Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 65

“The situation in Jiangning County is uncertain now, so it’s not a place to stay for a long time, so I have to plan ahead.”

“Now I don’t have much money and energy points. There’s not much, you have to get money first!”

With everything ready, he can take Daddy out of the land of right and wrong at any time!

In a tea kiosk.

A group of bailiffs are drinking tea.

Liu Hairong flattered and handed a stack of copper tickets to Qin Yi: “Qin team, this is the filial piety money that we handed over to the area under our team’s control today, all of which are handed over to you.”


Qin Yi took it over and looked at it. They were all copper notes with denominations of 200, 300, or 500 wen, adding up to a total of nine silver taels.

Qin Yi took the five taels, and then placed the two one taels in front of the two Vice Captains, Li Dongming and Lin Jiaqian, and threw the remaining two taels to Liu Hairong: “These two taels are given to him. Brothers are divided!”

Liu Hairong took it and was overjoyed. Twenty taels equaled 2,000 wen. Thirty people divided it, and each person had more than 60 wen.

Don’t think too much, after a month, it will be very objective.

This is still a daily benefit, if there are some cases, disputes, bullying, or some people want something from them, this extra oil will be even bigger! Especially when encountering certain search tasks, it is simply the moment of getting rich, these are the big ones!

Li Dongming and Lin Jiaqian looked at a few copper tickets worth one or two in front of them, and both of them looked a little unsightly.

A few days ago, they were all familiar with the process in the yamen, and today they were brought out to patrol the streets together by Qin Yi.

“Captain Qin, you took five taels by yourself, and Captain Lin and I each only got one or two, isn’t it too little?” Li Dongming said with an unpleasant expression.

“I’m Captain, you two are Vice Captain, a little less, is there a problem?” Qin Yi stared at the two, took a sip of tea, and said expressionlessly.

“Well, you are Captain, we are Vice Captain, there is no problem with less points, but Qin Feng, I’m afraid your position as Captain is not so good!” Li Dongming coldly snorted, got up and left.

Lin Jiaqian next to Qin Yi glanced at Qin Yi and left.

On the way.

“Dongming, we have cast aside all considerations for face with that Qin Feng.”

“hmph, Qin Feng is only the Third Stage, if there is a chance, we will Let’s join forces and let him go! In our next step, we can draw a group of people to take him down…” Li Dongming said in a low voice.

The two of them are in a relationship, and they are both Third Stage strengths, so why be afraid of a Captain who is only Third Stage strength?


Qin Yi looked at the two people who were leaving, his face still expressionless. For these two piercing children, he was disinclined to pay attention to , if the other party Dare to provoke him, he doesn’t mind performing the disappearance technique!

Looking at the five silver tael tickets in hand, secretly said in one’s heart: “The speed of making money like this is still too slow!”

Holding the cup He drank the tea in the middle, and dropped a copper ticket of 100 Wen on the tea table: “Go, continue to patrol the streets!”

oh la la .

The tea pavilion where thirty bailiffs followed Qin Yi away.

The boss of the tea pavilion looked at the distant team, then looked at the copper ticket on the table, and hurriedly put it away, muttering: “Ten years of selling tea, that’s all. Captain Qin always gives money for tea~”


Passing by a casino.


One silhouette flew out from the entrance of the casino, just about to hit Qin Yi who was just passing by.

He stumbled slightly, and the one silhouette fell to the ground with a bang!

“Ah! You can’t afford to lose in Changle Casino? When you see Lao Tzu winning money, you say Lao Tzu will pay the old man and pay me back my hard-earned money!” Angrily roared the young man with bloody nose and swollen face on the ground.

At this time, five or six brawny men rushed out of the casino, and was about to beat the young man again, when he saw the bailiff of more than 30 people, forcibly stopped his words. .

“What are you doing? You almost threw someone on our Captain Qin’s body. If our Captain hadn’t escaped, you would just want to murder the Imperial Court Commander!” Liu Hairong, the number one henchman, suddenly screeched and angrily scolded .

When the five or six brawny men heard it, the complexion changed immediately. The one leading brawny man secretly said in one’s heart was unlucky, but with a smile on his face, he walked up to Qin Yi and bowed his hands. : “This official is really sorry, I almost bumped into you, you don’t remember the villain, can I apologize to you?”

Saying, he jammed five silver tael past.

Qin Yi took it over and weighed it, indifferently said: “Be careful next time!”

“Yes yes yes.” Brawny man hurriedly nodded.

“Master, please call me the master! I won money in the casino, and they even said I was out of the money, so I beg Master to call the master for me!” The young man who fell to the ground discovered at this moment This is a group of bailiffs, who quickly got up and kowtowed.

“Master, he is slandering! It is he who is the boss!” When the brawny man saw the young man complaining, he immediately became anxious.

Qin Yi watched the two sides disagree, he said calmly: “I don’t care about the casino, if you are beaten inexplicably on the street or at home, I can care, but you are beaten inside. Now, it’s none of my business, let’s go!”

Those who hang out in the casino are not good people, it doesn’t matter to him whoever lies on the two sides, he doesn’t care!

“This…” The young man was dumbfounded. Seeing Qin Yi leading the team to leave, he didn’t dare to stay any longer, but quickly followed and left together. He was afraid of being beaten again! He’s going to find a smaller casino and try one’s luck!


Outside Jiangning County.

A woman with a delicate face, about thirty years old, looked at the majestic Jiangning County city and walked over slowly.

“Younger brother, don’t worry, elder sister is here to avenge you!” The woman’s voice was indifferent.

She has a very deep relationship with the younger brother. Their parents died when they were young. Later, by chance, she worshipped a strong man as a teacher and joined a powerful force.

Later, she also arranged for her younger brother to work in a Trading Company under this power. She thought that her younger brother would be safe and prosperous for a lifetime, but unexpectedly died in Jiangning County!

“I’m going to kill all those involved in your death!”

After one hour.

In a courtyard in the city.

The four big men knelt in front of the woman in front of them.

“Sir Deacon, Young Master Zhu was because the Yamen was chasing an old man named Zhang Daoxuan that night, and launched a city-wide search. Our Four Seas Trading Company was searched by the bailiff of the Twelfth team, and then We found the heavy armor we hid in the warehouse, and the incident happened, so Young Master Zhu and Zhong Yanbin were arrested together, and they were asked to be executed on the second day…” The big man in the lead said nervously in cold sweat.

“Twelfth squad?” Zhu Fengyin’s beautiful eyes closed, and there was no expression on her face.

“That means, if the Twelfth squad hadn’t suddenly found the heavy armor, my younger brother would have been fine?”

“Huh? Yes, yes.”

“Then why didn’t you guys die?” Zhu Fengyin suddenly opened her eyes, carrying a murderous aura.

“We, we were not at Four Seas Trading Company at the time, so, so…” Several big men quickly explained.

“Oh, you guys are better luck than my younger brother, so you should die!”

puff puff puff pu!

The four big men still Without reacting, the forehead has collapsed!

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