Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 62

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“Is there no way to solve it? Is this also the case with First Rate martial arts?” Qin Yi asked again .

“I don’t know if there is a solution, but First Rate martial arts has almost no such drawback. It can also be said that at least Seventh Stage and Eighth Stage’s First Rate martial arts have reduced this drawback infinitely! Even Ninth Stage martial arts don’t have this drawback!”

“According to my father, First Rate martial arts is the strengthening of the whole body. It is this kind of comprehensive strengthening of physique that can support the overloaded use of secret skills that have been strengthened in a certain aspect, to a just right critical point, with minimal damage to the body!”

“As long as it is not excessive Using secret techniques, there will not be too many problems with the body!”

“In addition to the speed and strength of First Rate martial arts among Martial Artists of the same level, the number of secret techniques used is also more than that of the same level. !”

Qin Yi understands it in seconds, it’s like building a house. Second Rate martial arts is to start building a house after laying a foundation of one meter deep, while First Rate martial arts is to lay a foundation five meters deep. If you build a house again, it will definitely be more earthquake-resistant, stronger, and able to build higher!

The second third rate martial arts is to strengthen the physique of the whole body once, and then start to focus on strengthening a certain aspect, which leads to too large a gap between the two sides, and also produces a limited increase in strength.

The First Rate martial arts strengthens the physique of the whole body 4-5 times, and then focuses on a certain aspect, so the speed and strength are stronger in the same rank, and the number of times the secret skills are used More, the loss to the body is still pitiful, and the upper limit of improvement is also higher.

“The reason that the secret skills are used more often is because their physique can support longer overload output!” Qin Yi said solemnly.


Qin Yi also noticed this from Tang Mingwu’s fight!

The other party’s few secret skills feel like a complete set! Not like his separate secret skills from different martial arts.

“This is also the preciousness of First Rate martial arts. At present, in addition to the rare Great Sect and Imperial Court, our Great Yong has First Rate martial arts, and it is almost impossible for the rest of us to obtain First Rate martial arts!” Gao away from emotion.

Nodded that Qin Yi agrees with, master Wang Qingxuan said, especially the Ninth Stage martial arts in First Rate, the entire Great Yong is only possessed by Imperial Court and State religion Colored Glass Sect.

Imperial Court is very strict in the control of First Rate martial arts!

After coming out of Moonchaser Martial Hall, Qin Yi looked up at the sky and moved towards the house.

After dinner, Qin Yi lay on the bed, thinking about the news he got from Gao Li today.

“The tingling pain in my body is probably due to a dark disease in my body.”

Because up to now, he has cultivated a total of Seven Sects martial arts! And all in Perfection state!

Some parts of the body have been strengthened with excessive overlap, and some places have not been strengthened, which leads to the overload loss of these low-strengthened body parts when using secret skills. Form dark injury dark disease!

“It’s not the way to go on like this!” Qin Yi closed his eyes and began to think in his heart.

The hidden dangers of his body could not be solved, so he did not dare to rashly continue to learn new martial arts.

“But Azure Void Art and Heart Nurturing Art seem to be able to suppress my tingling…” Since he cultivated Azure Void Art to Third Layer, he found himself injured, and his body recovered completely faster than Faster than before, especially after the third time of Heart Nurturing Art cultivation, the effect is more obvious!

These two Literary Arts focus on nourishing qi and maintaining longevity.

Could it be that…

These two Literary Arts are actually repairing my dark wounds?

Because the dark damage accumulates to a certain level, it will explode. What if they are continuously helping him repair it?

This time I used a secret skill, and my body had some dark wounds. Before waiting for the next time to use the secret skill to accumulate more dark wounds, Literary Art has repaired the previous dark wounds, and simply does not give you the accumulation of dark wounds. chance to get up.

Qin Yi also has a bold guess. If he doesn’t use secret skills for a long time, maybe all the dark wounds in his body will be repaired and recovered completely!

“It’s very possible!”

“If I continue to learn more Literary Art, then I will also be able to learn more martial arts, when the time comes to strive for Focus on strengthening most of the body, when the time comes, even if there are a few places that Third Rate martial arts cannot focus on, but with Literary Art guarantee and protect, this fatal flaw will no longer be a flaw! “

“Literary Art can also nourish Qi and live a long life, which is also a good advantage!”

Who doesn’t want to live longer?

Thinking of this, Qin Yi thinks, if there is an opportunity, he still intends to cultivate Literary Art on the Taoist side, at least from the same origin, and the chance of problems when the time comes will be smaller.

Because he can’t guarantee that many Literary Art will cultivate together, and there will be no problems in the end.

In a flash, five days passed.


Twelfth trap house.

After this period of recruiting, the current number of bailiffs in the Twelfth team has finally broken through 30 people, but they are all a cultivation base.

Qin Yi stood in front of this new group of bailiffs, holding the roster and ordering Mao.

“Liu Hairong.”


“Chen Guangji.”


“Wei Chenyang.”



Just as Qin Yi was at his o’clock, three people walked in outside the door.

He Xiongjian was headed by He Xiongjian, and the other two were a man and a woman. The man looked twenty-three-four years old and looked rather handsome, and the woman was eighteen-nineteen years old, with a beautiful face and tall stature.

“I have seen Constable.” Qin Yi was the first to salute, and the rest of the bailiffs also salute.

“en.” He Xiongjian lightly nominated him, then glanced at everyone, and then slowly said: “Today, there are two Twelfths who joined us, called Li Dongming Third Stage strength, from now on on is serving as Vice Captain of the Twelfth team. This is Lin Jiaqian, who is Third Stage strength, and has also served as Vice Captain from now on.”

β€œHis name is Qin Feng, the only old man in our Twelfth team. , who used to be Vice Captain, the strength of Third Stage, and now officially assumes the position of Captain, the three of you must be close to each other in the future, and you must be united when performing tasks, do you understand?”

“Understand it? , Constable.” The three said in unison.

“Very good.” He Xiongjian nodded, and asked Li Dongming and the two to collect the clothes, saber and wast token. After waiting, he walked into the house and asked Qin Yi to follow up.

Inside the house.

“Qin Feng, your appointment letter and the wast token are official. You will lead the Twelfth team well in the future.” He Xiongjian handed the appointment letter and wast token to Qin Yi.

“Thanks to Constable for the cultivation, I will definitely lead the Twelfth team.”

“Very good.”

Then He Xiongjian gave a few words of encouragement. , let Qin Yi go out.

“I didn’t expect that this time would be a smooth promotion.” Qin Yi went out, a little surprised.

After all, the position of Captain is a Grade 9 official position in Imperial Court, with a monthly salary of thirty-two.

Although thirty-two months is not much, sitting in this position can be a lot of oil and water.

However, thinking about the recent death rate of bailiff may make some children from different classes not want to come for the time being.

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