried now!

“Yeah, the above sentence, we won’t say it when we run and break our legs. Sometimes our lives may not be guaranteed.” Qin Yi echoed.

“That’s not it.”

Captain Liu looked at the sky and said, “Captain Qin, it’s not too early, our task today is to search for every city in the south of the city. Every household, see if there is a dao chart.”

“What does a dao chart look like?” Qin Yi asked.

“The people in the Forbidden Martial Hall said that it was a Taoist picture of an old Taoist in green clothes. Anyway, as long as there are Taoist portraits, or paintings related to Taoists, they will all be confiscated and handed over to the Forbidden Martial Hall. Send them.”


In the morning, Qin Yi and five newcomers followed the eleventh team to conduct a door-to-door search in the south of the city.

In the afternoon, I followed the team to conduct an inventory of some antique calligraphy and painting shops in the south of the city, and confiscated more than a dozen paintings with Taoist calligraphy and paintings.

In the evening, Yamen.

In the capture room.

β€œIt’s finally time to call it a day.” Captain Liu stretched.

“Liu, send these calligraphy and paintings to the people in Forbidden Martial Hall.”

“Liu team, where do the people in Forbidden Martial Hall live now?” Qin Yi curiously asked.

“I live in the other courtyard of the Yamen”


On the way back, Qin Yi thought about that day and that day. Tang Mingwu killed him ruthlessly, and he always remembered this hatred.

Vengeance, I definitely want to avenge it.

But that Tang Mingwu should be the strength of Ninth Stage!

When he left the field that day, Qin Yi clearly saw that Tang Mingwu’s right rib was injured, which should be caused by Zhang Daoxuan senior’s dying counterattack.

But the injured Ninth Stage is always the Ninth Stage.

“I don’t know how much strength he has after being injured!” Qin Yi hesitated in his heart.

If the opponent still has more than half of his strength, he might assassinate him in the past, and maybe he will be the one who will fall in the end!

“Forget it, for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, and when I grow and develop again, when the time comes I can easily pinch him to death.”


In the evening.


In another courtyard.

In a room, there is a strong medicinal smell and a bloody smell.

Tang Mingwu has layers of gauze wrapped around the waist of his right rib. The gauze at the wound can still be seen faintly with blood. Originally, Zhang Daoxuan’s sword was inserted into his right rib, and the injury was not very serious, but at the last moment, Zhang Daoxuan stirred the short sword one hundred and eighty degrees, causing a second injury and directly injuring his body. Heart!


Tang Mingwu tore up the last Taoist portrait he handed over, face somewhat gloomy.

β€œThen where did Zhang Daoxuan hide that dao chart?”

Did he hide it before entering Jiangning County, or was it inside Jiangning County?

If it’s hidden in Jiangning County, it’s easier to find it, but if it’s hidden in the wild, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

He has already discussed with Guo Hu today. Tomorrow Guo Hu will lead people to retrace the route that they chased Zhang Daoxuan all the way, and plan to search to see if they have found anything!

He continued to search in the city.


A sharp arrow suddenly shot from the dark night to the gate of the other courtyard.


Guo Hu in the next room rushed out first, but found that in the dark night ahead, there was no silhouette!

Tang Mingwu also walked out of the room.

When they saw an arrow feather stuck on the door of the other courtyard with a letter tied to it, the two looked at each other.

“Open it in the past to see what it is.” Guo Hu said to a guard against martial arts.

“Yes, sir.”

Soon, Guo Hu and Tang Mingwu saw the content of the letter: I want dao chart, three miles outside the city, parting pavilion Interview!

“The dao chart fell into the hands of others, is it true or false?” Tang Mingwu frowned.

“Whether it’s real or fake or a trap, we have to go there. If we can’t find the dao chart, we will be punished not lightly!” Guo Hu said solemnly.

“If the other party dares to tease us when the time comes, hum, I will make them regret it!” Guo Hu is still very confident in his own strength.

“Do you want to go together?” Guo Hu looked at Tang Mingwu again.

“Go ahead, my injury is not yet healed.” Tang Mingwu shook the head.

“Okay.” Guo Hu didn’t force Tang Mingwu to go with him, he knew that the other party’s injury was serious.

β€œBe careful!” Tang Mingwu said.

“Don’t worry, not everyone has Zhang Daoxuan’s dreaded speed!”

Soon, Guo Hu moved with the only eight remaining guards. towards outside the city.

In the distance, there is a silhouette motionless lying on the roof of a tall building, but a pair of eyes are watching the other courtyard in the distance.

“Only Guo Hu led the team out of the city. It seems that Tang Mingwu is not seriously injured!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

He originally just tested it casually, but he didn’t expect that the test would actually give him the result he wanted.

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