Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 64

This broken dao chart came to mind.

Suddenly, Qin Yi felt that wisp of faintly discernable ‘Qi’ in his body became active! It’s like the excitement of a cat seeing a fish.

Immediately after Qin Yi was shocked to find that the mutilated dao chart in his mind suddenly emitted a ray of light!

A cool breeze swept through my mind again!

“Sure enough, this dao chart can actually replace the dao chart that comes with Azure Void Art, and it can also be used for meditation!” Qin Yi was instantly overjoyed.

But in the next second, this incomplete dao chart converged and shattered in Qin Yi’s mind!

β€œen?” Qin Yi opened his eyes from the meditation, with a look of surprise on his face.

β€œCultivation was forced to stop, I felt distracted, and I couldn’t continue to meditate at all.”

After a one hour break, my mood became calm, Qin Yi used Tried Heart Nurturing Art again and found the same process and results as Azure Void Art!

Taking these two attempts Qin Yi discovered several things.

First, this incomplete dao chart looks like it can replace the original supporting dao chart of Azure Void Art, it can also be used for meditation, and it can also replace Heart Nurturing Art!

Secondly, the mutilated dao chart of meditation in the mind actually emitted a kind of light in the mind. This was the first time such a thing had happened since he cultivated two Literary Art. This dao chart may be very unusual, and it is essentially different from the dao chart matching Azure Void Art and Heart Nurturing Art. He vaguely remembers that Yang Yuanzi said that the matching dao chart of Heart Nurturing Art is the Ancestor of Myriad Immortals Dao Sect. The master drew it himself, and then passed it down, copying from generation to generation, and one copy for each person. Presumably the supporting dao chart of Azure Dao Palace is similar to this possibility.

Maybe this incomplete dao chart is handed down from the Supreme Clear Dao Palace, the main vein of Daomen?

Thirdly, this incomplete dao chart has just successfully meditated, and he can feel the ‘Qi’ in his body is very active, which means that this incomplete dao chart and the Literary Art of this door may Very fit? Otherwise, how can the ‘Qi’ in the body be so active?

“As for the broken dao chart meditating in my mind, Cultivation was forced to be interrupted, is it because this dao chart is incomplete?” Qin Yi guessed.

“If it is completed, there may be unexpected gains!”

Qin Yi looked at this dao chart that was missing one-fifth of the area, and fell into a daze. meditation.

He didn’t know where Zhang Daoxuan senior got this remnant picture, was it in the Supreme Profound Dao Palace where he was originally located, or got it from somewhere else?

“It seems that if there is a chance, I will ask more to see if the missing part can be recovered! But…maybe not very hopeful.”

Great How old is Yong?

It’s definitely a needle in a haystack.

Qin Yi doesn’t hold out much hope!

I took a serious look at this dao chart again and was about to take back the box.

β€œen?” Qin Yi found that there was a single word on the mutilated edge of the dao chart!

No, it should be half a word! Where the dao chart is broken, half of the word is left here, and the other half should be broken in the broken one-fifth of the dao chart.

He hadn’t looked too closely before, so he didn’t notice it!

“What kind of text is this?” Qin Yi couldn’t see it. Although it was only half of it, it didn’t look like the official text recorded by Great Yong.

“Could it be that the other part of the missing part may contain text?”

“However, even if the text is recorded there, what is it recorded? I have to find the lost one. Only some people know that this dao chart is not useful to me for the time being.” Qin Yi shook the head.

After receiving the dao chart, I moved towards Fang immortal dao palace.


The square immortal dao palace.

On the way up the mountain, you can occasionally see pilgrims going up and down.

Coming to the mountain gate.

“This Little Daoist Priest, I want to see Daoist Master Yang Yuanzi, can you give me a briefing?” Qin Yi said to a familiar guest, the Little Daoist Priest.

“This layman, do you have anything to do with Yang Yuanzi Martial Uncle?”

“My name is Qin Feng, and I know you Martial Uncle, so tell me when you go to report. Name, he will meet me, I have important business to find him.”

“Well, all right.”

A quarter of an hour later.

In the quiet room, Qin Yi met Yang Yuanzi again.

“Qin Feng, why are you free to come to me today?” Yang Yuanzi looked at Qin Yi in front of him, but he didn’t really want to see him.

“Yang Martial Uncle…”

“You can call me the Taoist priest.”

Seeing Yang Yuanzi avoid suspicion, Qin Yi didn’t care either, Instead, he asked: “Daoist Master Yang Yuanzi, I want to ask, where are the addresses of the other 7 meridians in the nine channels of the Daomen? I plan to visit when I have time.”

“The other 7 meridians? “


“Limitless Dao Sect, in Azure Dragon Mountain. True Spring Dao Temple, in Lingcheng. Divine Firmament Taoist Temple, in Kunshan…”


“Limitless Dao Sect, in Azure Dragon Mountain. True Spring Dao Temple, in Lingcheng. p>

“The Supreme Profound Dao Palace is in Xuandu Mountain. Unfortunately, the Supreme Profound Dao Palace was rumored to be collaborating with the Northern Origin, and was destroyed by the Imperial Court.” Yang Yuanzi sighed.

“Supreme Profound Dao Palace has been the leader of our nine Taoist veins for two hundred years, especially the Zhang Daoxuan Fellow Daoist, innate talent evildoer, practicing many Sixth Stage martial arts, possessing Ninth Stage Strength, I didn’t expect…”

Qin Yi listened, it turned out that this Yang Yuanzi didn’t know the truth of the matter.

“Then what do you know about Zhang Daoxuan senior?”

“I don’t know much, I only met him once, twenty years ago, okay, Supreme Profound Dao Palace is a sensitive topic now, so let’s not discuss it too much.”

“Where is the site of Supreme Clear Dao Palace? The scenery over there.” Qin Yi asked again.

“The main vein of Daomen…”

Yang Yuanzi fell into Wei Wei’s memory, and then slowly opened the mouth and said: “The ruins of the Supreme Clear Dao Palace of the main vein are said to be At the top of the Tai Chi mountain range! I also read the records from an ancient book, and I don’t know if it is true or not.”

“Tai Chi mountain range?” Qin Yi searched for what was in his mind. memory.

This Tai Chi mountain range seems to be in the west of Great Yong. It is said to be one of the six largest mountain ranges in Great Yong.

Built on top of the mountain range?

It’s a bit of an idiot!

After finishing the question, Qin Yi asked again, “Master, do you have any other Literary Art?”

Yang Yuanzi gave Qin Yi a surprised look and said: “No more! Do you think Heart Nurturing Art is useless, and you want to change it? I said, Literary Art is useless, you should still focus on martial arts.”


“Got it.” Qin Yi nodded.

After coming down from Myriad Immortals Dao Sect, Qin Yi moved towards County City without any hassle.

“Since the broken dao chart doesn’t help me temporarily, I have to start from other aspects to temporarily solve the problem of my dark disease.” He is very clear that if this problem is not solved, he dare not try to repair it. Learn more martial arts.

“But the Sixth Stage martial arts in another martial arts hall in the city, I can learn the introductory first, and then I will not improve it first!”

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