Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 66

Outside the yard.

When the two big men in strong suits saw Zhu Fengyin walking out, they cupped one fist in the other hand quickly and said, “I have seen Miss Zhu, we are the Branch Lord.”

“Oh? You Branch Lords are very courageous, you dare to mix in the city.” Zhu Fengyin was surprised.

“Miss Zhu is joking, please.” A big man smiled apologetically.


Northern Part of City, inside a slaughterhouse.

“Ms. Zhu, Zhou is very sorry about your brother. Do you want me to send someone to help you destroy the Twelfth team bailiff and that Constable?” Zhou Wuzhi said sincerely.

“Don’t bother Branch Lord Zhou, I will handle this matter myself!” Zhu Fengyin said with a pretty face frosty.

“Okay, call me anytime if you need manpower.” Zhou Wuzhi laughed.

“Miss Zhu, you also know that your Golden Alliance batch of heavy armor was found and looted by the yamen before. We still want a batch of heavy armor, preferably 500 sets, but I I want to get it as soon as possible, I wonder if Miss Zhu can help Zhou win one or two?”

the past few days Zhou Wuzhi was distressed, it turned out that the two or three hundred sets of heavy armor were bought by them. Yes, it will still be of great use in the future. I didn’t expect that the yamen would snatch it away before I got the deal!

What made him uncomfortable was that he also received news that this batch of heavy armor was sent to the front line on the second day.

Originally, he planned to rob him on the way, but the group of heavy armor was transported along with the four thousand county government troops, so he couldn’t do it!

Speaking of heavy armor, Zhu Fengyin’s eyes revealed a murderous aura, because of this, his younger brother died!

However, as a deacon of the Golden Alliance, she still has to consider the interests of the alliance. She resisted the displeasure in her heart and slowly opened the mouth and said: “Five hundred sets can be given. You fight for it, but the price is not cheap.”

“The price is easy to say, I don’t know when it can be delivered to Jiangning County? We are very urgent, the sooner the better!” Zhou Wuzhi said seriously.

“Fifteen days at the earliest! But we don’t include delivery to the city, we can only send it to a place in the suburbs to trade.” Zhu Fengyin refused. Now it’s the surnamed Zhou’s urgency, not her urgency.

The heavy armor trading place that the other party wants is in County City. It seems that this Red Sect will have a big move!

Zhou Wuzhi was silent for a while, opened the mouth and said: “Okay!”

“When the time comes, just trade in Huangsha Town near the city, you can take Take this token to the Good Fortune Inn in town, and someone will take care of you.” Zhu Fengyin threw a metal card to the other party.


After the two sides negotiated, Zhu Fengyin left the slaughterhouse.

After watching Zhu Fengyin leave.

A subordinate said to Zhou Wuzhi, “Branch Lord, when the time comes, we are not lucky enough to enter the city. You also know that the martial law at the city gate is very strict now!”

β€œThere are always more ways than difficulties!”


On the street, Qin Yi saw a team ahead when he was just leading the team through an intersection. Comes in a flying eagle suit.

β€œPeople from the Forbidden Martial Hall!”

β€œEveryone step aside.” Qin Yi told everyone to make way.

After a while, I saw that Guo Hu was passing by with the eight Gloomy faces of forbidden military guards, moved towards the direction of the city gate.

“Out of town?” Qin Yi said secretly in one’s heart as he looked at the team that was leaving.

The past few days, he still pays more attention to Forbidden Martial Hall.

These days, Forbidden Martial Hall asked their yamen people and City Guard to send a lot of people to search for the dao chart, but unfortunately the dao chart is in his hands.

As for Tang Mingwu’s death, Guo Hu also personally led the team to investigate, but they didn’t find any clues.

In the evening, Qin Yi led the team back to the capture house.

He happened to meet He Xiongjian when he was down.

β€œConstable He, I seem to see people from Forbidden Martial Hall going out of town today.” Qin Yi said.

“To be exact, these bastards are finally gone!” He Xiongjian said with a hint of indignation.

After Zhang Daoxuan died, he hurriedly ran to claim credit, but Guo Hu said that he led the team to intercept Zhang Daoxuan, which was almost useless. The reward of Stage martial arts made him so angry that he wanted to scold his mother, but he still didn’t dare to scold.

He knows that the determination of credit depends entirely on others’ mouths!

If people say yes, there is, but if they say no, there is no!

Damn it!

β€œGo away?” Qin Yi was slightly surprised.

“Well, you don’t have to continue to search for dao charts in the future, just do your usual tasks.”


… …

at home.

“Forbidden Martial Hall’s people are gone, which is a good thing for me.” Qin Yi thought that the killing of Tang Mingwu should not leave any weak spot, and that dao chart himself Collection is very good.

But the people at Forbidden Martial Hall didn’t leave for a day, so he still had to be cautious at all times.

Now that the other party is gone, he can no longer think about these things.


In a house.

The dignified smell of blood filled the living room.

He Xiongjian, who had his limbs amputated, died of blood loss.

“It turns out that my younger brother had hope of escape alive. It turns out that Chief Constable Huo Boru captured the younger brother and Zhong Yanbin who had escaped from the Four Seas Trading Company!” Zhu Fengyin The ka ka ringing that clenched both fists!

These information were forced from He Xiongjian’s mouth just now.

“Huo Boru, I will definitely avenge this revenge on my younger brother!” She resisted the urge to rush over to kill him now.

She knows very well that this Chief Constable is the strength of Ninth Stage!

Only Eighth Stage is no match for her!

Thinking of this, Zhu Fengyin moved towards her residence and hurried.

Go back to the residence.

A short while later, she wrote a letter, tied it to a nighthawk’s lap, and tossed it out the window.

Zhu Fengyin watched Nighthawk disappear into the dark night, and the revenge in her eyes became even stronger!


second day early in the morning.

Qin Yi came to the arresting room and was ordering Mao when suddenly Liu Chengzhi, the Captain next door, ran in in a hurry.

“Qin Feng, Constable He has an accident! Chief Constable, let us all go to Constable He’s house!” Liu Chengzhi shouted.

“What happened? What happened?” Qin Yi asked.

“Constable He, dead!”

“What? Dead!” Qin Yi was startled.

How could He Xiongjian be the strength of Seventh Stage and died at home?

Whether it was killed or…

At this time, all the bailiffs in the yard were shocked when they heard the news.

“Come, everyone, come with me.” Qin Yi said solemnly.

Soon, everyone from Team Twelfth and Team 11 moved towards He Xiongjian’s home.

As soon as he arrived at the door of He Xiongjian’s house, he saw that it had been blocked by colleagues from other teams.

When the entire group entered, they saw a wall with four bloody characters written on it: “Blood for blood!”

These four big characters make everyone’s face not very good-looking.

“You wait here first, let’s go in and have a look.” Liu Chengzhi told everyone to wait here, he and Qin Yi went first to have a look.

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