Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 63

After coming out, Qin Yi saw that all bailiffs were waiting for his mission instructions.

Then Li Dongxu and Lin Jiaqian also came back after picking up their things.

“Since everyone is here, I will arrange today’s tasks now.” Qin Yi said indifferently, looking at the crowd.

“Captain Li, Captain Lin, you two are new here, how about familiarizing yourself with the procedures of each department here in the capture house?”


“Yes. .” Both nodded.

“Okay, leave ten people, and the rest will follow me to patrol the streets.”


Three days later, it was Qin Yi’s day off. After getting up early and having breakfast, I went to the toilet at home. After I went in, I pryed open a few pieces of the ground, and then took out the palm-size iron box I got that day.

He took out a piece of cloth and wrapped it in his arms, then moved towards the outside of the city.

An hour and a half later, the top of a hill twenty miles outside the city.

Qin Yi found a stone and sat down before taking out the dark square iron box in his arms.

He vaguely remembered that Zhang Daoxuan senior told him to find a place with no one around ten miles before opening it.

Although he didn’t know why he ordered it like this, he did it anyway.

In fact, Zhang Daoxuan told him so because he was afraid that Qin Yi would open the box in the city. He knew that Forbidden Martial Hall had a compass that could search within a certain range to find the approximate location of the dao chart inside.

“I don’t know what kind of metal it is. It doesn’t look like iron or steel!” Qin Yi observed the palm-size metal box.

The box is nothing special, just plain looking with a pull tab in the middle.

Qin Yi gently pulled it away.

A click.

The box opens like this.

After opening it, Qin Yi found that it was not a dao chart, but a white jade box.

“There is one more layer!”

Qin Yi opened the jade box again and finally saw the contents.

is a stacked dao chart.

“It’s so thin! What material is this dao chart made of?” Qin Yi glanced at it and found that the material of this folded dao chart is as thin as cicada wing!

Not like paper, not like cloth, not like some kind of leather!

Qin Yi stretched out his hand and wanted to pick it up.

As soon as my hand touched this dao chart, I felt that my fingers were touching a piece of ice.

It’s like touching an ice cube!

“This, what material can be so cold?”

Even the ice silk fabrics of later generations only feel a little cool to the touch in summer.

But the dao chart in front of me feels like touching ice cubes!

The key is this cold feeling, which seems to make my hands very comfortable, just like the refreshing feeling in my mind when I broke through Azure Void Art.

Qin Yi did not study this for the time being, but spread out the dao chart and found a Taoist picture about 80 cm high and 60 cm wide.

The dao chart as a whole looks like a picture of a Tsing Yi Taoist Scripture Lecture in a Dao Palace, with nine Disciples sitting below him listening to the lectures.

“en? This dao chart is incomplete!” Qin Yi found that this dao chart, in the upper right corner, was missing one-fifth of the entire dao chart!

“Isn’t this Tsing Yi veteran exactly the same as Azure Void Art and Heart Nurturing Art?”

Although the dao chart in front of me, from this Tsing Yi veteran A part of the circle light (aperture) behind the head began to be missing towards the upper right corner, but the old face in Tsing Yi still remained on the dao chart.

So Qin Yi recognized it at a glance, this is what Yang Yuanzi said, this old Tsing Yi Taoist is the Ancestor Master of the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the main line of Taoism!

Immediately afterwards, Qin Yi discovered that there is a special place in the whole dao chart, that is the round light behind the head of the Ancestral Master. This round light is pale-gold, not painted with paint. Instead, it was inlaid with something of an unknown material!

When Qin You touched it with his hand, he could feel it was hard, it was indeed not paint, and when he touched it, the feeling of coldness was even stronger, with a feeling of penetrating coolness.

It’s the feeling that my whole body suddenly trembled when I touched it!

“That’s a strange dao chart, what material is it made of, and what does it do?” Qin Yi touched the chin and analyzed it.

If Forbidden Martial Hall can hunt down Zhang Daoxuan senior, it is enough to see that this dao chart is not useless, it must have great value!

Otherwise, the Forbidden Martial Hall will not search the whole city.

And that’s what Zhang Daoxuan senior unfathomable mystery said that day.

“I have more hope than him?”

“What kind of hope?”

“He should know that I am Disciple of Azure Dao Palace, he I am also a member of Taoism, I have more hope than him, that must be the hope related to Taoism.”

“It is related to Taoism, it seems that we all have the possibility of learning the martial arts of Taoism except everyone. Cultivation has come up with Literary Art that has the same origin and similar origin. Everyone recites the scriptures or the knowledge of Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. There are three similarities. This possibility is more promising than him?”

“Wait, there is another possibility, that is, he and I are both evildoers. I have learned many martial arts, and he has also learned many. martial arts! This is also a connection!” Qin Yi secretly said in one’s heart.

“And what does this dao chart have to do with it?”

The next second, Qin Yi instantly thought of-Literary Art!

Whether it is the practice of Azure Void Art or the practice of Heart Nurturing Art, a dao chart is required as the object of meditation before the Cultivation of Literary Art…

“Is it Say, this dao chart has something to do with Literary Art?”

“That’s right! Zhang Daoxuan senior is also cultivated many martial arts, and the body must have the same situation as me, that is, the body He has a dark disease, and even he is more serious than me! But practicing Literary Art can slow down this situation… Could this dao chart help Literary Art Cultivation?” Qin Yi boldly analyzed.

“Would you like to try it?”

Once the idea was born, Qin Yi couldn’t help but want to try it.

His Azure Void Art and Heart Nurturing Art are all stuck in Third Layer motionless.

Not to mention that the system can’t be improved, even if he did ascetic training at night, he found that there was no change at all.

“The meditation dao chart of Azure Void Art and Heart Nurturing Art is also Ancestral Master, this dao chart also has Ancestral Master, but the background is a little different, so it shouldn’t be a big problem to use it as a meditation object! “Qin Yi intends to use this dao chart as a meditation object to conduct a cultivation of Azure Void Art to see if any miracles happen.

Qin Yi immediately put the dao chart in front of him, and he sat cross-legged on the stone.

Breathe out, then meditate with eyes closed… Calm, focus, unify…

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