Recharge Martial Saint Chapter 67

After entering, I saw the chief catcher Huo Boru and several other teams Constable were present.

On the ground, a corpse was covered with a white cloth, and there were traces of blood coagulation all around the ground.

“I’ve seen Master Chief Arrester!” Liu Chengzhi and the two saluted.

“en. “Huo Boru also nodded. Then he looked at the two of them and said, “Your boss Constable He was found dead at home this morning. He died very tragically. I believe that the words on the walls outside were read by you. When we arrive, we suspect that he killed him first!”

“However, Constable He is the strength of Seventh Stage, and there are not many people in the city who can kill him. Please recall carefully whether Constable He has offended who recently, or has a relationship with him. Some forces conflict?” Huo Boru said with a sullen face.

A team Constable died in their own home, which is a shame for the bailiff of their entire yamen!

This case must be investigated!

“This…” Qin Yi and Liu Chengzhi looked at each other.

To be honest, Qin Yi and He Xiongjian don’t have much contact with each other. Generally, they only have more opportunities to meet when the task is arranged.

He really didn’t know who He Xiongjian had a grudge against.

“Master Chief Arrester, most of my subordinates have never seen Constable He conflict with those forces. As for offending who, I don’t know.” Liu Chengzhi recalled.

“Subordinates don’t know who Constable He has a grudge against.” Qin Yi also cupped the hands.

“en. “Huo Boru was nodded after listening, and did not continue to question.

“Master Chief, could it be the Red Sect?” A squad Constable speculated.

Nowadays, no one can guarantee that there are still people lurking in the Red Sect in the city.

“It’s possible.” Huo Boru squinted.

“You two go down first, then your eleventh team and Twelfth team will be managed directly by me for the time being.”

“Yes.” The two of them saluted and left.

After the two came out, they peeped at each other, and they were all sighed.

“Damn it, this bailiff is getting harder and harder to do.” Liu Chengzhi cursed.

This bailiff’s work was still a cool job more than a year ago.

But it’s getting harder and harder to do it since the Great Yong war started, especially with the Red Sect remnants appearing in County City.

Bailiff’s death rate has increased dramatically!

“Yeah.” Qin Yi agreed with the nodded, at first he joined bailiff just to see if he could be promoted to get First Rate martial arts.

But now the situation in Jiangning County has made him give up this idea.

“I plan to start my career (resign) next month! Brother Qin, I advise you to think of a way back. Although you became a Captain at a young age, the position of Constable is the first in the team. One is the strength of Seventh Stage, and the second is related background, otherwise you will not be able to get up by hard work.” Liu Chengzhi said earnestly.

“Thanks Old Brother for reminding me, I’ll save it.” Qin Yi cupped the hands, this Liu Chengzhi is also a good man.


At night, Qin Yi practiced Five Qi Towards The Origin Fist in his yard.

Although he has cultivated to Perfection this boxing technique, it’s still good to play it several times when it’s okay.

At this time, on a tall building in the distance, Zhu Fengyin looked at Qin Yi who was practicing boxing in a yard in the distance.

“He was the only one who survived the entire original 12th team, luck is really good enough!”

Why didn’t her younger brother escape with such good luck? go?

Zhu Fengyin’s eyes had already revealed the murderous aura, she floated down, moved towards the house where Qin Yi was.

She looks like she is walking, but in fact, she steps out seven or eight meters away in each step.

After seven or eight breaths, she came to the door of the yard.

“Who are you looking for?”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind Zhu Fengyin, her hair stood on end, and she turned around suddenly.

A soft sword was drawn from Zhu Fengyin’s waist.

“cold light!”

The soft sword turned into an unrolled bolt of white silk, trying to tear the person behind him in half.

The next moment, the soft sword fell into the air, causing Zhu Fengyin’s scalp to tingle, and the enemy disappeared!



The soft sword and the dagger collided together, making a fire star!

The two quickly shot.

dīng dīng dīng dīng !

The weapons of both sides turned into afterimages of one after another, and they were fiercely intertwined.

The two are fighting fast.

“Swallowing Whale!”

A piece of silver light shrouded Zhu Fengyin.

“Skynet!” Zhu Fengyin tenderly shouted.

The soft sword is also transformed into a sword curtain and intertwined with silver light.

ding ding ding~ !

The two sides parted ways.

At this moment, Zhu Fengyin finally discovered that the person who was fighting with her was actually the person in the yard just now!

This person is not weaker than herself, and the other party’s speed is very fast. She used the movement method secret skill just now, and she can keep up with the other party’s movement speed!

Originally, she thought she was just here to kill an ant tonight, but she didn’t expect to kick the iron plate!

“Eighth Stage!” Qin Yi squinted. He didn’t use the movement method secret skill just now, but the opponent used the movement method secret skill to get close to his speed, so it can be judged that the opponent is only the cultivation base of Eighth Stage.

“You can die!”

“Arrogant!” Zhu Fengyin coldly snorted.

“flash step!”

Seeing the other party rushed in front of her in the blink of an eye, Zhu Fengyin pupils shrank, the soft sword in her hand took out.

“Moontread ·Wood Penetration!”

The two crossed each other.


At the same time that Zhu Fengyin found that her sword was missing, a burning pain came from her back!

She turned around abruptly and saw Qin Yi’s right paw on the opposite side was covered with her blood.

“You are Ninth Stage?” Zhu Fengyin was both shocked and angry at the moment, and she had already retreated.

A man with Ninth Stage speed hides in a bailiff team as Small Captain, what does he want to do?

“I’ll tell you when you’re dead!” Qin Yi grinned and rushed over.

“Misunderstanding! I recognized the wrong person! Wait a minute!” Zhu Fengyin saw the other party rush over, pupils shrank.

The soft sword failed again.


Zhu Fengyin left a claw mark on her body again.

“Misunderstanding, I have mistaken someone, can I apologize to you?” Zhu Fengyin was already terrified.

The opponent is definitely Ninth Stage speed!

“What does it have to do with me wanting to kill you if you admit the wrong person?” Qin Yi sneered, turning into a ghost shadow again and rushing over.


“Ah! You don’t talk about martial arts, fight me head-on!” Zhu Fengyin roared, she could see at this moment that the opponent’s strength was similar to hers. The speed is far higher than her, and now it has become her fatal loophole.


“Ahhh! Your dagger is poisonous!” Zhu Fengyin was going crazy. Not only did she bleed a lot, she was also poisoned, and her head was buzzing.

Can’t help thinking, Zhu Fengyin turned her head and ran.

But Qin Yi was chasing after her like a ghost, giving her a shot every now and then.

After running out of a street, the dizziness of the head struck again, which made Zhu Fengyin’s speed stop.


A dagger slid into the back of her head.

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