Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 61

In fact, at this time, he could kill Tang Mingwu, a powerful Ninth Stage, mainly because he seized the opportunity. The poisoned dagger wounded him once, and the other side was already injured. , so it is possible to kill the opponent.

In addition, he has several movement method secret skills, which can be applied flexibly in the process of fighting.

“Through the fight against Tang Mingwu at this time, my offensive strength is still unable to mention on equal terms with the Martial Artist of Ninth Stage, at most the level of Eighth Stage.” Qin Yi recalled the fight against this time, There was a vague self-judgment in my heart.

Meet force with force with the injured Tang Mingwu, he was also injured by the opponent, which shows that the two sides are higher.

“But in terms of movement speed, I already have the level of Ninth Stage, and it’s even not bad!”

This time if he didn’t use the movement method to avoid Tang Mingwu’s first stage A wave of second wave offensive also caused the opponent’s injury to aggravate, and he really couldn’t make a contribution!

“It seems that my next step is to choose cultivation, a more offensive martial arts! Improve my offensive power!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“However, my problem has not been resolved, so I rashly learned new martial arts…”

Having used the secret technique many times in a row just now, his body is now a little faint. tingling.


The other courtyards, the Sir County Guard and the Chief Arrester were all present.

Seeing Tang Mingwu, who was already dead, everyone’s face was not very good.

Especially Sir County Guard, he doesn’t know how to explain to Guo Hu later!

After a while, Guo Hu returned to the other courtyard with eight forbidden military guards with a dark face.

He was tricked!

When I went to the parting pavilion outside the city, I didn’t even see a ghost shadow. Fortunately, he touched it cautiously, just for fear of being ambushed. nobody!

“en?” As soon as Guo Hu came in, he saw a group of people in the courtyard of the other courtyard, frowned.

“What happened?”

“Patrol Envoy Guo, Patrol Envoy Tang was killed by an unknown assassin.” Pang Jiuling took a breath.

They all knew Tang Mingwu was injured, but he was injured, but he was still a Martial Artist of Ninth Stage.

Who dares to assassinate Tang Mingwu?

Really bold!

Actually, Huo Boru and several other vice presidents, Constable, were very happy when they saw Tang Mingwu burping.

After all, a few days ago, both sides were having a bad time!

“What? Tang Mingwu is dead?” Guo Hu was stunned after hearing this.

He hurriedly pushed aside the crowd and saw Tang Mingwu’s body on the ground.

“I was scratched to death by the throat, and it looks like I was poisoned!” Guo Hu’s face became gloomy.

He took the lead and looked around the crowd, especially focusing on Huo Boru and Liang Yu, who had a broken arm.

But the two of them were calm and could not see anything.

“What the hell is going on?” He was lured the tiger away from the mountain. It turned out that someone wanted to kill Tang Mingwu!

“When the bailiff of our yamen heard the call for help, someone came to check, but saw a dark shadow leaving quickly, and when I went in, I saw that Patrol Envoy Tang was dead…”


second day evening.

Moonchaser Martial Hall.

After Qin Yi performed the Golden Snake Thorn once, he asked Gao Li, “Hall Master Gao, have you ever seen anyone who cultivated more than five and two Third Rate martial arts to the proven place at the same time? “?”

“Five or more?” Gao Li touched his chin.

“I haven’t seen it, but I heard my dad say that fifty years ago, there was a man who cultivated four Sixth Stage martial arts and one Fifth Stage martial arts in Jiangning County. To profound, he even realized the secret skills of four of them, which is simply a monster! His strength is comparable to the Ninth Stage!”

“So powerful? So, as long as the innate talent is a monster!”

“So powerful? , you don’t need First Rate martial arts to be strong!” Qin Yi said.

“Yes, there is nothing wrong with saying this, but my father said that although the strength can reach the Ninth Stage, it will hurt the body very much! And frequent use of secret skills will deplete the lifespan.” Gao Li said solemnly .

“Wasting lifespan?” Qin Yi thought, could it be that the tingling in his body was caused by too many low-level martial arts in cultivation?

“Yes, as you must know, to become stronger by training martial arts is actually a physique that improves to a certain level, and then cooperates with killing moves. This is the fundamental reason why Martial Artist is stronger than ordinary people.”


Qin Yi’s nodding, this part of the world, cultivation martial arts, can nourish the blood, strengthen the muscles and strengthen the bones, and it is the same as the physical training in the previous life.

A person’s physique can be improved through exercise and energy intake.

This is just the fact that this side of the world has a higher limit than the previous world.

This is why Senior Brother Zhao said before that the strength of Martial Artist is based on speed and strength.

The speed and strength are not strong, no matter how powerful the ultimate move is, it is just a pretence.

“Why is Third Rate martial arts, the upper limit is only Third Stage? Second Rate martial arts, and the upper limit is Sixth Stage?”

“The reason is that Second Rate and Third Rate martial arts cannot do it Strengthening the physique of the whole body, although it is to strengthen the physique of the whole body at first, but at a certain stage, you can only choose a certain part of the body, and focus on strengthening in a certain direction, so its upper limit is doomed.” Gao Li said eloquently .

“Understood.” Qin Yi nodded.

For example, when the Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist boxing he learned at first reached a proficient realm, he found that his strength did not increase much, but his whole body stamina increased.

When he put Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist cultivation to Small Accomplishment, he found that the strength of his whole body has been increased.

But when it came to Great Accomplishment and even Perfection, he found that the increase in strength was only on top of his fists, and when he punched, he mobilized the power of his whole body to accumulate on his fists!

He kicks with one kick, and he definitely can’t have the kind of power he punches out with Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist.

Therefore, in Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist, the focus of the later stage is to focus on double fists!

“You mean, some low-level martial arts strengthen hands, legs, head, arms, abdomen, and some organs in the body? So there will be problems in the body?” Qin Yi speculated.

“That’s probably what it means! You can imagine that if you learned five Six Sect martial arts and strengthened five or six key directions of your body, but there are still some areas on your body that have not been emphasized, But when you use secret skills, these parts of the body that have not been strengthened will be overloaded, and there will be dark injuries, or even failure, after a long time, won’t there be problems with the body?” Gao Li spread his hands and said.

After Qin Yi heard this, he was suddenly enlightened. He seemed to have found the source of his body tingling.

It’s like those workers who often bent over to carry goods in the previous life are prone to lumbar disc herniation, and weightlifters are prone to injuries to the spine and knees.

Because of using secret skills, it is actually overloading the output!

“Suppose you have practiced more than a dozen various types of Second Rate martial arts, and your whole body has been strengthened? Isn’t this a hidden danger solved?” Qin Yi threw out a conjecture.

β€œLet’s not talk about innate talent, even if there is innate talent, who can have so much time to cultivate more than a dozen martial arts to the proven place? Can’t start at the age of two or three hundred?”

“Even if there is, some areas of emphasis are over-strengthened and overlapped, such as palm technique, boxing technique, movement method and movement method, etc. There are even some places where two Third Rate martial arts cannot be emphasised, and will eventually appear. The question mentioned above is what my father told me.” Gao Li shook his head.

β€œso that’s how it is.” Qin Yi frowned.

Equivalent to what he is now, Heavenly Pivot Palm, Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist, and Heavenly Power Claw are all upper body kung fu, and there must be a transitional reinforcement overlap. The more low-level martial arts you learn, the more over-overlapping

and in many parts of the body, only the basics have been strengthened, and the gap between the two sides will only get bigger and bigger!

The bigger the gap between the two sides, the more hidden dangers will break out when using secret skills! Body damage is magnified! die sooner!

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